Dec 31, 2011

Omari's Sister's 2011 Stats

I've been having a heck of time pulling myself from "Rex Fabula" to get this post out.  Haha! There are a few interesting developments at the beginning of chapter 4 that got me hooked.  But if I don't do this post now, I'll be on the crazy January OS train and I won't do it at all.

There were a lot of surprises for me in the statistics for 2011.  You guys sure do like your one-shots!  I did not expect that.  Actually, I expected a backlash.  But...I'm cool with that.  I love one-shots now and I hope we get do many more in 2012.

Some milestones for 2012:

Dec 30, 2011

"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chapter 28

I only got one proofread on this, but I wanted to put it out now before New's Year activities sweep me away.  Hopefully, we caught all of the egregious typos.  I'll update the file at a later time if more typos are discovered.

I'd like to thank Amrai for taking on the difficult task of translating this chapter.  The Akidzuki Word Salad was horrifically bitter and full of tear inducing onions this time.  I'd also like to thank Kotomi for helping me beat the script into shape.  This chapter was a challenge all around.

This is the last re-introduction chapter in Lala magazine.  The next chapter launches into the next arc of the story.  This is a cute chapter, but it's also a filler chapter.  It revolves around the relationship between Mitsuhide and Zen...and attempts, in a shirtless moment, to grow Zen up some more.

Dec 27, 2011

Zoo Chp 7 is Out!

Head on over to Bakeneko's Lair for "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" chapter 7.  This chapter's beast is the Shoebill!  Also, Zoo is now a monthly series!

Dec 23, 2011

"Seirei Produce" Chapter 8

Strangely enough, this chapter is very appropriate for Christmas because Amane's backstory is eerily similar to the story of another spirit that descended to Earth whose birth we celebrate this time of year.  Hmmm...It's an interesting twist on that story.  Hahaha!  I wonder if there will be any further parallels.

In this chapter we get a big dose of Amane's back story and the link between what happened to Shiina as a child when she died.  A lot of this links back the extra story that came out between chapters 5 and 6.  In case you haven't read it, here's the link (LINK).  It turns out that childhood flashback is crucial to the story (as well as adorable!).

Dec 21, 2011

2011 Round Up -- Your Input wanted!

I'm going to write up a 2011 retrospective and I would like your inputs as readers of this blog.  I would like to cover the year's stats for Omari's Sister (Can you guess what the most read release was?) and my thoughts on the year in manga.  I would like know your thoughts about manga in 2011.  What were some of your favorite series this year (licensed and unlicensed and in general -- not only from this group)?  What series do you most want to see licensed?  What series did you hate the most?  What one-shots did you like?  I also want to know what you would like to see from Omari's Sister in the future.  How would you change the current project mix?  Would you like to see more separate commentary about manga?  Would you like for us to give more attention to some of the news and announcements in the manga magazines?  Tell me anything :).  I'm listening.  I'll begin compiling the post/s after Christmas.  I'll look forward to your input.

Dec 20, 2011

Omari's Sister is Recruiting! Redraw Artists Needed!

We are in need of some help with redraws.  We have a backlog of releases that need redraws.    Specifically, we need help with:
  • Ojousama no Untenshu
  • Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama
  • Fushigi no Maria-kun
  • Furou Kyoudai
If you are an experienced redraw artist (clone stamping & line drawing) and would like to help -- temporary help is welcomed -- please contact me (Kuronek0003) via the "contact" link at the top of the right hand column.

Sakuraiya Blooming!!!

Ah, yes!  Sakuraiya is blooming again ladies.  I'm working on chapter 2 as I type.  This is "Seigi no Mikata", one of our series on "Bakeneko's Lair".  I'm sorry we couldn't bring this bishie to Omari's Sister.  Unfortunately, our hero, Mikata, has a habit of cussing like a sailor and I didn't want to water it down ;p.  Anyhow...this series needs some fangirl love, so if this piques your interest, head on over to Bakeneko's Lair to read the first chapter!

Link to Seigi no Mikata Chapter 1

Dec 18, 2011

"Magnolia" Chapter 17

First a little shameless plug to encourage you all to give the mangaka money for this manga series by purchasing the books.  Volume 3 (Chapters 10 - 16) has just been released and it has a beautiful drawing of Nagi on the cover and the full drawing of Nagi on the first inside page.  There's also a drama CD available.

Dec 17, 2011

Preliminary Plans for 2012

I'm now crafting plans for 2012.  We will be continuing:
  • Magnolia & Lily
  • Yukarism
  • Seirei Produce
  • Rex Fabula (Bakeneko's Lair)
  • Kemono Kingdom (Bakeneko's Lair)
  • Seigi no Mikata (Bakeneko's Lair)
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime
  • Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama
  • The Ghost Apartment Manager
  • Fushigi no Maria-kun (9 Chapters total)
  • Kuro Lala
  • Shiro Lala
  • Servamp (Bakeneko's Lair)
We will not be taking on any new series of undetermined length unless something from Bisco Hatori or Akane Ogura comes out.  Instead, anything new we take on will be limited to 5 or less volumes (preferably one or two) or a one-shot.  This is to limit the length of our commitment to a series just in case I get a job or get bored with a series.  Here's a list of new series I have for 2012 (All are 1 or 2 volumes):

  • Ojou-sama no Untenshu (We are soooo close to finishing the first chapter!!!  UGH!!!)
  • Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushi (Shiina Dai)
  • Arashi to Doctor (Shiina Dai)
  • Akuma no Puzzle
  • Gensou Kajin
  • Furou Kyodai
  • Hana-Kimi 2009 and 2011 Tributes
  • Suzu Mousu
  • The Purity Conjuration

Dec 13, 2011

One-shot: "Majo to Yajuu" ("The Witch and the Beast")

This one-shot came out in Hana to Yume magazine around this time last year and has been translated and halfway cleaned for that long.  Haha!  The raw was pretty cruddy, so it was a lot of work to bring it up to this quality.

