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Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 8

Here's a link to the Chapter 8 summary on Omari's Sister Translations. It has lovely images.

Today Johannes and Yuda are tending to their rose garden. Two of the grounds keepers are looking on and remarking about how Yuda has been sticking close to Johannes since he was poisoned and fell ill. Yuda pricks her finger on a thorn and then makes a slight ruckus while Johannes coos to her and then sucks the blood off of her finger, much to Yuda's surprise. The gardeners wish for Johannes and Yuda's wedding date to be decided quickly. They hope that it will be a magnificent event. Meanwhile Yuda is blushing and shyly tells Johannes to stop and then pulls away in preparation to run. Johannes, frustrated, complains that she's always this way. Yuda then turns even redder, excuses herself and then takes off, leaving Johannes knocked over in the rose bushes.

Yuda narrates about how everyone thinks she and Johannes are living a happy life in Judecca, but in reality their relationship is different. However, lately she's realized that she loves Johnannes. She continues, "at first I got engaged to him to stop the war. And so both countries came together under the shadow of our false love."

Later Ralph is briefing Johannes and Yuda about the latest political machinations.

Ralph: Because the assassin committed suicide the other day, we still don't know at present who the mastermind is. What is known is their intention is to kill Johannes-sama. Today these countermeasures ....

Ralph is interrupted by Johannes snoring. Johannes is passed out on the desk while Yuda is diligently listening and taking notes. Ralph is dismayed at Johannes behavior.

Ralph: Get a hold of yourself and listen.(he says as he pinches Johannes cheek.)

Johannes: Owww!!! I've heard if before already, so I should be ok?

Ralph: Be a little like Yuda-sama!!!
(To Yuda) It's fine that you are taking notes, but it could be problem if somebody were to see your notebook.

Yuda continues narrating in the background: The rich and powerful of his country and his own elder brother are after Johannes-same's life. And so together we stand and face them for the sake of peace.

After the briefing, Yuda encounters Johannes in the hall. Yuda is shocked and blushes and Johannes looks like a happy little boy. He tells her that he'll be done with work early and invites her to dinner. Yuda is so self conscious that she can't speak clearly. Johannes tells her that dinner will be a 7. They both are very red faced and extremely cute.

Later Yuda is in her room on her bed thinking too much about the situation.

Yuda: I like him and I'm aware of it, but I don't know how to face him.

She rolls around quickly in frustration.

Yuda: But up until now I've never been in love with a man. Anyway, this is no good. I can't meet with him normally.

Yuda stops and thinks some more and then rolls around some more.

Yuda: ahh! What should I do?

She stops again to think.

Yuda: Somehow Johannes-sama has shown a smile ... or so it seems. Only recently I've noticed that Johannes-sama is quite handsome. The ladies of the royal court throw themselves at him. Looking at us, it's obvious we are not well matched.

She thinks this as she looks in a magazine at the picture of her and Johannes on their fishing trip. He's sparklingly handsome and she looks like a fishing geek. She thinks about how there is no mention of Johannes liking anyone before they got engaged. Yuda's handmaidens arrive with tea. The notice she is reading a magazine that features Johannes. The left-maiden says to Yuda that she should not need to enthusiastically read magazines because she has the real Johannes by her side. Regardless, the handmaidens bring Yuda some more magazines. In one of the tabloids Yuda sees a picture of Johannes with a model on his arm. Yuda and the handmaidens are surprised that Johannes is with someone else.

Meanwhile, in Johannes office, Ralph is looking at the tabloid and remarking on how much influence the Caspel's have and that letting this scandal loose could cause tension between the North and South. He continues sarcastically on about how the newspapers could report the assassination attempts on Johannes. Johannes is very upset and throws the tabloid down. He's clearly pissed for a different reason than Ralph.

Johannes: Shit! Why can't they write something decent? If I let this half baked story be, it'll ruin my reputation. There was no reason for me to cheat. I wonder if I can make Yuda understand. She could misinterpret this and think that my love has changed.

Ralph: That could be a problem.

And then in walks Yuda and she is furious. Her cold stare makes Johannes drop to the ground and beg for forgiveness.

Yuda: So many people saw you trifling with her while I was thinking you were serious.

Johannes (desperately): If I were fooling around, my reputation would suffer.

Then Johannes bodyguards try to come to his aid.

Right guard: More accurately, as for playing around, that woman he was with is a construction worker.

