Jan 31, 2013

"Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama" Chapter 3

We are trying to get this series on a monthly schedule, but the redraws are crazy hard, so each chapter is taking a while to complete. Hopefully we'll get some help soon so we can do multi-chapter releases after we finish "Fushigi no Maria-kun" and "Furou Kyoudai." Anyhow, we're doing our best with this series. If you have some Photoshop redrawing skills and a little bit of free time, please lend us a hand so we can stay on schedule (even one or two pages of help per chapter will make a difference).

This chapter has all of the typical troupes you expect to find in a shoujo body/gender swap series. I think it's done well, so I don't mind the lack of originality. I like Chouko's attitude the most in this chapter. I think it's best when you find yourself in a weird situation, to have fun. There no sense in pouting or being angry because it brings a person no closer to a solution and results in sadness and frustration. I think the best character development is going to happen to Hayate and I'm looking forward to it. I worried for Tsukiyono, though. He really is smitten. In that way, it feels original to have real consequences for the center of the main character's affection.

Anyhow, onto the release:

Announcement: "Pochamani" Volume 2 Tankoubon Coming out After March

Much to my disappointment, "Pochamani" Volume 2 isn't coming out in March, which moves the soonest it could come out to April. We have enough tankoubon chapters to last until March with monthly releases.  I do have the magazine versions, but Hana to Yume print quality ranges from pure crap to medium.  I don't want to compromise the quality we've got from the tankoubon, but at the same time, I know there are some of you who really don't give a crap about the translation or image quality and just want anything now, first, (because you're DYING).  Now that I’ve written this,  I realize I don't care about the "fans" who don't give crap, because "fans who don't give a crap" is an oxymoron. Hopefully, the tankoubon will be released in April and this won't be a problem, but if it comes later, unless the raw is medium quality, we will resume "Pochamani" when we get the volume 2 tankoubon. Yes, and "Pochamani" will be presented in high quality loveliness as it should :3 (Though I would feel bad if some people chose to look at crap scanlations because they couldn't wait... but those are those people's eyeballs and those people are sad children with no impulse control.)

Jan 27, 2013

Recruiting Cleaners and Redraw Artist for "Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama" and "Rex Fabula"

We need cleaners and redraw artist for the speed up of  "Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama" and "Rex Fabula." No scanlation experience is need for cleaners. I can provide you with training (start here: Cleaning Tutorial Link).  Photoshop CS2 is available for free from Adobe (LINK) so that is no longer a hurdle. As for redraw artists, you don't need scanlation experience, but you do have to possess the Photoshop skills to properly clone stamp and draw in Photoshop.  Redraw applicants will be tested to assess their skill level. If you are interested in volunteering for these projects, please e-mail me, Kuroneko003, at omarissister@gmail.com. The more help we get, the faster we can get these series done and move onto to exciting new series!

Jan 26, 2013

"Lily" Chapter 5 Version 2

Updated 01/26/2013:  I'm releasing a new version because a couple of changes to the translation made a significant difference in the story. We always try to give you the best translation possible, so when we find errors, we go back and fix them.  I recommend that you re-read the chapter, and if you are collecting the downloads, please download the files again.
And with this release we are caught up with "Lily" and ending our "Magnolia" 'Splosion. Hopefully, from now on we will be able to stay up to date with both series. Itan magazine is now a bi-monthly magazine instead of quarterly, which means we will get three chapters of "Lily" per year instead of two.  Hooray! The next chapter is due out in April.

"Lily" continues to get racier. If it gets racier than what happens in this chapter, then we will have to move it to Bakeneko's Lair.

