Feb 28, 2011

The Scarecrow of Oz Chapter 2

Here's the second "The Scarecrow of Oz" one-shot.  It truly is a follow-up to the first one-shot and ties up the lose end with the Tin Man.  In March we will release "The Scarecrow of Oz" serialization.  The serialization will only be three chapters long and is currently running in "Hana to Yume" magazine.  The serialization covers the third witch who chose the beast.  (The little lion beasty is adorable!).

Feb 27, 2011

Thoughts on Borders Bankruptcy

Borders Books is in bankruptcy and I've seen all kinds of blame going around.  I was most irritated by people who blamed customers for Borders demise.  That's like saying the customer doesn't know what they want and that we as customers should be joyful for whatever Borders brings to our lives.

I haven't been to a Borders in months.  The last time I went, they were having a tent sale to get rid of awful books and the random non-book crap they sell.  Before that visit, I noticed that my Borders was selling fewer and fewer books in favor of the random non-book crap.  Most of this non-book crap is the random crazy-cat-lady crap you'd find at a Hallmark store.  If I can't find any books I want to read at Borders, what am I supposed to do?  The obvious means available to me is an online book seller like Amazon.  Case-closed:  Amazon wins and Borders loses and has to at some point unload all that random non-book crap at pennies on the dollar.

I read a lot of manga and lately I've heard a lot of manga publishers and their related sympathizers complain that with Borders closing they will have fewer places to sell books.

Feb 23, 2011

New Manga Purchases: Dec 8, 2010 to Feb 23, 2011

Here's my most recent purchases:
  • "Gakuen Alice" Volume 15 -- One of my favorite volumes and the best sports arc in any series I've read so far 5/5.  I can't read the tiny font Tokyopop uses for the outside of bubble dialog, though.
  • "Portrait of M&N" Volume 4 -- so cute, yet so strange 4/5 (Go Hijiri Ringo!)
  • "Aion" Volume 1 -- Yuna Kasesaki's new series.  It's no where near as good a "Karin" but it's an entertaining read.  There seems to be some demographic confusion with this series.  The situations and the language indicate high schoolers, but the characters are drawn like 'tweens.  I found the disconnect disconcerting. 2.5/5
  • "Mistress Fortune" -- I read the first chapter in Japanese back in 2008 and I wasn't impressed.  I'm still not impressed and found myself rather upset that anybody thinks it's normal for a 14-year girl to have DD sized breast and weigh 84-lbs.  That is mind poison!  Also the fact that they drink a lot of sugar water to get their powers was upsetting.   I got a few pages into the second chapter before I had to put it down. The drawing are beautiful and the book comes with a nice poster inside, however, I can't recommend this book for purchase and I think this book would be especially poisonous to any impressionable tween.  Every other series by Arina Tenemura is MUCH better than this sinker. 1/5
  • "Black Bird" Volume 7 -- Chocolate sauce chapter!!!!  5/5
  • "Stepping on Roses" Volume 4 -- it's so bad that it's kinda good...2/5/5
  • "Black Lagoon" Volume 1 (for Hubby)
  • "Natsume's Book of Friends" Volume 5 -- so nice before bed...5/5
  • "Gunslinger Girls" Omnibus 1
  • "The Black Gate" Volume 1 - 3 Omnibus -- It's good, but it's not something I'd typically read. I'm slowly working through it as a "bathroom reader".  I think folks who like slow developing shounen series will like this. 2.5/5
  • "Arisa" Volumes 2 - 6 (Japanese Language)
  • "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" Volume 4 (Japanese Language)
  • "Ouran High School Host Club" Volume 17 (Japanese Language)
  • "Nemurenu Kishi ni Hanataba wo" (Japanese Language) 
If you want to buy some of these books, please consider buying them from the Omari's Sister's Amazon Store.  Support your favorite manga series and put a nickel in my pocket.

Extras in "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" Volume 4

My gosh, that slow boat from Asia was EXTRA slow!

There are some cute extras included in the 4th volume of "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen".  There's a thank you page with very nice drawing and a short omake about the baby prince!  So cute!  I love stories that end in marital and family bliss!  I'll try to get those out along with refreshed links to purchase your own copy of volume 4 in March.

Feb 22, 2011

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo Chp 3

Lion and Eagle ...what's this I feel?  Could it be a touch of moe?

It's another wacky chapter of the cute animal civil war story!  It's hard to say who my favorite character is because I like all the characters so much for their individual quirks.  In terms of a pair, though, Lion and Eagle are easily my favorite.

Feb 21, 2011

Comments Inquiring About Release Dates will be Rejected

From now on, all comments with inquiries about release dates will be rejected.  There is a detailed release schedule page on this blog to look at if you want to know when releases will occur.  The link is here or near the top of the first column of the right side panel on this blog.

Note: The release dates at the end of manga are the dates the manga comes out in Japanese and not English.

(comment for this posting are closed)

Feb 19, 2011

Halloween in February: "The Devil Mansion's Teacher"

(Joint with The Zero Alliance)

This one-shot was supposed to come out last Halloween, but because I underestimated the amount work needed to do the image editing and redraws, we couldn't get it done in time.  Fortunately, things came together now, so we'll have a little bit of Halloween in February.

Feb 18, 2011

"Furou Kyoudai" to be Serialized!

"Furou Kyoudai" will be serialized in Hana to Yume magazine starting in issue 7 (March 5, 2011)!  We will, of course, pick up the series.  Like "The Scarecrow of Oz" it should be a short serialization. I will update this post with a preview image when I get Hana to Yume issue 6.

Feb 17, 2011


This parody was brought to us by BANANA!!!