Left guard: Even though he has occasionally gone out with normal people, he wavers.

Right guard: Because of his wavering, he's not guilty.

Johannes: Shut up you guys! You're being useless!!!

(to Yuda) Anyway, you are the only person I've dated! I was there to give construction instructions because of a dispute.

Yuda: I've heard enough! Johannes-sama is an idiot!!!

Yuda, red faced and crying, leaves, slamming the door behind her. Johannes is left with his two dumbfounded guards. His arm is outstretched as he begs Yuda to wait. "Friggin Caspel!!! I'll kill him!!" Johannes angrily declares. In the background his two guards joke that Johannes' careless hands got him into trouble.

Somewhere else a young woman from Yuda's country asks someone in a hooded robe, "You saw that this morning?"

"Of course!" the hooded person replies.

Later, Yuda is out walking in the courtyard. The bystanders are gossiping all around her.

"Yuda is shocked," one says.

"Getting married with those rumors," another on says.

"I knew it would be better if she left him," says yet another onlooker.

Yuda has tears in her eyes as she looks at the picture in the tabloid magazine. "Johannes' an idiot" she mutters to herself. Johannes catches up with her in the garden.

Johannes: Yuda, that story from earlier ...

Yuda (as she reads aloud from the tabloid): The story of the prince and his lover begins at an S&M play!?

Johannes: Hey! That's wrong!! It's all lies!!! I haven't done anything! Believe me ...

Yuda: It's okay. It doesn't bother me.

She then gets up and begins to walk away.

Johannes: Really? You're not ...

Yuda (speaks over her shoulder): I've been thinking a lot about our getting engaged for the sake of peace. So if Johannes doesn't love me, it doesn't matter.

Johannes: I don't love you ... why would that be so?

Yuda: When I think about it? We are engaged for the sake of peace. For someone as handsome as you to be engaged with someone as plain as me ... Furthermore, the smiling face I've shown, how can the country oppose?

Johannes: ...

Yuda: But I can't think of another objective! But somehow I hated you! So Johannes-sama shouldn't love me ... But you do!

Johannes: I think you are the most adorable person in the world. Therefore, I'm going to do my best with you. I don't know about whatever you just said.

Yuda: ...liar. You've said before I'm short, not cute, and plain.

Johannes: That was when you were being mean!

Yuda: I knew it! Why would you like a mean women.

"No ..." Johannes says as he hits his forehead with his hand in frustration. They are now face to face. Johannes continues, "True, at first I thought you were an arrogant and hateful woman. But now, I think you are adorable."

"I don't remember being that way," says Yuda.

"It's okay because I remember," replies Johannes as he looks into Yuda's eyes with a soft smile. Yuda blushes brightly. She then quickly turns and starts to run away. "Are you going to cheat with other women?" Yuda asks.

"But that's wrong ... " Johannes replies.

Yuda then says, "If so, spend your whole life cheating (deceiving) with me, okay." She then turns and shows Johannes a very sweet smile. Johannes doesn't hear her though. Yuda then says, "If you didn't hear, too bad stupid Johannes!"

Some time later, the newspaper features a story about Johannes' and Yuda's happiness. Some of Yuda's countrymen are praising the situation. One says, "As expected of Yuda-sama, she made a great unbreakable bond." Another says, "After all there is no woman more charming than Yuda-sama." Another one rushes in looking concerned. There's another story in the Northern newspaper.

Meanwhile, Yuda is reading Johannes' message in their exchange diary. He's still begging her for forgiveness. Yuda is surprised and excited. In the middest of her freaking out, her handmaids come to escort her to the hospital to volunteer. As Yuda enters the hospital, people stare and gossip. They show her the newspaper and it's an article that questions where Johannes participated the Azeri construction massacre. They crowd around and ask in light of news why the engagement hasn't been annulled. Yuda defends Johannes and says this kind of action isn't his style. Then the person in the hood shows herself and declares that it's not a lie because she saw the event clearly and she saw Johannes smile while cutting down people. She the continues to push the issue saying, "Your countrymen or the enemy Prince, who do you believe?" Yuda is horrified and scared as she realizes what has just happened.

Elsewhere, in a meeting hall at a table full of men, politics is happening.

The Canaan Representative: In light of this, the engagement is annulled.

A Meteora Representative: No, if that were true then the talk of peace ...

