Jun 30, 2012

3rd Anniversary Wrap-up! Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Taiyou no Yuki" ("The Sun's Snow") by Yukichi Nakamura

This is the last of the Shiro Lala one-shots that we plan to release. It's a play on a familiar American fairytale :) ("thumpity, thump, thump, thump...") with just a touch of another fairytale invoked by the protagonist's nickname.  Haha! This one-shot took me by surprised considering that this is the same mangaka who gave us that messed up doll shop one-shot in Kuro Lala.  I now look forward to see what Nakamura-sensei come up with next :).

Onto the release!

Jun 29, 2012

Series Debut: "Pochama ni" Chapter 1 (or 3) by Kaname Hirama

First of all I would like to thank Amrai for helping me fine-tune the translation :). And next I would like to thank "Eagle-Eyes" Kaito for some amazing QC work!  Holy crap! She's thorough!

This series caught me eye immediately, and after doing a quick read through, I realized I'd come across a real gem.  All three chapters and the one-shot have been released in Japan over the past 2 months, so I'll do my best to finish this series quickly. That said, I have read through the other chapters, and I still feel this series is quite special and I look forward to sharing the rest of it.

The title "Pochama ni"...this was a tough one.  Basically a "pochama" is someone who likes soft and squishy things or someone who likes chubby people (A LOT). No matter how many ways I and other people tried to do a direct or "close-to" translation of the title, it came out as either offensive or perverted (ei "Chubby Love" or "To a Chub-Lover").  I decided to go with "Pleasantly Plump" as the English title...but even that may be somewhat controversial. Consequently, I'm not stressing or formalizing that title. Anyhow...I can't deal did with it anymore, so going forward, I will refer to this series by its Japanese title "Pochama ni."

What I like most about this story is that the issue of being fat in high school is not dealt with in the expected fashion -- girl is EXTREMELY shy and cruelly bullied by skinny bitches.  This is more about Tsugumi's and Tagami's progress as a couple and it's quite nice.

Okay...enough build up.  Onto the release!

Jun 26, 2012

Happy 3rd Yeard Anniversary!

Today is Omari's Sister official 3rd year anniversary as a scanlation group!  We don't have a release today, so I thought it would be fun to reflect on the most popular releases according to readership.  Most of the popular series releases are not available because they are retired, but all of the popular one-shots are accessible. Onto the lists!

Top Ten Releases in OS History!

10. Lily Chp 2 and Magnolia Chp 12 Dual Release!
9.   One-shot: "Blue Rhapsodia"
8.   "Junketsu + Kareshi" Chp 9
7.   One-shot: "The Hands the Demon Adored"
6.   Ouran August 2011 Special
5.   One-shot: "Ryuu no Moriuta"
4.   Ouran January 2011 Special
3.   One-Shot: "The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress"
2.   Ouran July 2011 Special
1.   Ouran Volume 18 Extras

Top Ten One-shot Releases in OS History!

10. "3 Hearts"
9.   "Bouquets of Flowers for the Sleepless Knight"
8.   "Detarame Mousouryouku Opera"
7.   "Ginrou no Sakura"
6.   "World End Garden"
5.   "Kamisama no Sonata"
4.   "Blue Rhapsodia"
3.   "The Hands the Demon Adored"
2.   "Ryuu no Moriuta"
1.   "The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress"

Thanks to all of the Omari's Sister's members throughout the life of the group for lending your talents and thanks to all the readers who have supported us these 3 years.  I hope we have many years ahead of us!

Jun 25, 2012

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Twinkle Loop Story" by Ayu Nozaki

I hate katakana. Up until yesterday, I thought the title of this one-shot was "Twinkle-Poo Story". Apparently the mangaka was being clever in a non-native language and I was supposed to see how the "ru" was multitasking as the "le" in "Twinkle" and the "loo" in "Loop"...ugh...I hate the Japanese version of English. Why can't you use Japanese words!!!  *Bangs head* Katakana is the bane of my existence. Anyhow...a kind and more learned soul set me straight.  Thank you higher power! Indeed! I learned something new yesterday!

This is one of my favorite all time one-shots.  It comes in behind "World's End Garden", "Souai Metaphysica", and the Yuu Toyota one-shots.  I guess that makes it number 5 on my list.  It was nothing like I was expecting.  From the title and the title page, I was expecting something cute and stupid, but it turned out to be very, very sweet, with a twinge of the tragedy that runs through most of the Shiro Lala one-shots.  This one, though, ends happily, so please don't skip it.

Onto the link!

Jun 24, 2012

Omari's Sister Tumblr!

