Nov 11, 2011

Shiro Lala is Here!

The Cover is sooooo cute!  It's from Akiduki Sorata's one-shot.  Anyhow...Shiro Lala is here!  We will be doing this in conjunction with the Kuro Lala one-shots.  This isn't all of the one-shots.  These are the ones that caught my eye and this list is in no particular order.  Here's what we have on deck.
Updated:  Based on you comments, what I'm eager to translate the most, and what we can get done when (one-shots that I will not be translating will not be able to be released immediately), some prioritization has been applied.  Thank you so much for you feedback :). It helped a lot.
  • "Boku no Hitsugi Bansan wo" ("Dinner in my Coffin") by Kusakawa Nari (The title itself demands that do this one first. I can't resist a Snow Vampire and people old enough to drink wine.  Go adults!), 40-pages
  • "Mahou Tsukai to Koi no Biyaku" ("The Magician and the Love Potion") by Toyota Yuu, 40-pages
  • "Watashi Fukigenna Panya-san" ("The Sullen Baker and Me")by Hino Matsuri, 12-pages
  • "Ginsekai no Shoumei" ("The Snowcapes Emblem") by Akiduki Sorata, 40-pages 
  • "Sabaki no Mon" by Sakura Tsukuba -- 50-pages
  • "Souai Metaphysica" Hayashi Mikase -- Loveliness, 40-pages
  • "Wild Wing" by Kiiro Yumi, 70-pages
  • "Hanayome Kashidashitachuu" by Tsujita Ririko, 16-pages
  • "Taiyou no Yuki" by Nakamura Yukichi, 40-pages
  • "Twinkle-poo Story" (So much WTF) by Nozaki Yuu, 40-pages
  • "Akatsuki no Miko" by Kouno Akira -- 40-page
  • "See you Again" by Ike Junko (very short bitter sweet story) - 16-pages
If there's something you want right away, let me know in a comment and we'll take it into consideration.