Another Meteora Rep: Wait a minute. The story could be a red herring!! It's true the event happened before the truce, I'll admit. However, Johannes was at another place with your country's King Ismail's at his Palace. Johannes never participated!

Meanwhile, Johannes seems unphased and even bored by the proceedings. Could he actually be asleep???

The Canaan Rep: Can I, though, ignore the witnesses in my country?

After the meeting Johannes and his aids are meeting in his conference.

One of them: It's clear there are those that believe the story and those that do not. The Kings, though, when they meet will show restraint.

Another of them: Yuda will to, right?

Someone: Since the news, people in various parts of Canaan have come together to demand annulment of the engagement.

Light haired aid: Every page of the newspaper contains criticism of Johannes-sama.

Ralph: ... All according to Caspel's plan.

Dark Haired Aid: Shit! Before this, Johannes was a hero they all clapped for.

Johannes: Well, I'm no hero to be praised. I could be a murderer who has assassinated 100's of people. I don't know how many I've killed. I'm a terrifying and crazy guy. So whether I'm a hero or not depends on the person.

Dark Haired Aid: That may be so, but you shed blood to save many. If it's sin you are talking about, then we all are to blame.

Johannes: ... Thank you.

Getting back to Yuda: she hasn't seen Johannes in a week and she's depressed and in bed. She is still processing the hooded old woman's words while believing in Johannes. The handmaidens have left and Yuda is alone thinking when she hears someone knocking on her window. It's Johannes.

Yuda (panicked and blushing): Why are you here?

Johannes: Aren't you going to bed a little early?

Yuda: Shouldn't you not be peeping?

Johannes: Why on Earth would I do that? I just wanted to see your face.

Yuda blushes.

Yuda: Anyhow, come in. If someone sees you it will cause a problem.

Johannes: It's a been a while. How have you been?

Yuda: I've been a little worn out.

Johannes: Do you doubt me?

Yuda: No, no ,...

Johannes approaches Yuda and caresses her cheek and then fully embraces her. Yuda then recalls what the hood woman said, freaks out and pulls away. Johannes looks shocked and hurt. Yuda is at a loss for words. "Johannes-sama, Just now I didn't mean ..." Before she can finish Johannes has grabbed her by the hand. He pulls her close and gives Yuda one-hell of a kiss. Yuda is surprised and then pulls away and covers her lips. She has tears in her eyes and Johannes looks extremely sad. The handmaids come to see what all the noise is about and find Yuda alone and on her knees crying in front of her open balcony door. Yuda closing thoughts are, " Johannes and I are together for the sake of peace for everyone, I thought. But if the people don't want peace, then is what I'm doing okay?"

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Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 7

For a pretty presentation with pictures, go here.

Today Johannes is teaching Yuda self-defense as two of the palace guards look on. As they spar, Johannes asks Yuda why she wants to study self defense. Yuda explains that Johannes' protection is not an excuse for her to be weak. She wants to get stronger through lots of training. Meanwhile one of the onlooking guards thinks that the training is an excuse for them to be together, followed by the other guard remarking about how happy Johannes looks. Meanwhile Johannes has pulled a fast one and is now happily hugging a very embarrassed and surprised Yuda (<3)
"At least wait until a wedding date has been set. Until then, if you don't show restraint it will be troublesome."
And then they take Yuda away remarking about how all men are wolves and then give Johannes the stink-eye. Johannes, getting in the last word, yells, "When we are married you better be as adorable as I want! Be prepared!

Later, Yuda is studying at her desk. She thinks about how they have been engaged for 6-months and even though there's a meeting about the wedding today, the date will not be set at that meeting. She thinks disliking Johannes is what she should be doing from her standpoint and then back to the fact that the date has not been decided. She sighs ... Surprised by her emotions, she shakes her head to clear the thought.

"When I'm beside him my heart beats so fast. But marriage! How ever I think about it, it's impossible! But if we are married ... It is likely I will ..."
She stops that thought as she imagines herself kissing Johannes and then falls to the ground crying about how she can't possibly be adorable in front of him. "For the sake of the people, can I be so unwilling to sacrifice?" she thinks. The handmaidens are looking on, trying to figure out what's Yuda's problem. Yuda knows that she will most likely resign herself to a happy life with Johannes.