I made a Tumblr blog so I can more easily share my manga related and non-manga related pictures.  You can follow it at: http://omarissister.tumblr.com/

I started posting pictures from my trip to the San Diego Country Fair.  I'll continue posting pictures tomorrow.

Jun 23, 2012

Aka Lala (Red Lala) Advertisements

I'm too sleepy to translate this late at night, so I'll update this post tomorrow.  I can tell you that there will be one-shots from:
  • Nari Kusakawa
  • Yumi Kiiro
  • Akane Ogura
  • Matsumoto Tomo

Jun 21, 2012

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Katakoi" ("Unrequited Love") by Jun Nanri

I liked this one-shot when I first looked it over, but the redraws looked daunting so it took some time to work its way through the queue.  I'd like to thank Blottyparchment and Amrai for working on the translation. おつかれさまでした!There were a few tricky parts that needed second and third looks, but I think in the end, we all arrived in a good place on the translation.

I don't want to say much about this one-shot because I don't want to spoil it.  It's one of those one-shots that you need to experience for yourself, though I will say it's reminiscent of a certain movie staring Bill Murray. (Haha! I'm probably dating myself with that comment.)  I think a lot of us know what the main character Nimi is going through.  I found her feelings very easy to relate to. 

Onto the link!

Jun 20, 2012

Magnolia Chapter 23

For those of you who hate Hugo, this chapter is going to suck. I love Hugo, so I thought this was a very romantic chapter. Hahaha! Unfortunately, we are left at the end with a nasty cliff hanger and the cruel news that the mangaka are skipping the next issue in order to collect material to continue the series.  But! Lily chapter 4 is coming out in Itan on the 25th, so we will have a Magnolia related chapter in July!  Hooray! That should ease the pain of waiting.

On to the release!

Jun 18, 2012

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Akatsuki no Miko" ("The Dawn Priest") by Akira Kouno

It's best not to think too hard about the "science" and the "artificial sun" in this one-shot.  Just take things as they are and you'll be rewarded with something cute.

This one-shot was on the bubble because I don't like the mangaka's drawing style and the character development seemed shallow.  But it was kinda sci-fi-ish, which is hard to find in shoujo manga, so I included it.

Ah...about the word "Miko"...this was kinda weird because Miko are women. But the mangaka used the form that didn't have the "woman" kanji, so I just went with "Priest" since this is a fictional world and there is a  "science" vs. "religion" theme running through the story.  On that note, the "science vs. religion" aspect of the story is kinda neat and it's too bad that matter wasn't dealt with more deeply in this one-shot.

And now onto the link!

Jun 17, 2012

Redraw Artist Needed for the Completion of "Ojousama no Untenshu"

We need a skilled redraw artist or two for the next 3 months to complete "Ojousama no Untenshu".  It's only a 3-month or 8 chapter commitment.  If you are interested, please contact me (Kuroneko003) via the contact me link at the top right corner of this blog.

Jun 14, 2012

Zero-Sum Ward One-Shot: "Please Leave, Hero!"

Here's another short-gag one-shot from Zero-Sum Ward. I got a giggle out of it :) It's only 8 pages so there's not much to say about it.  If you like RPGs, this will be extra enjoyable!

Updated! Kuro Lala One-shot: "The Desert's Requiem" by Junko Ike (Version 2)

I have mixed feelings about this one-shot.  On one hand I understand the message and the metaphors, but on the other hand, as an American, there is some cultural imagery associated with what happens at the end of this one-shot that really upset me.  There's the obvious sensitivity I would have as a black person and then there's the matter of how the dead are treated.  Given this, I apologize now if this one-shot offends you.  You have to understand, though, that the Japanese do not have the same historical context and, therefore, their cultural viewpoint is much different. Realizing that was the only way I was able to appreciate how this one-shot ended.

That said, onto the release!

Jun 13, 2012

Zero-Sum Ward One-Shot: "Noenoto"

I'm releasing this now and if I have to apologize, I'll apologize later.  Hahaha! It shouldn't be a big deal.  Anyhow, this is a joint project between us and The Zero Alliance. If all goes well, it should appear on their website in a few hours once the workday is done on the other side of the world.

This is a shounen-ish one-shot from Zero-Sum Ward.  This one-shot has been sitting around half done for about a year.  Sorry. It was meant for Bakeneko's Lair...but, well...you know the story by now :).

Not much to say about this one-shot, other than it's fun along the same lines as "Seimei de ga nanki ka?" and it won't leave you depressed when it ends. I do want to write a bit about this one-shot, but it would only spoil story, so I'll wait and write my thoughts as a comment.  Onto the links (and if you ask why there's a zip, you will earn great resentment from me!)

Jun 12, 2012

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Red House" by Sarueru Yamada

First of all thanks to Holanio for creating a lovely banner to go with this release.  I agree with her that Ken-chan is adorable.