I would like to thank Mari for her excellent translation.  She said she had a lot of fun with this one-shot.  I think it shows in the translation.  I'd also like to the thank Ichigo Stars for the major redraw she did on the two page spread.  A lot of the center of the page did not exist in the original.  Ichi is truly a miracle worker :).  And let's not forget Holanio and Suzume who put in the time so I could ride roller coasters and work on other projects last weekend.

This is a super cute and touching one-shot.  I was bawling at the end.  I'm such a sap for stories like this.  I'm so glad we finally got this one-shot out!  Ugh...I regret sitting on it this long.

Dec 12, 2011

One-Shot: "Seimei desu ga nani ka?" ("I'm Seimei. What of it?")

WAH-BAM!  It's another one-shot!  This one is a "Shounen for girls" type of one-shot.  I wanted to release this one over a year ago, but it kept getting kicked down the road.  I'm happy we finally finish this one.  Big thanks to Blotty Parchment for taking on the challenge of translating this one-shot.  There were a lot of exorcist terms she had to research.  On top of that, there are language differences between Shoujo and Shounen manga.  It can be a little tough for folks like us who aren't native Japanese speakers.  Also, thanks to Sapphire Pyro for the beautiful typesetting.

Dec 11, 2011

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Kachuu no Ou" ("The Flowering King")

Here is a one-shot from Yuki Kure ("La Corda Oro").  This is very different from La Corda and her other one-shots.  I liked it a lot because it seemed more mature than her other works.  I really wish this was a two or three part mini-series because I would have liked to have seen more of the two main characters' back story.  Oh well...

Dec 10, 2011

"The Scarecrow of Oz" Chapter 5

This kinda got lost in the shuffle for a few months.  Haha!  We've had a bunch craziness for the last three month, so it was hard to keep up with things.  Anyhow, here is the final chapter of "The Scarecrow of Oz".  This is the last chapter in the serialization in the tankoubon, but there are two omakes from later issues of Hana to Yume magazine.  I have those omakes and at some point we'll get those translated and released.

Anyhow...this chapter sweetly ends a very cute series.  Kurou and Chelvy forever!

Dec 7, 2011

November 2011 Manga Purchases

I didn't purchase many books in November.  I guess it's because there wasn't a lot manga released.  Anyhow, here's a list of the manga I purchased this past November.

English Language
  • "Princess Knight" part 1 by Osamu Tezuka -- Old.  This is nice as a historical artifact, but unless you have a young child to read this to or you're a manga scholar, I think you can skip it.
  • "Ai Ore" Volume 3 -- I'm done with this series.  It no longer holds my attention.
Japanese Language
  • "Hana no Kishi" ("Knight of Flower") Volume 5 by Nishikata Mai -- I was hoping for some extras :(.
  • "Boku to Kanojo no XXX" ("Your and My Secret") Volume 8 by Morinaga Ai -- the series ends very satisfyingly.
December will be a quite a different story.  Lots of manga was released in December in time for the holiday season.

Dec 5, 2011

Manga Review: "Dawn of Arcana" Volume 1

The Loving Spoonful:  The first volume of this series is AWESOME!  Nakaba is my girl and Loki is scrumptious.   There's a good mix of action, romance, and biting insults.  Oh, and the pacing is great!  It doesn't get bogged down in explanations or forced sentiments.  This series, so far, has everything I love. 5/5
It's been a long time since I've written a manga review, so forgive me if this one turns out to be crappy.  I really don't know where to start on this one.  Let's just say when I bought it, I didn't know what to expect.  Red-haired Princess, obviously brings to mind AnS.   It was a comparison I was ready to make as I read "Dawn of Arcana".  I'd say about 5 or 6 pages into it, I realized that this was no clone or relative of AnS (Actually, it's more along the lines "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen").  This is a truly strong red-haired princess, and her prince, though weak now, is no puss.  After that, AnS flew out of my mind and I was swept away with "Dawn of Arcana".

Dec 4, 2011

Winter and Christmas Themed Banners Needed!!!

We are quickly rushing into winter and the holiday season, so banners are needed to reflect the season and holiday spirit :).  The width needs to be 1200-pixel and the height can be no more than 350-pixels.  Please e-mail the banners to me (Kuroneko003) using the contact link at the top of the page.  PSD is preferred, but jpeg and png are fine too.

Dec 3, 2011

"The Ghost Apartment Manager" Chapter 8

It's been over 3 months since we've released a chapter of "The Ghost Apartment Manager".  I'm sorry to the fans and myself.  This is a special series and I think it's probably our most underrated series.  If you've never read this series, I suggest you give it a try.  The first chapter is really depressing, but once you get past it, the fun begins.

In this chapter we begin Crook's arc.  The chapters following this are beautifully drawn.  I expect Crook's arc will have a lot of emotional impact.  We also learn some more about Leo's death.  I have this awful feeling that Leo committed suicide or was murdered T_T.  I feel so bad that Sekka is holding some candle that Leo can be revived.

Anyhow...on to the link!

Dec 2, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club is Out from Viz

Ouran High School Host Club is out from Viz.  Please support the author and Viz by purchasing the official translated version.

Purchase from the Omari's Sister Amazon Store (Link)

Dec 1, 2011

December at Omari's Sister

I can't believe the year is almost over!  I suppose it's true that time flies when you're having fun :).