Later Yuda is walking outside in the inner court colonnade when some guards go rushing past her in the opposite direction. Yuda asks them what has happened. She follows and find Johannes sitting on a short wall drying himself off with the help of his own pair of handmaidens. One of them explains to Yuda that Johannes has just been in an accident. Johannes further explains that the brakes failed and that if he had been driving faster he could have dug up the castle wall. On top of this, the brakes are only a small part of a series of accidents that have been happening lately to him. He tells Yuda that a vase also came falling as he was walking in the garden. This greatly worries Yuda, but their conversation ends early as one of the palace guards informs Johannes that Ralph-sama has arrived. Johannes stops and looks terrified of whoever this Ralph-person is. One of the palace guards tells Yuda that Ralph is Johannes' relative and the household teacher. Yuda further wonders about their relationship since Johannes had such a terrified look on his face.

Later, Johannes meets up with Ralph. Ralph has a stern look on his face and his arms are folded in dissatisfaction.

Ralph: I'd greet you properly but you kept me waiting for so long. Even though I called, telegraphed, and went out of my way to meet you, I had to wait.

Johannes: You came without much notice.

Ralph: That's because if you knew, you would have run away.

Johannes: That's because school was so hellish, ultimately I wanted to run away from all the studying. Anyhow, get beyond talking about childhood. What do you want to talk privately about?

Johannes sits in a chair looking very calm and relaxed. He smiles a bit.

Ralph: Last month you arrested Claspel. They were acquitted and released.

Johannes: Did they bribe the judge or the prosecutor?

Ralph: Your elder brother Yoshua-sama acquitted them. That weapon's merchant knew it was pointless to go up against the "hero." For Yoshua, he would seem to be an eyesore compared to his younger brother, don't you think?

Johannes: To sum it up the elder brother grouped with criminals to crush me, the usually estranged younger brother.

Ralph: That brother of yours ... how'd he entice Claspel?

Johannes: My brother is really a reckless guy.

Ralph: Don't say that about him! You and that princess are more reckless. It's great the war is over, but you standing as the virtuous man can only lead to your death.

Johannes: Stop speaking of death as if I'm its poster child (flag boy). ... Well, if I'm going to think about when I die, I can't complain because I don't intend to die without a fight. I bought the war I was sold.

Johannes smiles thoughtfully in reflection.

Meanwhile, Yuda is reading Johannes latest entry in their exchange diary. It says:

"It seems like we are apart a lot. It's dangerous so we can't meet. Of course, continue to exchange this diary. So if anything happens, write it here."
Yuda freaks at the message, puts on here cloak, and takes off running to find out what's going on with Johannes' safety. Yuda stops a pair of palace guards and frantically asks if Johannes is in danger and who's after him. She asks if it's people from her country. The guards tell her to calm down and left them do their jobs. They tell her to return so she isn't targeted too. Yuda complains to them about how it's been difficult for her and Johannes to see each other and for that reason she wants the criminals quickly captured. The guards say, " ... I see <3.">

"When he's sleeping, he's such a prince. Unfortunately, when he opens his mouth ... such long eyelashes and hair the same gentle color of flax."
She reaches out to caress him and then stops herself. She recalls Johannes saying, "I want to touch you because I like you."

"Love = touch" Yuda thinks to herself. "Touch = love" she thinks further. She then thinks that she's being stupid ... and in walks Ralph who catches her in the middle of her internal struggle.

Ralph: I returned because I heard Johannes-sama is bedridden. So he hasn't been taking enough care of himself.

Yuda: Eh?

Ralph: I didn't make it in time to warn him.

Yuda: ... you are?

Ralph: My name is Ralph. I'm sorry I didn't greet you earlier.

Yuda: The warning ... what do you know about this matter? Who is the group responsible for this murder attempt?

Ralph: The person is part of group from outside the country. This is your fault.

Yuda looks very shocked hearing someone confirm what she already believes.

Ralph: Do you know the reason Johannes is together with you, the enemy country's princess?

Yuda: Why ... we are together to end the war.

Ralph: He was a intimidator. Binding for peace wouldn't move this former soldier.

Yuda: ...

Ralph: If the war continued, no soldier would have said anything. The Johannes-sama of then was considered a hero. Because he had the support of the people and the soldiers, the King and Parliament had to comply with his rash demand.

Yuda: ... sonna (hard to express in English)

Ralph: You really think that peace was the only reason?

Yuda: But my father and brothers?

Ralph: A secret agreement with your father was concluded in advance. Of course Canaan was at a numerical disadvantage, so your father thought it wasn't a bad offer.