There are still 5 more Kuro Lala one-shots planned for this month, but I can't put them out back-to-back because if I don't do some upbeat one-shots I'm going to really get depressed. Therefore I'm going to rearrange the order and cram the last five Kuro Lala one-shot into the last week of the month.  It's going take a few days to prep the other other one-shots, so there may will be a lull in the releases.  We'll see...

As for this one-shot, it was a little much for me to take after "The Desert's Requiem", though this one-shot is not at all upsetting.  It's just more sadness and more dependent manipulative teenage girl behavior.  I really don't pity girls who think and act like this.  But still there's hope at the end of this one-shot.

On to the link!

Jun 11, 2012

We are Going on Hiatus with "Akagami no Shirayukihime"

Update:  For now it appears that Mangafox is cooperating with our takedown request.  We'll see how long that lasts....
I'm sorry, but the frustration level is too high right now for AnS.  Since the series moved to Lala magazine, the chapter image quality has ranged from crap to beautiful.  Chapter 35 is the worst looking chapter EVER and I can't do anything "magical" to fix it, so it would hurt my pride to release crap because it does no justice to the original work and our group.  Also, I'm tired of Mangafox and the stupid people who think they are doing a service by unloading AnS to that site.  So for now, for the sake of my sanity, we are going to take a break from AnS and evaluate its continuation when the Volume 8 tankoubon releases.  While waiting for that, it would be a blessing if one of Mangafox's sh**ty groups would put out some crap to keep the the entitled brats at bay so we don't have to worry about uploading and so we could actually put out a high quality ZIP for those who truly love the series.  I expect that we will return to the series in September, if as expected, the tankoubon releases in early September.

Jun 10, 2012

Happy Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Bride on Loan" by Ririko Tsujita

I know I said the next one-shot would be gloomy and hella messed up, but things got out of order, and this one-shot is ready to be released instead.  This is actually a good thing because I wanted to break up the gloom.

This is a short light-hearted one-shot.  Since Ririko Tsujita is a new mangaka for me, I had a hard time with her writing style.  I'd like to thank Amrai for the helping me with the translation.  Tsujita-sensei, apparently, doesn't like letting people know who's talking and what specifically they are talking about...sigh...well...I guess this one-shot was a learning experience for me :).

Anyhow...here's on the release!

Jun 8, 2012

Real Numbers on Sales of Manga in the US

The weekly ranking for manga sales in the US were posted on ANN today. If you think people in the US buy manga, think again, because these number are sad.

BookScan Manga Ranking for May 28 - June 3

(Note: These numbers reflect sales at certain brick and mortar bookstores. They do not take into account online sales or sales at non-bookstores.  I have no idea how much the total market BookScan actually takes into account.)

Let's do a quick comparison between the US and Japan.  The latest volume of Bleach sold 507 copies in its first week of release in the US, while the latest volume of Bleach in Japan sold 269751 copies in its first of release.  And let's not forgot the craziness of "One Piece". The most recent volume sold 2,275,453 copies in its first week of release.  Sadly enough, even the best selling manga series in the US haven't broken 20,000 copies for the entire year!  Yep! That's just how anemic manga sales are in the US.  If you assumed that it didn't matter whether you bought manga because someone else is buying the manga, look around at your friends and ask yourself which of them is buying manga on your behalf.

Izana Wallpaper

We don't have a release for you today, but Tamaririn took the time to clean the title page from AnS Chp 34.  I added a little border to make a nifty wallpaper!

Have at it!

Jun 7, 2012

Kuro Lala One-Shot: "Tsuki no Kanon" (The Moon's Canon") by Ken Saitou

First of all, I'd like to thank Amrai for translating this.  Amrai's relatively new to the group.  She's the translator for AnS, Ojou-sama no Untenshu, and many of our one-shots.  Her ability to make sense of Akidzuki Sorata's word-salad never ceases to amaze me!

The happy times and comedy lasted only for a short time.  Now we are back to the drama.  This story is more pathetic and rant worthy than it is sad and tear-jerking.  If you've been following the conversation in the chatbox, you know what I'm talking about.  This story really raised the hackles of the OS members who have already read it.  Hahaha! I think, though, that the strong emotions we felt while reading this one-shot are signs of good storytelling.  Needless to say, I feel sorry for the janitor. He got trapped in the web of a needy 14-year old girl.  Male readers, let this be a lesson.  If she looks young, just walk on by...just walk on by...Nothing good can come from stopping and giving the girl even the least bit of attention.

On to the link!

Jun 6, 2012

Very Short Manga: "Happiness Lawn" -- I Thought "Did I Die?"