Before we get to December, let’s recap November.  We had a lot of success with the Kuro Lala and Shira Lala releases.  I'm very surprised by their success, so I'm glad we were able to share these one-shots.  Hopefully like me, you have become aware of some mangaka you've never heard of.  Toyota Yuu is definitely a new favorite.  I will be looking out for one-shots and series from her in the future.  We are about 1/3 done with the one-shot planned from those two publications.  We plan to finish up the rest of the one-shots through the rest of winter 2011 and 2012.

And now onto December.  Because of the Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala one-shot party, we've fallen grossly behind of some of our series.  I would like to spend December finishing up the half finished series chapters and one-shots that got put aside over the past 3 months so we can have a sorta fresh start in January. Here's was what's planned:

November Statistics

Here are some statistics for Omari's Sister for the month of November! Google Analytics recently underwent an update.  There's new more detailed information about mobile users.  It's interesting see what devices some of you are using.  There's also a new graph called "Visitor Flow" that lets me see how you all are making your way through the blog.

I'm very impressed and surprised with how well the Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala releases were received.  I'm glad you are enjoying them.

Top 5 Releases:
  1. Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 27
  2. Kuro Lala One-Shot:  Kokoro Rental
  3. Shiro Lala One-Shot:  Dinner in my Coffic
  4. Shiro Lala One-Shot:  Ginsekai no Shoumei
  5. Magnolia Chp 16

Nov 29, 2011

Shiro Lala One-shot: "The Wizard and the Love Potion"

This is a really sweet one-shot.  As of now this is tied with "Dinner in my Coffin" as my favorite Shiro Lala one-shot.  This one-shot had tough redraws on nearly every page, so I would like to thank Ichigo Stars and Kumiko for all the work they put in to make the release of this one-shot possible.  It's beautiful, you guys!  I really appreciate it.

This one-shot plays with fairytale troupes.  It feels very familiar, but I think this one-shot was well done, so I enjoyed the "remix".  If you haven't read Toyota Yuu's other one-shot "The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress", you may want to.  It's a nice companion to this one-shot.

Nov 28, 2011

Torn About AnS from the Magazine

Update: Thanks to everyone who thoughtfully responded right away.  Your love of AnS is clear and I hear it.  I think the majority of you understand the difficulty of working with a bad raw and that we as a group don't want to do mediocre releases if there's an alternative.'s what we're going to do:

  • Chapter 28 will be released as scheduled in December
  • In place of releasing a mediocre Chapter 29 in January, we will release the extras from Volume 6.
  • Chapter 29 will be done from the tankoubon as soon as we get it.  My hope is that it will be released sometime in February.
  • Chapter 30 and beyond we will consider month to month.  Hopefully, at least chapters 30 and 31 will be printed in the nice section of Lala so there won't be much of a gap.  I will do the translation along with the Lala releases and post summaries for those who want to be spoiled. 

Nov 23, 2011

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Ginsekai no Shoumei" by Akiduki Sorata

Here is Akiduki Sorata's Shiro Lala one-shot "Ginsekai no Shoumei" ("The Snowscape's Emblem").  The image above is a scan of one of the freebie post cards.  The large size image (click on the image to see it larger) can be used as wallpaper on your PC or mobile.

A note about the spelling of "Akiduki".  A few people have asked me about the change in the spelling.  I had been spelling it "Akidzuki" and "Akizuki" is another common spelling.  The mangaka herself began romanizing her name and the titles of her works a few months ago.  Whether right or wrong, she has been consistently spelling her name "Akiduki".  Since that's her preferred spelling, I'm using it.  That is not the proper romanization, but...when using roman letters to generate hiragana and katakana づ is "du", so perhaps that's where she's getting it from.

Nov 20, 2011

"Seirei Produce" Chapter 7

Huzzah!  "Seirei Produce" is back!  Oh how I missed the Amane/Fuuta comedy pair.  A note on chapters 5 and 6, I had a rare type of brainfart and I only saw the kanjis and discarded the furiganas for the middle brother's name.  Instead of "Ookami the Black/Blue", he is "Sou the Wolf".  Personally, I like "Ookami the Black"...but that's not the name the mangaka intended.  So it's "Sou" from now on and I've gone back and updated chapters 5 and 6 (hopefully, I've caught all instances of it).

Nov 18, 2011

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Dinner in My Coffin" by Nari Kusakawa

How could I resist a one-shot with a title page like this!?  It's soooo pretty!  This is actually a scan of the one of the post cards that comes with Shiro Lala.  The other post cards are a clean version of the Shiro Lala cover (Akiduki Sorata's drawing from her one-shot) and "Wild Wing".  But I digress...the idea of an all white vampire is cool.  I like the white bats too.  The concept is very nice and different.

I really liked this one-shot.  It felt very mature for what's usually in Lala, without being "adult".  I wish there were more one-shot like this. Ashleigh is definitely my new favorite vampire.

And now onto the links!

Nov 15, 2011

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "The Sullen Baker and Me"

This unexpectedly became the first one-shot we released from Shiro Lala.  Please forgive us if you've already read this from Mousou Scans.  We were well on our way to completing this one-shot when they released it, but I didn't want to waste the cleaning and redrawing work that had already been done and we did announce our intention to do this one-shot weeks back, so I decided to just crank this out now since it's short.

Anyhow, this one-shot is very different than what we are used to from Matsuri Hino.  It's a very simple story and the character designs aren't as lush as we are used to.  At first I was very surprised and disappointed because it was too far away from my expectations.  But...after actually doing the formal translation, I came to appreciate this simple story and I like the Baker.  Still, though, it's very slice of lifey, which isn't my thing.  My advice to readers is to disconnect your expectation of a Matsuri Hino work and take this one-shot for what it is.