Yuda: ...

Ralph: This is how Johannes-sama's objective was realized. It was easy to rally the people once the scary people left.

Ralph: Clearly, I'm opposed to your engagement. Since you have been together, he has been exposed to danger. A child so stupid he was cute. When he was a child, I was always with him. If I could, I would not let any harm come to him.

Ralph turns to leave the the room.

Ralph: He's in love, so please give that some consideration in your thoughts.

A little later, Johannes awaken to a an empty room. He calls out to Yuda.

It's night and Yuda is walking in the inner courtyard lost in thought.

"If it was for peace, any kind of sacrifice would not be distasteful so I thought. I hadn't thought about the reason Johannes-sama put himself in so much danger. But love isn't the reason if was the old Johannes."

She then sees one of the guards collapse on the ground. There is a cup of tea spilled on the floor. She wonders whether it's a sleeping drug and then immediately suspects the doctor. She begins to run to Johannes' room to makes sure he's safe. On her way there she catches up to the doctor. She asks him to wait. He tells her that he is on the way to give Johannes the painkillers he's requested. Yuda asks to see the pills and then asks him if he had anything to do with the sleeping guard. The doctor then turns on her and pulls a scalpel out. Yuda sharpens her gaze and mentally prepares herself for the fight. "If being with me is putting Johannes-sama in danger, then I will protect Johannes-sama." She then grabs the doctor by the arm and flips him over her shoulder and onto his back. She tells him to settle down and that the guards will be on the scene soon. The doctor is stronger than Yuda, though, and breaks free and flips her on her back and begins to choke her. Yuda regrets how she couldn't protect Johannes as she struggles. And then suddenly the doctor falls. Johannes is standing before her with his sheathed sword in hand. "I want to be together with him" Yuda thinks as she runs into his arms.

Johannes: Again, you are in danger.

Yuda: It's okay.

Johannes: It is not okay!

Yuda: But I only cause you trouble.

Johannes: But I wanted to be with you, so it can't be helped.

They are in full embrace when Ralph walks in on the scene.

Ralph: Johannes! Are you all right?

Johannes (under his breath): No, I'm not all right. Just when the mood was getting good ...

Yuda: (under her breath to Johannes) Calm down

Ralph (to the couple): You will never be safe and these types of things with continue. Even so, do you still want to be together?

Johannes has collapsed again and Yuda is supported him. They look at each other in affirmation and holds hands. "Yes" says Yuda.

Yuda's narration: This person and I came together for peace so I thought. Perhaps..., no always, I will have this feeling of not wanting to left go of this hand.

They smile as they hold hands. Then Johannes earnestly asks Yuda why she isn't wearing a nurse's outfit and Yuda then regrets having nice thoughts about him.

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Omari's Sister Translations is Live

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I have posted the same summaries, plus a few scanned key images from the manga. Yes, I bought a scanner, but I'm not going to do scanlation without permission of the author or publisher if the manga is licensed in the US. Sorry, but there are some things professionals should not do even though students can get away with it (Please do not ask me for raws of manga that are licensed in the US, nor raws of "Kisu Yori mo Hayaku"). I have posted Zettai Heiwa Chapters 4 and 5. I put in a couple of scanned images from chapter 4. I will post chapter 6 with 3 scanned images tomorrow. Chapter 7 is translated and on the way and I'm in the middle of translating chapter 8. BTW: full scanlations of chapters 4 and 5 are available in the usual places.

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Manga: Nodame Cantibile Chp 127

"Nodame Cantabile" has finally resumed! I just read chp 127 in the usual place and it brought a tear to my eye when in the last frame Chiaki asks, "wasn't I the angel?" It's kinda an ambiguous statement, but I took it as sorta sad, like he was supposed the angel that delivers the gift from God to Nodame. I guess my question is whether he feels that Streseman has taken that angel position from him by giving her a grand debut. But then there's the statement before in which Chiaki recalls his mother telling him that Nodame was his angel. And that kinda makes his statement sad, too, because he doesn't recognize the impact that Nodame has had on him. Then there's also that feeling that Nodame may not dependent on him anymore, but he still is dependent upon her -- like he's being left behind. Nodame's whole reason has been to stand toe-to-toe with Chiaki so they could share the stage in performance and in life. It's kinda sad that Chiaki doesn't get it. But that has to do with his own feelings of inferiority ...

