Jul 31, 2011

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo has Moved to Bakeneko's Lair

"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" has a new home!  It has been moved over to Bakeneko's Lair where, hopefully, there will be a more receptive audience.  I've decided to purify Omari's Sister "PG" and "PG-13" shoujo and to post everything else to Bakeneko's Lair.  I'd have to say that "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" is definitely not shoujo manga.  Hahaha!  If you've never read "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo", I encourage you to give the first 2 chapters a try.  It's one of my favorite series to translate and I'm so sad that it's readership is so pathetically low.  I realize "Zoo" isn't for everyone, and, I hope moving it out of a shoujo heavy blog will raise readership to the level the series deserves.

"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo"  Chapters 1 - 5 have been collected into one post on Bakeneko's Lair (Link)  Chapter 6 will release within the next two weeks there!  Please, look forward to it!

Check out "Seigi no Mikata" on Bakeneko's Lair!

Bakeneko's Lair's debut project is out!  Go check out the raucous romantic comedy "Seigi no Mikata" on Bakeneko's Lair!

Follow Bakeneko's Lair on Twitter for links and information about the latest releases.  Link @Bakenekos_Lair

Jul 27, 2011

"Yukarism" is going on Hiatus until the End of October

Update:  I'll do a compromise.  We'll release chapter 8 in early September.

I just got "Yukarism" chapter 8 and it is not the last chapter.  Rather, the series is going on hiatus for three months after chapter 8 and will resume with chapter 9 on October 26th.  I did have the chance to quickly read through chapter 8 and it's packed with details about Mahoro's childhood, Mahoro's dreaming activities, and a revelation about the true nature of Yuumurasaki's and Shouma's relationship...heheheheh...(anyone wanna guess?).  In light of the hiatus and the fact that chapter 7 left us in a good place to rest, I'm gonna hold off of releasing chapter 8 until early October to prevent cliffhanger agony.

Jul 25, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club July 2011 Special Chapter

This is the first of two planned Ouran short stories appearing in Lala magazine to commemorate the OHSHC live action drama.  This one-shot centers around Mei and Kasanoda who were revealed to an item in the extras from Volume 18.  It's a cute one-shot. 

Introducing Bakeneko's Lair -- The Darker Side of Omari's Sister

After much wheel spinning and gut churning, I decided we needed a spin-off blog and group for the series and one-shots from Comic Gene and some of the other series and one-shots we couldn't give consideration to because they went outside the PG-ish constraints of Omari's Sister.  The blog is called "Bakeneko's Lair".  Karent79 came up with this brilliant name :).  A "Bakeneko" is a mythological monster cat and I thought, what better than that to represent "the dark side of Omari's Sister".

Jul 21, 2011

New Ouran High School Host Club Special Chapters are Coming!! Kuro Lala!! and More!!

    I just got Lala 9 today and there's an Ouran special chapter in it!  There I will postpone the last two releases scheduled this month to get that out ASAP.

    "The Scarecrow of Oz" Chapter 3

    I was planning to do a double release of chapters 3 and 4, but there was too much dialog and cuteness packed into this chapter that I got "Scarecrow of Oz" burn out.  Therefore, chapter 4 has been moved back to August and will be a low priority release, meaning that I'll finish it if I have time after all the other releases.

    Jul 19, 2011

    Liselotte and Witch's Forest Chapter 1

    This was an impromptu joint project between Weekend Betsuender and Omari's Sister.  Head on over to the Weekend Betsuender to read the release (Link).  Just a note, we at Omari's Sister have no intention of taking this series on as a project.  Like I said, this was an impromptu project and I committed only to cleaning the first chapter.

    Jul 18, 2011

    One-shot: "The Hands the Demon Adored"

    We were planning this one-shot to kick off our fall spooky tales, but I suppose this isn't all that spooky even though the main male character is a demon.  In hindsight, this is more of a late winter/early spring kinda one-shot given the theme of rebirth.  Anyhow...we're doing it now...so yay!

    Oh, in case you were wondering, the title's direct translation is "Affectionate Hands for a Demon".  I thought that was kind of wonky sounding, so I went with something more direct that expressed an adjacent idea. I offer my humble apology to translation purists.

    I think (perhaps someone can confirm this) that Takagi-sensei is just coming off a break.  I was very surprised to see a work from her in Aria because her series and one-shots have always been in Lala and Lala DX.  It would be nice if she switched publishers and will now appear in Aria and Itan.  I think both of these publications would allow her to have more flexibility and maturity in her story telling.