Nov 12, 2011

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Kokoro Rental"

Here's a one-shot from a mangaka that's new to me named Chise Hano.  This story has the same campy horror funness as "The Doll Rebirth Workshop".  Once again, we have another plain girl who sells her soul to the devil.  Hahaha!  I was laughing heartily when I first saw this one-shot.  It's so ridiculous.  I'd like to the thank Jade for doing a wonderful translation and English adaptation and I'd like to thank the rest of the Omari's Sister team who worked on this for lightening the load on me.  You all did a beautiful job :).

Nov 11, 2011

Shiro Lala is Here!

The Cover is sooooo cute!  It's from Akiduki Sorata's one-shot.  Anyhow...Shiro Lala is here!  We will be doing this in conjunction with the Kuro Lala one-shots.  This isn't all of the one-shots.  These are the ones that caught my eye and this list is in no particular order.  Here's what we have on deck.

Nov 10, 2011

Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 27

Oh, I almost forgot!  "Akagami no Shirayukihime" volume 6 is available in Japanese.

Please support Sorata-sensei by purchasing the book even if you don't read Japanese.  Here are some purchasing options:

Amazon JP
Yes Asia

If you are timid, I can facilitate the purchase by piggybacking it onto my own purchases.  If you are interested in this option, send me a e-mail via the contact link at the top of this blog.

Nov 8, 2011

Yukarism Chapter 9

"Yukarism" resumes with a beautiful color page.  The title says the chapter is 45 pages, but it's only 37 pages.  I guess the chapter is shorter than what was expected or negotiated.  It's kinda surprising considering that the series was on hiatus for three months.  Oh, well...

This chapter has a sad flashback to Yuumurasaki's and Kazuma's childhood and ends with a launch pad into what takes place in the past in Edo between Yuumurasaki, Kazuma, and Takamura.  There's an interesting little historical nugget added to the story (be sure to read the translator notes).  I wonder if this was put in to foreshadow the path of the story or whether it's another attempt to misdirect the reader.  There's a lot of worrying about Yuumurasaki getting ill.  In the present time, there's more of the Mahoro x Satomi hate comedy.  Somehow, I feel that their hatred is good natured -- like rivals who respect one another.  I guess we are still waiting to see the true nature of the characters' opposition in the past.

Nov 3, 2011

Magnolia Chapter 16

"Magnolia" chapters continue to get shorter.  Part of me wishes Naked Ape would go on hiatus with "Magnolia" so they can concentrate on finishing "Dolls".  The way things are now really isn't fair to "Magnolia".   I don't like the trickling pace and I don't like seeing and sometimes having to fix the many little errors in the artwork that I imagine are due to being rushed.

October 2011 Purchases

Here's the list of manga purchases I made during the month of October.

English Language:
  • "Karakuri Odette" Volumes 1 - 6 -- A light and cute series about a robot who enters high school in order to learn to be human.  If you need to come up from a depressing series or just need to improve your mood in general, I highly recommend this series.  The romance is slow, but it's cute and ultimately ends satisfyingly.  This is a Tokyo Pop series, so copies, both new and used are selling out.  I was able to get the complete series through a combination of orders from Amazon and Right Stuf.  4/5

Nov 1, 2011

November at Omari's Sister

We need fall banners!  Send in your fall banners! The width is 1200-pixels and the height has to be less than 350-pixels.

October was a wild ride.  We had a big snag which caused us to have to re-clean 4 releases...ugh...Fortunately, the team was up to the challenge and we've almost made up the lost time.  October brought us some exciting news.  "Seirei Produce" is back from a year long hiatus and a treat of a series, "Ore to Atashi no Kareshi" popped up in Asuka magazine.  Hooray!

Oct 31, 2011

October 2011 Statistics

Here's a wrap up of the statistics for October 2011 at Omari's Sister.

Top 5 Releases
  1. Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 26
  2. Magnolia Chp 15
  3. Yukarism Chp 8
  4. In the Mirror of Death
  5. The Doll Rebirth Workshop
Top 10 Visiting Countries

Oct 29, 2011

Gentle Shoujo Halloween Manga Recommendations

I've been listening to podcasts and reading various manga critics' blogs and this week's popular theme is Halloween manga.  Unfortunately, most of the title mentioned are just sick, literary, or sick and literary.  Who the hell wants to read a bunch of highbrow manga with graphic violence perpetrated on humans and animals!? And since when has Halloween, other than the movies, been associated with serial killers!? 

Halloween One-shot #2: "The Grim Transfer Students"

Here is our second Halloween one-shot.  I've been holding onto this one for about a year.  It came out just after Halloween last year, so I waited an entire year to put this out at the right time.  The title of this one-shot is "Kuro Tenkousei" or literally, "The Black Transfer Students". To my American ear, that title sounds very wrong and totally misleading, so I decided to use a synonym for black that captured what the story is truly about.  The word "grim" seemed to fit best, so "The Grim Transfer Students" it is.

I was originally going to post this to "Bakeneko's Lair" because it's not very shoujo-y and it's kinda freaky.  But I did release "The Doll Rebirth Workshop" on OS, so...I figured this was in line with that kind of freakiness and psychological drama.  Anyhow, the villain in this one-shot is bat-sh** insane.  I think that's what drew me to this one-shot.  It seemed very out of place in "The Hana to Yume" magazine.  Beyond that though, there is a nice underlying of friendship between the main male characters.  I really like the dark haired boy, Atori :). And now onto the links:

Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama Chp 0

This is surprise confection that showed up in Asuka magazine.  I waited until the first chapter actually came out before committing to give this series and try.  The first chapter is pretty hilarious, so I'm looking forward to starting this series.  This will probably be a series that we will release every other month because it's got crazy redraws that rival "Fushigi no Maria-kun".  We will release the first chapter in December.