Mar 10, 2009

Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 6, part 2

Gomenasai, minnasan! "Tomorrow" turned into "next week." It was for good reasons, though ( hopefully :) ). Anyhow, let me finish up this chapter.

Johannes runs towards Yuda's scream and finds her hanging from a tree with a rope around her pinning her arms to her sides. She is wearing Johannes's jacket and the hood is covering her head. She is caught in a trap used by the people of Johannes' country. Yuda looks pitiful and is sobbing as she asks Johannes to release her from the trap. Johannes is tickled, laughs and then says, "You look like a monk!" Johannes laughs himself until it hurts and Yuda who is clearly embarrassed swings and manages to kick Johannes in the face. Later, Yuda is shown released and pouting on a rock while thinking, "I knew it! Johannes is not kind! I hate him!!" Johannes tries to apologize for his earlier reaction but Yuda isn't hearing him. He then says he'll roast the fish he caught earlier so they can eat. Yuda, now defiant says she doesn't want any because she's not hungry as her loudly rumbling stomach betrays her. Johannes tells her it's ok if she has no willpower and offers her a tasty fish. Yuda eats and Johannes warns her to be careful of the bones. Yuda is surprised and smiles broadly as she eats the fish. She tells Johannes that the fish is delicious and that it's her first time having fish prepared this way. "Finally a smile" Johannes notes and warmly returns a smile to Yuda. Yuda, overwhelmed, turns her head not see it. "Why?" she thinks, "I don't understand but, when Johannes smiles and is nice, my heart pounds faster. Johannes said it was love but ... I have others like family and employees -- lots of people I love. So why is it only Johannes who makes my heart pound?"

Yuda is in deep thought as they sit under a tree. A leaf falls onto her hair and Johannes moves to remove it. "Why?" she's still thinking when she notices that Johannes is in motion. She slaps him away with a twig and asks him what he's doing so suddenly. And off Yuda goes, running, with Johannes in pursuit.

Johannes: Why'd you hit me over the head with a twig!?
Yuda: Because my heart is pounding and I hate it!
Johannes: That's because you're in love!
Yuda: Lies! Because Johannes-sama never loses composure!!

Johannes finally catches up with her and grabs her by the shoulder to stop the chase. He's blushing and asks Yuda, "When I have I been calm?" Now they are both blushing and Yuda has turned to face him. Johannes is looking her in the eyes. He reaches out his hand to stroke her cheek and leans in for a kiss. Yuda is wide-eyed as she is kissed on the cheek. Johannes is holding her hand ... when a gunshot goes off. The bullet grazes Johannes' scarf.

A car accident has happened and three men in military uniforms are tied together. "What a dangerous place. Geez ..." says one military guys walking around. He's accompanied by a guy who looks like he's from Yuda's country and another guy from Johannes'. "You two can come out, it's safe!" says the other and Yuda's two handmaidens pop out from behind the bushes. The military guys tell them that there is one more terrorist left to catch. The handmaidens worry for the safety of their princess and the military guys says they must hurry.