Hahaha!  Thanks for the funny, Silver Lunar!  Oh, you cleaners are so much fun!

Feb 16, 2011

Series Debut: "The Ghost Apartment Manager"

"The Ghost Apartment Manager" is a little different project than we usually take on.  This series is about the friendship between two male protagonists and involves a bit of tragedy.  And now for the links:

Announcement: The Big Spring One-Shot!

Our Big Spring one-shot will be "Nanairo no Mukou" ("The Other Side of the Rainbow") by Sora Kakeru.  It's a fantasy story in which a boy finds himself in a world without adults beyond the rainbow.  There's a magical fan, a dragon, rainbows, flowers, demons, a miko, action, and a little romance.  There's no unicorns, though.  A unicorn would be epic! Ah...springtime and childhood fantasies.  I hope this is a story that adults and children will both like and I hope it's something some of the parents who read this blog can share with their children :).  We are aiming for a late April release.

Feb 15, 2011

Omari's Sister Blog Stats Fun

Here's some stats from Google Analytics about this blog that I thought were cool.

A pie chart showing the regions you all are from (number of visitors blacked out)(click on to see larger image)

It's sad to see that very little traffic comes from Africa.

Top Ten Visiting Countries for the month:
  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Philippines
  5. Germany
  6. UK
  7. Australia
  8. Malaysia
  9. Singapore
  10. Poland

Feb 13, 2011

AnS 23 Fun

Hahaha!  This funny come to us from our cleaner Suzume!  Thank you!

Feb 12, 2011

"Yukarism" Chapter 2

Oh, Yukari, I like you a lot!  I love the way you find joy and entertainment in your situation and you're so cute when you're Yuumurasaki.  The question is what happens when you actually have to do your job as an Oiran? That ought to be fun.

Anyhow, so far this is a very heart warming story despite half of it taking place in a red light district.

And now for the links:

Feb 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Special One-Shot: "Ginrou no Sakura"

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

This was a big group effort to complete.  Nearly every page had a complicated redraw and I want to thank the Kumiko, Ichigo Stars, and Silver Lunar for taking on and conquering the challenge this one-shot presented.

I also give praise to Hibiki-sensei for writing and illustrating a beautiful story.  Hibiki-sensei's current series are "Oiran Girl" and "Shounen Dolls" which run in Japanese language Lala and Lala DX magazines.  Please support her by purchasing her manga. (Link to purchase Hibiki Wataru series at Yes Asia)

And  now for the links:

Feb 10, 2011

Feb 8, 2011

Aria Magazine Comic Pre-Order Links

Here are some links to facilitate of the purchase of your favorite manga series from Aria magazine.

I will post links through Yes Asia when and if they list these comics.  These books all release on March 7th. 

Feb 7, 2011

Feb 6, 2011

J+K Chp 7 Teaser

I know a lot of you are waiting, but silly me is letting the Super Bowl get in the way.  Haha!  Anyhow, here's a preview for "Junketsu + Kareshi" chapter 7.  The chapter pretty much goes along like this.  Sorry, but there are no Aki eye-candy shots in this chapter.  Please excuse any typos or errors; this hasn't been QCed or proofread yet.

Feb 5, 2011

February at Omari's Sister

My desk is overflowing with one-shot is various stages of completion (Most awaiting typesetting).  Since February is a short month, I've decided just to translate the group's core series and complete the stack of one-shots.  We'll resume a more regular schedule with all of our series and at most one one-shot per month in March (there will be a double release of Pika Ichi!).

  • Magnolia Chp 7 (Done)
  • Junketsu + Kareshi Chp 7 (Almost Done)
  • Yukarism Chp 2
  • Series Debut: The Ghost Apartment Manager (Yuurei Apaato Kanrinin) Chp 1
  • Zoo Chp 3
  • Valentine's Special One-shot:  Ginrou no Sakura
  • Akuma Yashiki no Kyouiku Gakari
  • Vahlia's Bridegroom by Akizuki Sorata
  • Kuroneko Geboku ("The Black Cat Manservant")
  • Kitsune ni Yomeiri ("A Wedding for a Fox")
  • The Scarecrow of Oz II
I hope you enjoy all the one-shots.  I promise they are lots of fun :).

Feb 3, 2011

Manga Pre-Order Sale at Amazon!

  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Vol 9 $7.53
  • Shinobi Life Vol 7 and 8 $8.35 each
  • Eensy Weensy Monster Vol 2 $8.79
  • Gakuen Alice Vol. 15 - 18 $8.79 each
  • Portrait of M and N vol 4 $9.35,  Vol 5 $8.79
  • Toradora Vol 1 $7.37, Vol 2 $7.03 
  • Heart no Kuni no Alice Vol 1 - 5 $7.59 - $8.78 each
I have amassed all the bargains here! And, yes, I pre-ordered all of these tonight :).

Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Volume 4 is Out!

"Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" Volume 4 is out and available for purchase.  Please show Ogura-sensei some love by purchasing the book.  I just bought my copy from Yes Asia.  Here are some purchase links:

Amazon Japan
Yes Asia

Yes Asia only charges $3.99 shipping to the US and Canada.  Please see their website for information on shipping to other countries.

Feb 2, 2011

Magnolia Chapter 7

Poor, poor Nagi...is it real or a spell?  Chapter 7 is short, but it's a real treat for Nagi x Ayato fans.  Personally, I just like Nagi.   This is my favorite cover image so far.  Ayato looks like he/she is being nuzzled by her big brother, but big brother is looking quite possessive and un-big brother-like.  Try getting through that Yugo!