About the title --
I'm still working of a proper translation.  Since there are no female/male distinctions in English for the words "I" and "me" there is no direct translation for the Japanese title.  The basic idea is  "My, as a male, and My, as a female Exhalted Boyfriend".  When this happens, it's best to give a series an English title that's not a direct translation but captures the idea of the series.  For now I'm going with "Me, My Boyfriend, and I".

Oct 27, 2011

Halloween One-Shot #1: "In the Mirror of Death"

Here is our big Halloween one-shot!  It's "In the Mirror of Death" by Fujiwara Hiro, the same artist who draws/writes "Kaichou wa Maid-sama".  This feels very different that KWMS which was a pleasant surprise. Oh!  And this one-shot debuts our newest Omari's Sister translator!  Let us welcome Jade!  She did a wonderful job on her first project.  Haha!  It was rather brutal of me to give her a 72-page one-shot as an introduction to this group.  I'm such a bad kitty!  I would also like to thank Holanio for typesetting.  This gave me time to catch up on some other projects that needed some attention.

And now onto the links!

Oct 25, 2011

We are Officially Dropping "Pika Ichi"

We are officially dropping "Pika Ichi".  Hopefully another group will pick it up quickly.  As of now I'm not interested in the rest of the story and there are other series that the group and I would like to work on.  I'm sorry to all the fans out there, but I promise we will bring you a new and fabulous series from Asuka that will make you forgive us 1000 times over.

HOLY CRAP!!! "Seirei Produce" is Back!!!!

I'm crying because I'm so happy.  I am so translating his as soon as I'm done with the October stuff!!!!  HELLZ YEAH!!!!!  *dies happy*

For those of you who have no idea of what I'm talking about, please bring yourself up to speed on this hilarious series:

Chp 1
Chp 2
Chp 3
Chp 4
Chp 5
Chp 5 Omake
Chp 6

Oct 23, 2011

Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala One-shot Party?

I've looked at the series we're doing and the resources and we will do half and half.  This means that we will be doing one-shots for Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala through-out the rest of the fall and winter :).  There will be no set schedule for the one-shot releases.  They'll get done as they get done!

So far Omari's Sister's volunteers and a lot of the readers are enthusiastic about the Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala one-shots.  I'm now working on a schedule that will allow us to do most of the one-shots and maintain a decent pace on our series.  We will not interrupt Magnolia, Yukarism, and Akagami no Shirayukihime.  The other series, we will release as they get done in November and December.  In January, we will return to regular releases of series and 2 or 3 one-shots per month.  During this one-shot party, we will release the one-shot by our most beloved mangaka first and introduce you all to some little known mangaka as we finish the project in 2012.  We will also throw in some one-shots that are not from Kuro or Shiro Lala. These were planned and begun months ago, so I want to release them too.  Here's the beginning of the list of the stuff from Kuro Lala that will do (will add to the list as I get them into my computer).  If there's a particular one-shot on this list that you are burning to read, leave a comment.  This will help me figure out the priority of projects.:

Oct 22, 2011

More Shiro Lala Info and other Lala Related info!

Update!  Tell us what you like us to do in November and December.  Do you want us to translate most of Kuro Lala and Shiro Lala or space it out and focus on the series.  Please take the poll in the upper right hand column of this blog.

Here's some more information about Shiro Lala.  More mangaka have been announced and there are some teasers for the one-shots.  Sorry, I don't have time to completely translate the advertisement, but hopefully this is enough info and pictures to get you excited.  We will try to bring you most of these one-shots.  I'll present of the schedule of releases once I have the magazine in hand and decide which one-shots we will translate.  I'm totally psyched!  We still have so much to do from Kuro Lala.  Haha!  We'll get though both magazines eventually (Click on the images to see a larger version).

Oct 21, 2011

Fushigi no Maria-kun Chp 3

Tonight was anime night and I was wasn't sure whether I was going to be able to post this tonight at all, so I did a quick post earlier.  Now I have time to write a full post.

This is the third chapter for "Fushigi no Maria-kun" and this time we get to see matters from Maria's perspective.  My gosh is Maria sweet and huggable!  I liked translating this chapter a lot.  Maria's inner monologues are beautifully written in Japanese.  I hope I was able to translate some of that beauty into English.  Shiina Dai never ceases to amaze me with her simple but poignant dialog.

And now, here's the link:

Oct 18, 2011

Spooky One-Shots from the Past!

It's the haunting season and I like nothing more than supernatural and spooky stories for this time of the year. Here's a list with links to the spooky and ghostly one-shots we've translated in the past! (Click on the captions to go to the one-shot)

Oct 16, 2011

Kuro Lala One-shot: "The Doll Rebirth Workshop"

Here is our third spooky one-shot from Kuro Lala.  I'd categorize this one-shot as campy horror.  It's surprising gory for something carrying the Lala brand. And now I leave you with the thought, "It never ends well when a deranged teenage girl gets hold of an exacto knife."  I lied.  Actually, I do have a question for you readers.  What's the moral of this story?  For the life of me I can't figure out what I was supposed to learn from this bizarre little tale of bitchcraft.  The ending is very "WTF?"