From behind another bush, "Just when things are going well, somebody has to come out of nowhere and interfere. Whoever it is wants to die!!" Johannes mutters with great irritation. Yuda urges him to calm down and then another bullet whizzes by. Yuda asks where the gunshots are coming from. Johannes wonders that himself, but it's clear to him that he is the target. He tells Yuda to stay hidden as he runs off to investigate. Yuda thinks Johannes is being reckless as she hides. Even though Johannes is very strong he probably doesn't know where the gunshots are coming from and she doesn't know what he's going to do about the situation. Meanwhile Johannes is sprinting through the woods. He turns ... and Yuda hears another gunshot. Yuda springs to her feet and runs towards the sound. She only has Johannes' safety on her mind. On the ground she sees drops of blood and she freezes. Close behind a bush is a military guy and he is pulling up a blood covered shirt. Yuda thinks it's the worst case scenario and runs and grabs onto the man's arm. "Stop!" she yells. "Let go of him!" She pulls the military man's arm and continues, "Johannes-sama run!!" and then again her foot lands on a trip rope for another trap and up she goes again. Meanwhile, the military guy is suddenly down and someone is behind him with a knife. Suddenly, Yuda is cut down and ... lands in Johannes' shirtless arms. "Why were you trapped again? I told you to hide, but again you are in danger!!" he lectures. Yuda, still only thinking of Johannes, says, "but blood ... but you're bleeding ..." Johannes calms her, "I bled to lure him. But look, the bleeding has already stopped" (at least, I think that's what he's saying). He continues, "And you? Are you hurt?" Yuda lets loose and cries loudly on Johannes' chest. She's bawling and snotting and holding him very tightly. Johannes assures her that everything is alright and then says that she's hugging too tightly and it hurts. He reaches down to touch her face while still assuring her that everything this alright. He whispers in her ear, again, that everything is alright and holds her face in his hands. He then looks her in the eyes and strokes her bottom lip with his thumb. Yuda thinks, "as usual my heart is pounding, but I hear Johannes-sama's heart and it's beating quickly too -- the same as mine. If our hearts are beating the same together, then maybe this feeling ..." Johannes is leaning in for a kiss, his eyes are closed and Yuda is softening and begins to close her eyes to accept the kiss. They are EVER so close! And then from behind the bushes, one of their bodyguards and Yuda's handmaidens pop up. "Johannes-sama! Yuda-sama! Are you okay!?" they yell. The mood is broken and the almost-loving couple is in shock. Johannes is HELLA pissed and Yuda is embarrasses and looks like she is trying to come up with an excuse for the situation. "YOU BASTARDS!!! 30% OFF EVERYONE'S BONUS!!!" Johannes yells, finger pointing at the bodyguard while the handmaidens ask Yuda what was going on just now.

Narration: I would have thought the pounding of my heart was a dangerous experience, but in a moment, my confused thoughts were cleared. (or something like that -- okay, I like it this way even if my translation of this final narration is wrong -- hopefully, it's close enough though -- the words are there, but they are in a weird order as written literally in Japanese. It makes sense in English when I reorder the words as I have written.)

Mar 6, 2009

Dazzle Volume 10

I made the mistake of skipping to the last pages of the manga before reading it and found a gruesome and sad ending to this volume. T_T ... I'm so put out that I've decided that I can't stand the cliff hanger so I will wait until volume 11 comes out so I can read the two volumes together at the same time. Judging by the way the mangaka left it, Alzeid is going to go ape-$hit violent on a somebody in the next volume(s). Won't villains ever learn to leave powerful guys' women alone ...

Mar 2, 2009

Summary: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 6, part 1

This chapter opens with Johannes and Yuda enjoying a lovely drink through a heart shaped straw for two. Two maids are looking on and commenting about love-love they are today and how the other has heard that they've begun an exchange diary.
The engaged couple have both been busy for a long time and are not accustomed to seeing one another. So they are using the diary to convey their warm thoughts.
They remark about how romantic it is and how they yearn for that type of relationship. Then they talk about the fishing trip the couple will be going on tomorrow where they can confirm their love until their hearts are content.

The next day: Johannes is flashing a sparkling smile while holding out his hand to help Yuda. He is wearing some goofy outdoor wear composed of plain shirt, a fringed scarf, topped but a dark hooded jacket. He is carrying a messager bag across his shoulders. "Here Yuda, watch your step," he says. Yuda bounds across the little stream without help. She is dressed in full river fisherman's gear and looks even more like a dork than Johannes. The narration explains how their relationship is different from the love-love relationship everyone thinks they have. Back to the scene ... Johannes is dumbfounded and explains," When a person goes through the trouble of offering help, don't ignore them." Yuda returns, " Me crossing shouldn't have worried you." To which Johannes in exasperation says, "Even though you crossed, you should have understood the mood. Anyway, what's with that outfit! Couldn't you have dressed cuter for our date?!" In his fantasy he had hoped Yuda would be wearing a cute sundress and a hat (his fantasy reminds me a lot of Tamaki's fantasies about Haruhi). Yuda blushes and looks a little like a scared rodent. Nervously she responds, " Don't think this is da-date, please! We are only going out to stop the war and everyone is going along with our act. We only went out today because I was curious about fishing." Johannes laughs off her little speech, " I know and liking me is something that is not going to happen."

"Not now and not ever!" Yuda confirms. Johannes changes the subject. "Anyhow, everyone is late. I told them the general place we'd be" (not really ... heheh). He reaches for Yuda's hand and Yuda retracts her hand in shock.
Lately, when I'm with Johannes-sama my heart beats fast when we touch. At first I hated Johannes-sama but ... I don't understand myself now
Yuda narrates. Meanwhile, Johannes still has his hand out and then tries to grab Yuda's hand, resulting in what looks like a game a "slappies." "Darn she's fast" Johannes thinks as she dodges his every attempt.