This was a special for Silver Lunar who loves her birdies and birds in general!  Since it's only 4-pages, I'll just post the images here.  Click on the image to see it larger.

Jun 5, 2012

Ouran High School Host Club Volume 18 is out from Viz!

Go buy it so we can get more manga like this from Viz!

Links to purchase:
Barnes & Noble

One-Shot: "Assassin Red Riding Hood"

Here's a wee-bit of stoopid to make up for all the dreary from the last two one-shots.  This is more like a one-shot for Bakeneko's Lair, but since I reintegrated that, this one-shot appears here.  I like stories that are parodies of Fairy Tales.  This is a short one-shot that appeared in Zero-Sum Ward magazine, so it's on the shounen side of the manga spectrum. Oh, and it's only 10-pages! So it's a quick read :).

Onto the link!

Jun 4, 2012

"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chp 34

I'd love to see a clean version of this drawing.  It's too bad when the tankoubon is published, the clean image will be in black-and-white instead of color.  Maybe one day Akidzuki-sensei will bless us with an illustration book so we can see clean versions of the color title pages.

This chapter sets the premise for the present story arc.  Honestly, the medical/pharma stuff doesn't interest me. Rather, I'm more interested in whether Ms. Naki is Izana's love interest.  Haha!  I guess I just want to see what kind of woman Izana ends up with.  I'm rather impatient and I want to get to the heart-to-heart between Izana and Shirayuki and I want some Zen and Shirayuki time...sigh...haha, but well...I guess I have to eat my veggies first before we get to the meat and dessert.

Onto the link!

Jun 3, 2012

One-Shot: "See You Again" by Junko Ike

I'm starting to notice a running theme in these Shiro Lala one-shots.  I imagine it's because in Japanese culture white is associated with death, which is an opposite notion for Westerners.  If you're still recovering from "Souai Metaphysica", then perhaps you ought to wait a day or two before reading this one-shot.  It's a short one-shot, but it packs a lot of punch for 16 pages.  I think this one-shot ends on a better note than "Souai", but still...sigh...haha!  Unfortunately, the next chapter of AnS is not gonna pull us out of the sorrow hole :(.  But don't worry, the light is coming soon.

Anyhow, onto the Link!

Jun 2, 2012

One-Shot: "Souai Metaphysica" ("Mutual Love Metaphysica") by Mikase Hayashi

You might want to get out a couple of tissues for this one-shot. I had a hard time completing the translation because I started bawling halfway through.  I'm a sucker for stories about unrequited love and for some reason the whole notion makes me incredibly sad.  This is a beautiful one-shot, and I hope you all enjoy it.  We will release Hayashi-sensei's other one-shot from Kuro Lala within the month, so look out for it.

Onto the link!

Jun 1, 2012

Omari's Sister 3rd Anniversary Celebration Begins! One-Shot: "Wild Wing" by Yumi Kiiro

First of all, a teaser for our new series coming in June. Linky-link!

Omari's Sister started doing scanlations back on June 26, 2009.  At that time it was a one-person group and the first project was Ouran High School Host Club chapter 71. I only did that scanlation because I was tired of waiting for chapters to be released. I had no intention of taking this any further. But then true to shoujo scanlation culture, some friction arose over Ouran and the prideful and stubborn side of me took hold and I continued on with Ouran. I admit at that time, I entered scanlation not knowing any of the silent rules of courtesy and I pissed off a few groups without initially knowing why.  Hahaha!  Well, I've never been one to play be the rules, so scanlation and doing whatever I like are not out of character for me. I've learned to temper myself over the years, and I'm better for it.

Silver Lunar and Kuma Chan were the first members to join the group.  Kuma Chan drops in once in a while to proofread and Silver Lunar to this day does a whole lot of the cleaning and redrawing.  Members have come and gone and I've had fun with all of them.  Thank you all for contributing your talents over the years.  I look forward to many more years with Omari's Sister and I can't wait to meet the new people who will join the group in the future.

That's all I'll say for now.  I'll post again about the progress the group has made since its founding.  We've made leaps and bounds with both translation quality and image editing quality over the years.

And now onto our first celebratory release! "Wild Wing" is the long one-shot that was featured in Shiro Lala.  It's by Yumi Kiiro, the mangaka who brings us the "Library Wars" manga series.  A lot of group members contributed to this one-shot.  Jade did a wonderful job on the translation with Amrai's and Kotomi's assistance, Silver Lunar cleaned and redrew most of this bad boy, Ichigo Stars worked her magic with the crazy redraws, and Holanio survived a typesetting marathon.  Hahaha...and me...well, as usual, I put the final polish on the images and script to give the project that "Omari's Sister feel".

Onto the link!