Oct 11, 2011

Buy My Lightly Used Manga

My shelves are sagging and overflowing again, so it's time to get rid of the old to make room for the new!  So please buy some of my manga.  Most of them have only been read once and are in nearly new condition.  I have books in English and Japanese.  The English books are $4 each unless otherwise specified and the Japanese books are $3 each unless otherwise specified.  I will give you a deal if you buy the whole set of books.  All transactions will be handled through Paypal.  Please check here for shipping cost information.  I will use Priority Mail flat rate shippers for purchases within the US (very reasonable). If you are interested, please send me an e-mail that includes:
  • The books you want
  • The e-mail address to send the Paypal invoice to
  • What country I will sending the books to
  • US: Priority Mail or Media Mail
  • International:  Priority (Air), Air, or "the slow boat"
I will confirm the order and give you a shipping estimate before sending the invoice.

Here's what I've got!

Oct 10, 2011

"Yukarism" Chapter 8

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the effort the team of Omari's Sister translators put into page 6.  There was a lot of :/, but after a couple of days of e-mail exchanges, I think we got a decent translation.
It's been a while since we've had a chapter of "Yukarism".  Hopefully, this chapter is worth the wait and hopefully the way the chapter ends will help you understand why I held onto it until now.  In this chapter we, along with Yukari, learn a lot about Mahoro.  We also start getting glimpses of what happened between Yuumurasaki, Takamura, and Kazuma in the past and those glimpses give us some insight into Yukari's detached personality.  These are only just glimpses, though, leaving us with many unanswered questions about the past and Yukari.  And now onto the links:

Oct 6, 2011

"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chapter 26

At last we come to the end of the Tanburn arc.  I'm kinda surprised this chapter didn't begin with some color pages.  Oh well, this is still nice.

Oct 4, 2011

"Magnolia" Chapter 15

 *Runs forward*

What a nice title page!  This page makes me want to have a Magnolia calendar for 2012.  That would be soooooo nice.

Oct 2, 2011

October at Omari's Sister! Spooky Banners are Needed!

We've entered the spooky month! Muwhohahahaha!  But first, a little bit about September.  We got a lot done considering my home server crash and the folks who are students in this group getting into stride at school.  Good job everyone!

September 2011 Stats!

Here are some stats for Sept 2011.

Top 5 Releases:
  1. Ouran High School Host Club August 2011 Special Chapter
  2. One-Shot: Kamisama no Sonata

Oct 1, 2011

September 2011 Manga Purchases

Here's the list of the manga purchases I made this month.

English Language Books:
  • Skip Beat, Volume 25 -- This volume covers the bulk of the Valentine's Day arc.  Both Sho and Ren sorta do battle in the wake of Kyoko giving Reino Valentine's Day hate chocolates.  I noticed a little bit of sloppiness in the image editing and the English adaptation (the script needed more massaging), but overall it was clearer than what's available in scanlation.  I really liked this volume a lot!  5/5
  • Kamisama Kiss, Volume 5 -- I've only read the first half.  So far it's very cute.  

Sep 29, 2011

"Hana Kimi" After Stories Chp 4 -- Sano and Mizuki

Here is the final "Hana Kimi" After Story and it features Sano, Mizuki, and Shin.  This short takes place directly after Sekime's wedding.  I think that was one of the first special one-shots after the end of the series.  If you recall in that special chapter, Sano proposed to Mizuki in a round about fashion.  I was hoping for a wedding, but what happens here is satisfying enough.  We get resolution on Shin's feelings toward Mizuki, which is something I wasn't expecting.  Actually, the Shin angle seems to be the focus of the one-shot.  Anyhow, Shin is adorable, so all is forgiven. And now, onto the link!

Sep 26, 2011

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Girl on a Platter" by Meca Tanaka

This one-shot is in line with "World End Garden" and "Ryuu no Moriuta".  It's shorter than either one-shot, but I feel that this one-shot is better than "Ryuu no Moriuta" because the main female character, Tsubame, is much more likable.  ("World End Garden remains my favorite one-shot.) I sorta wonder how the story would have been different if "Ryuu no Moriuta" has a stoic female character like Tsubame.  In terms of Meca Tanaka works, this one-shot feels very different to me.  It's much more mature and has a little more bite in the underlying message than the other works I've read.  I love it!  I hope to see more works like this from Meca Tanaka in the future.  I also hope she does more one-shots because this one is really good.  Thank you Tanaka-sensei :).

Onto the links!

Sep 24, 2011

Fushigi no Maria-kun Chapter 2

Once again, "Fushigi no Maria-kun" proves to be our most difficult series to typeset.  Hopefully we caught all of the errors.  Anyhow...Maria and Toko continue on with their evolving relationship.  I really like how this chapter shows us the weirdness that happens when a childhood friendship starts to blossom into something more.  I like how the vampirism isn't the focus of the story, but rather the backdrop.  I also like how the story is staying focused on Toko and Maria.  I must admit that I love this kind of innocent sweetness.

Onto the links!

Sep 17, 2011

Fall Supernatural One-Shot: "Kamisama no Sonata"

This one-shot is so beautiful, that I stopped everything to get it out immediately.  This one-shot kind of feels like a marriage of "La Corda Oro" and "Seigi no Mikata".  I love stories with poor, tough, prideful boys.  It's always so cute when a girl breaks through the boy's shell, without actually breaking the boy.  Please enjoy the artwork.  Like most of the works from Ichinose-sensei, this one-shot has lush artwork.  And now onto the links!

Sep 13, 2011

Hana Kimi After Stories: Kayashima and Nakatsu

I must say, Kayashima looks rather nice all grown up and Nakatsu is as adorable as ever.  Here is the continuation of the Hana Kimi After Stories.

Kuro Lala and Fall Spooky One-Shots Announcements!