Later, Johannes has caught a small fish. "Look Yuda! Doesn't it look delicious!" he proudly says as his shows off the fish. Meanwhile, Yuda looks like she having a miserable time. Despite reading a bunch of books about fishing she has yet to catch a fish. Johannes approaches with the bait and says, "Since you are a novice, I can attach the bait if you think it's yucky." Yuda grabs the bait and quickly turns around, insisting that she can do it herself. Her face is bright red from embarrassment. Again Johannes is having some Tamaki-like fantasy of Yuda in her sundress clinging to him in fear of the bait. Yuda, on the other hand, is trying to calm down. "No good. No matter what I do, when he gets close, my heart pounds." She recalls again Johannes explaining that her condition is because she loves him. She shakes her head to get rid of the thoughts.
Why is it like this ... no matter how I think about it, it's wrong because Johannes-sama is so violent. But I don't think he's a bad person
She thinks. Then her thoughts are abruptly interrupted. Johannes is close and holding her fishing rod with her. "Yuda! Look you've got a bite! Reel it in slowly," he says. Slowly, they reel it in, but it gets away. "Too bad!" Johannes says with a beaming smile. Yuda is surprised by his cuteness. "Don-don't come near me please!" Johannes, confused, says he was just trying to give her some advice. Yuda says that when he stand next to her, he interferes with her efforts. Johannes is again frustrated. "Fine!" he says, "Do as you please even though you haven't caught one fish and I've caught many!" Yuda yells back, "Don't worry! I will catch a bigger fish than Johannes-sama!" As soon as she says it, Yuda regrets her actions. "Dammit...I said too much again ... dammit ... why do I always act this way. We have nice conversations in the diary. So why when face-to-face ... no good, no good my heart keeps beating faster." she thinks. Yuda starts to walk while she zoning out. Johannes turns and says to her, "Hey, Yuda! It's slippery. Be careful." And into the drink Yuda goes.

Yuda is soaked from head to toes and she looks absolutely pitiful. Unfortunately, their luggage hasn't arrived. Johannes gives her his jacket and tells her to get out of the wet clothes so she won't catch a cold. He then walks off to give her some privacy. As Yuda changes she thinks about how she feels weird when Johannes is nice. Meanwhile Johannes has begun to worry because the guards are now 2-hours late. He then hears Yuda screaming ...

-to be continued tomorrow because it's late and my brain is failing me-

New Art

This is what I've been up to for my Dreamweaver assignment. Now onto posting some manga summaries :)

Mar 1, 2009

Playing Card Freebies and Update

Get you manga magazines now! Lala 4/2009 has a lovely deck of Ouran Host Club playing cards (hahaha!!! I accidently bought 2 extra magazines this month. I may try to sell them -- playing cards included) and Hana to Yume 6/2009 has a really nice deck of Skip Beat playing cards. They are high quality thick and glossy playing cards, which was quite shocking to me, considering that they are freebies.

Other stuff: I read chp 69 of Ouran and it's very cute. Now that Tamaki has figured out his feelings for Haruhi he can't speak properly around her and Tamaki and Hikaru decide to have a challenge around who can give Haruhi the best birthday present. The chapter ends with Kyoya starting some mischief --- hmmm ;p. I also finished reading/translating Zettai Heiwa Diasakusen Chp 7. I'll get around to posting summaries of chp 6 and chp 7, hopefully, this week. I won't be able to get to that though for a week at the soonest (Dreamweaver project and a Java programming final this week).

Job Search: As you all know the world economy is in the toilet. Things are particularly tight where I live and all the local tech companies have hiring freezes. Military contractors are hiring but there are lots of folks companies like Boeing to compete with (10K+ recently laid off from Boeing competing for ~100 jobs in the area) ... sigh. Nevertheless, I haven't given up and I literally apply to 20 - 50 jobs a week. Thank goodness for unemployment insurance! Speaking of unemployment insurance: I you are from a state with a silly/idiotic/stupid/boneheaded/insensitive/a$$hole Republican Governor who has decided to deny his or her constituents extended unemployment benefits, please write to him or her and demand sanity under the threat of a lost vote. (Thank goodness my Governor is Arnold Swarzenegger -- I really like him.)