    Anyhow...on to the links:

    Jul 15, 2011

    "The Ghost Apartment Manager" Chapter 6

    This chapter closes out Kyariko's story arc.  I like they way this student teacher relationship is closed our, even though it's bitter sweet.  For those folks who were bugged by Kyariko, she'll only appear now in the flashback.  I'm currently mulling over chapter 7.  Volume 2 of this series isn't scheduled to be released until mid-September.  The image quality of chapter 7 and chapter 8 from my copies of Princess magazine is dramatically lower than the other chapters from the books and the previous magazines.  However chapters 9 - 11 have high quality.  Should we wait for the tankoubon and put out chapter 7 in October or should we keep going and use what we've got?

    Jul 13, 2011

    Sharing Real Life: Ichi's Watercolor Paintings

    I thought I'd share these with the community because it's nice to see what members of the group do outside of manga.  Here's are some lovely watercolor paintings that our amazing redraw artist Ichi did in her class.

    Jul 9, 2011

    "Lily" Chapter 2 and "Magnolia" Chapter 12 Double Release

    Because "Magnolia" chapter 12 is so short, I decided to release it along with Lily chapter 2.  This chapter of "Magnolia" appears to be the end of the "prologue", which hopefully means we can get into the meat of the story with the next chapter (though, it's not like things haven't been meaty enough).  "Lily" chapter 2 is a recap of "Magnolia" chapters 5 through chapter 9.  I guess that means volume 2 spans chapters 5 - 9.   Anyhow...here are the links:

    Jul 4, 2011

    Summer and Fall Banners! Make Some, Please!

    My banner has been highjacked by birdies AGAIN!  Yikes!  I've almost exhausted all of the excellent banners you guys made for Spring. Now it's time for some new banners and I'm turning to the community again for your creativity :). Please make us some wonderful banners for Summer and Fall. Remember that Fall will feature spooky short series and one-shots, so some spooky banners would be nice. The dimensions are 1050 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. Leave a 470 x 50 pixel area in the lower left for the menu bar. If you can, please send the image as a PSD so I can alter them if I need to. If you can't send a PSD, they you can send a JPEG or a PNG. You can send them to me via e-mail through the contact link in the main menu, or you can link to the image file via a comment to this post. If you need a piece of material to make your banner from me, just ask :). I look forward to seeing what you all come up with :).

    Jul 3, 2011

    "Yukarism" Chapter 7 -- This Chapter Has it All!

    Hahaha!  In a way those stars in the background look perfect for a 4th of July release.  It's a nice coincidence :).

    Chapter 7...this is a very nice chapter indeed.  I don't want to say much about it, because I would hate to spoil it.  Onto the link!  I couldn't bear putting out this chapter with horrible watermarks all over it, so instead I decided to only release a PDF version. It will look great on mobiles and tablets.  For PC users, I recommend viewing at 70 - 75% magnification to get rid of the artifacts.

    Jul 1, 2011

    July 2011 at Omari's Sister

    Whee!  It's summer! BBQ!!!
    Okayz~ Onto the meats of July!  Here's what we have on the grill:
    • Yukarism Chp 7 -- Another great chapter!  A great range of emotion from "Yeeks" to "Daww"~
    •  Magnolia Chp 12 + Lily Chp 2 -- Magnolia is extra short, so we'll combine the releases. Magnolia teases the dangerous twins scenario and ends with a Nagi embrace :3.
    • The Ghost Apartment Manager Chp 6 -- The end of Kyariko's arc.
    • The Scarecrow of Oz Chp 3 and 4 -- So cute! Plus an evil witch!
    • Fushigi no Maria-kun Chp 1 -- Heheheh! A hyper high school and her awesome vampire childhood friend.  Good stuff from Shiina Dai, the mangaka of "World End Garden".
    • Ojou-sama no Untenshu Chp 1 -- Haughty Ojou and her handsome driver ;p
    • The Big Summer One-shot:  "Seigi no Mikata -- a super hero story for the summer for those of you unimpressed with the summer blockbusters -- mainly me...so...sad...no popcorn for me so far :(
    • One-shot: ”Billy-Bouchan" by Yumi Kiiro (Joint with The Zero Alliance) -- this is another one-shot that's along the lines of "The Honeybee Earl"