Kuro Lala has arrived! It mostly contains supernatural one-shots.  There are also some starts to a series or two.  Needless to say, there's a lot of good content inside.  In light of our fall spooky theme, we will try to share as many of the one-shots I enjoyed as we can over the next 3 months.  Do do this special we will put some of our less popular series on hold.  "Magnolia", "Yukarism", "Fushigi no Maria-kun", and "The Ghost Apartment Manager" will not be affected.  The other series will be released every 6 - 8 weeks and we'll release multiple chapters at a time to catch up on the series.

Here's what we have planned:

Sep 10, 2011

"Ouran High School Host Club" August 2011 Special Chapter

This special chapter isn't what I expected from the preview teaser, but it does fit in perfectly with our "Spooky One-shots" Fall theme.  This little ghost story is a nice transition from summer to fall, so all is forgiven, though, I really wanted TamaxHaru happy married love-love short.  Can you imagine how "stoopid" a pregnant Haruhi chapter could be?  You'd have craziness from Tamaki, Renka, and nutty Tamaki's Dad to deal with on that.  Anyhow...on to the links:

Sep 9, 2011

"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" Volume 1 is Available for Purchase

"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" Volume 1 is available for purchase.  Volume 1 includes chapters 1 - 6, "Hadaka Muffler", extra 4-coma (4 column comics), and very short omake.  I got my copy through Amazon JP.

Links to purchase:

Sep 4, 2011

New Manga Purchases May - August 2011

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts.  I feel bad for neglecting these kinds of posts.  I will try to remember to at least one of these post once a month from now on.  An now for the LONG list.

  • Oresama Teacher Vol 2 & 3
  • Ai Ore! Vol 1 and 2 (volume 2 purchase through the Viz iPad app)
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Vol 3
  • Library Wars: Love and War Vol 5
  • Blue Exorcist Vol 2 & 3

Sep 3, 2011

"Magnolia" Chapter 14

It's been such a long day!  At least I was productive, though,  feel like I'm dragging my sorry butt over the finish line and directly into bed.  I was sooooo hoping that this chapter would be longer than 30 pages, but, alas, "Magnolia" chapters keep getting shorter and shorter T_T.  This time there are only 23 pages and two of those pages are a title spread and one is repeat from chapter 13.  I guess the color pages took a long time to paint???  Okay, I'll admit the color pages are lovely and I am grateful for them.

Anyhow...there's been some flip-flopping on my part about the name of the country in this series.  Originally I had it as "Anastasia", but I ended up following the katakana directly and I'm now calling it "Anestachia".  I'm slowly going through the chapters and updating them with this correction.  I also made a small correction (more like an inclusion) to chapter one.  On page 15, Nagi states that Ayato is next in line for the throne after King Albert's little brother, who I assume is Vincent.  Yes...the plot thickens.  Though, after Ayato and Sui were born, wouldn't Vincent be third in line to the throne?  Hmm... maybe this is all wrapped up in the importance of Ayato's debut.

And now onto the link:

Sep 2, 2011

September at Omari's Sister

Wow!  What a month August was!  We completed a whopping 11 releases between Omari's Sister and Bakeneko's Lair.  Some highlights of August include the debut of "Fushigi no Maria" on OS, the debuts of "Rex Fabula" and "Servamp" on Bakeneko's Lair, and Silver Lunar's debut as a typesetter on "Akagami no Shirayukihime"!  "Fushigi no Maria" was well received and had high readership.  "Rex Fabula" and "Servamp" not so much.  So if you are seeking something other than shoujo love-love manga to read and want to experience some thrills and a bit of comedy, head on over to Bakeneko's Lair to check out the new series.  I highly recommend "Rex Fabula".

September is still in the works and I imagine it will mostly be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of month.  I will be having a couple of last minute hastily planned mini-vacations thrown in during the month, so the dates listed on the release schedule are dubious.  Here's what I can guarentee is coming out this month:
  • Magnolia Chp 14
  • The Ouran August 2011 Special Chapter
  • The Hana-kimi After Stories Special Short Chapters
  • Fushigi no Maria Chp 2
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 26
  • Rex Fabula Chp 2 (on Bakeneko's Lair)
The rest of the stuff listed is being worked on but I'm not sure whether we'll be able to finish them this month.  I'm crossing my finger, though.

For the latest release schedule updates, please see the Release Schedule page (link)

A reminder: Follow our releases on Twitter @OmarissisterRel

Also catch the debuts "Rex Fabula" and "Servamp" at Bakeneko's Lair!

Aug 30, 2011

"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chapter 25

At last!  I'm so sorry for the delay!  As you know things happens and plans fall through.  Anyhow, we got it done and chapter 26 is well on it's way to getting done.  I don't know what's going to happen when AnS moves to Lala magazine.  I suspect chapter 27 will be printed with high quality and then after that the image quality will be inconsistent and we'll have the same problem that we have with "The Ghost Apartment Manager".  If the print quality is really poor, then we will have no choice but to wait for the tankoubon.  We've taken so much care so far that it would be a shame to put out crappy looking releases because we are in a hurry.  We'll do our best and I'll will definitely announce the image quality of chapters.

This is the second to last chapter in the Tanburn arc.  It has lots of action and is in general "kick ass".  The Sorata "Japanese word salad" was worse than usual in this chapter, so I apologize now for any translation errors I've made.  Also, I'd like to announce that this is Silver Lunar's debut as a typesetter.  Good job, Silver Lunar!  And I'd also like to thank Tin for helping me pinpoint some translation errors.  Anyhow, here are the links!

August 2011 Statistics

Here are some statistics for Omari's Sister in August

Top 5 Releases:
  1. The "Ouran High School Host Club" July 2011 Special Chapter
  2. "Magnolia" Chp 13/ "Lily" Chp 2
  3. "Billy Boucchan no Yuuutsu"
  4. "Pika Ichi Chp 9"
  5. "Hana-Kimi After Stories -- Nanba"
Top Ten Visiting Countries:
  1. US (CA, NY, TX, WA, FL)
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Philippines
  5. Malayasia
  6. Germany
  7. Indonesia
  8. Australia
  9. Singapore
  10. UK

Aug 27, 2011

"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Transfer Cancelled and Announcements

"Akagami no Shirayukihime" is returning to Omari's Sister.  The transfer to The Zero Alliance fell through and we have a translator and typesetter for the series, so we can continue it.  It's not clear whether we will be releasing along side the Lala magazine releases.  It depends on the print quality of the chapters in the magazine.  If it's really bad, then we will wait for the tankoubon.  Hopefully, this series will not go on indefinitely. a consequence, though, it will impact our schedule on some other series.  Considering the successful debut of "Fushigi no Maria-kun", I'm hesitant to slow it down.  I decided to be selfish and bump "Pika Ichi" down to a low priority project, meaning, we'll put out a chapter whenever we can fit it into the schedule, unless some other group wants to pick it up.  Sorry Pika fans, but Hanako getting kidnapped over and over is not a compelling story...

I've updated the ongoing projects to reflect what we are working on and currently releasing.  We haven't dropped any projects now missing.  All of these projects have been started, but it's doubtful we will be able to release any of them until 2012.  Please check the release schedule to see what we have coming up in the near and distant future.

A reminder: Follow our releases on Twitter @OmarissisterRel

Aug 23, 2011

Series Debut: "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chp 1


At last!  Phew!  Getting this first chapter together was quite a struggle!  Every page had at lease one crazy redraw, so let's give praise and thanks to Silver Lunar, Ichigo Stars, and Kumiko for working so hard to get this release done!  Here's a quick summary from the inner flap:
"Ordinary high school girl, Nanami Tokuko’s childhood friend,
Abe Maria, is the world’s last pureblood vampire!!  For 10 years,
Tokuko has been encouraging him to become a part of human
society, and since then, Maria has come to love humans. As such,
Tokuko happily watches over Maria.  This couple's story is
the world’s most gentle vampire comedy.  Introducing volume 1."
Anyhow...without further yammering, here are the links:

Aug 21, 2011

Retiring "Junketsu + Kareshi"

Update:  "Barajou no Kisu" has just been added to JManga's directory. Link

Aya Shouto has written on her blog that she thinks her works could get licensed and published in English if all overseas scanlation stops.  It is never my intention to harm the original author, so per Aya Shouto's wishes, I will remove "Junketsu + Kareshi" from this blog.

Aug 20, 2011

Fushigi no Maria-Kun Preview!

Here's a preview of our newest series, "Fushigi no Maria-kun"!  This is a 9 chapter series by Shiina Dai, the same artist who brought us "World End Garden", which is my favorite one-shot of all time!  Like "World End Garden" is series has a good range of emotions (though it doesn't reach the gloomy depths of WEG) and a richly complex relationship between to the two main characters.  I'm really looking forward to releasing the first chapter.  So, to get you ready for what's in store, here's a preview of the first chapter! (Please forgive any errors you may find.  This has not been QC'ed or proofread yet.)

Aug 17, 2011

JManga is Open!

JManga is open to North America!  Head on over and check it out!

My observations:

  1. Pricing -- Chapters range from ~$1 - $3 each or ~$9 per volume.  They use a point system to purchase material.  The base level is 1000 points per month for $10.  Of the materials I looked at the prices were 120 - 290-pts per chapter or 865 points for the entire volume.  You can purchase as many points as you need after to sign up for the $10 subscription.
  2. Most of the titles listed are not actually available yet.
  3. There were many titles that weren't even translated into English
  4. The sound effects of the titles I looked at were not translated.  The typesetting was also done poorly, and one of them was translated by a person with a poor grasp of English :(.  But these are limited to a small number of the titles that were never published in English.
    • See "My Sadistic Boyfriend" and "A Kiss on Tearful Cheeks" (this one is a crying shame since they decided to leave the Japanese instead of having someone do the redrawing.)
  5. The "free" material consider of 5-pages or the first chapter, which includes the title pages and the table of contents. 

Aug 16, 2011

"Hana Kimi After Stories" -- Nanba

Like "Ouran", to commemorate their television drama, Hana Kimi is also releasing special chapters.  This set of special chapters is call "Hana Kimi After Stories" and it's currently running in Hana to Yume magazine.  Each chapter will focus of the after graduation stories of the popular characters from Hana Kimi.   I don't know how many chapters there will be, but I imagine the stories will be very short like this one.

This first story covers Nanba and I liken who he ends up with to the surprise of Mei and Kasanoda ending up together.  It's surprising, but ultimately makes sense :).  On to the link!

"The Scarecrow of Oz" Chapter 4

Here's "The Scarecrow of Oz" chapter 4.  As the story continues we learn that the power witch's name is "Crane Rouge" and she's very evil.  Her familiar "Kumo" the Cloud Lion is ADORABLE!!!  I want a stuffed version!  If you are feeling creative, please make an adorable Kumo banner for the release of the final chapter next month.  Kumo!!!  かわいい!!!Other than Kumo, I think the most enjoyable things about this chapter are the interactions between Kurou and Chelvy.  In many ways they seems like an old married couple.  Here are the links!

Aug 12, 2011

"The Ghost Apartment Manager" Chapter 7

This chapter bids a final farewell to Kyariko, raises questions about Leon's true natural and status, and deals with Sekka's emotions around Kyariko's passing.  It's a nice transition to next ghost's arc and as usual, the story thoughtfully and delicately deals with Sekka.  He's such a sweet boy.  Onto the link!