I'm not sure how I feel about this series. It seems to me like all underaged student/teacher relationship series, the characters create false danger for themselves. To me the simplest solution for Lily and Saiga is for Lily to transfer to another teacher or have a private tutor in the castle. The age difference hasn't been made clear yet because we don't know how old Saiga is.  He could be a genius who skipped grades and is therefore still a teenager, or he could be a fresh college graduate who's done a couple of years training to get certified as a teacher which would put him in his mid-20s. But still even the age-different taboo is a false barrier established by age of consent laws that exist in reality outside of this story.  My grandmothers married at age 13 and 16 to men who were older than them.   Physically, Lily is clearly mature. The question then comes down to her mental maturity.  Lily's character always seemed quite steady to me, so I imagine she's taking her love for Saiga quite seriously. Also I don't think Saiga is taking advantage of her. Regardless, there isn't anything yet original about this story, but I do enjoy Lily and Saiga. They are a cute couple. Still current laws have programmed some of us to reject this kind of relationship. Admittedly, I'm one of those people and, therefore, I'm uncomfortable with this series. Only if Saiga is still a teenager would I feel comfortable with their relationship.

Dr. Morgan is a creeper. I hope the story doesn't go somewhere too creepy with him.

Moving on to the release. As per our rules, please DO NOT upload these files to any of the manga aggregation websites.

Jan 24, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 28

First of all, thanks to those of you who have supported Omari's Sister through the purchase of used manga and magazine goodies! There are still a lot great books and items left.  Please help clear my bookshelves and storage boxes and provide the group with cash to buy raws for the series you love by purchasing stuff. There are great shipping deals for US buyers and $15/lb shipping for International buyers.(LINK)
Continuing on with our "Magnolia" 'Splosion, here is chapter 28.  With this we are caught up on the series!  This is the other side of what's happening while Sui and Robert are talking at the end of chapter 27.  I really want to know what Sui is up to. Does he want Ayato to become a woman? And if he does, why?  Is it because he thinks Ayato would be happier as a woman, is it because he wants Ayato as a female for himself, or is he after the throne?  Ah...and then there's poor Robert, who I think is really in love with Sui.  Sui has asked "him" to do something that might be unpleasant if Robert truly is in love with Sui. How could you, Sui? I would like to think Sui likes Robert at least a little. But, at the same time, Dark-Sui is too delicious. I hope Sui and Hugo have a great confrontation, though I imagine Ayato will find some way to run off with Hugo for some red hot kissing and skinship (or so I hope.)

On to the release.  Again, please do not upload any of these files to manga aggregation websites.

Jan 23, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 27

First a bit of business! Omari's Sister Store is OPEN!  New books and items have been added for your enjoyment. (LINK)
We are working our way through our back log. I'm trying my best to at least keep "Magnolia" up to date. If possible, later on today we'll release chapter 28 and then "Lily" chapter 5 will come out on Friday or Saturday.

Moving on... there's some parallelism between Alexandra's dilemma and Lily's troubles in "Lily" chapter 5.  But Alexandra's dilemma is much more complicated, and honestly, I don't know what to make of his situation.  I suppose if he knew the true state of Ayato's body, maybe a third of his question would be answered. Though, I wonder if Ayato were in love with Alexandra, would his body choose the opposite of Alexandra's biological gender, Alexandra's gender identity, or match Alexandra's sexual preference?  It's a big ball of "whut?"

Hollier... I think she and Ayato should become best friends since I think they can relate the most to one another. I feel bad that she's treated so badly. Hollier's a really a nice girl.

Okay, now onto the release.  Please respect our rules and do not upload any of the files to manga aggregation websites.

Jan 20, 2013

Dear Fans, Before you Criticize a Scanlation Group...

I need to get this off my chest because I cannot believe the level of entitlement some fans exhibit. So if you are a "fan" and you are angry that your favorite series isn't being released at your beckon call, keep these three points in mind.
  • You are getting translated manga for free.  For Omari's Sister, the average single chapter of a series or oneshot requires 40 man-hours of work. 40 HOURS! This is not something that gets done in an afternoon. And the people who do this work are highly skilled artists and translators that could be using these skills to get paid rather than spreading manga love.
  • If you ARE NOT a volunteer in the scanlation group and actually helping to get the releases done, YOU ARE A LEECH.  You are getting something for nothing. There is no reason for any of us who actually do the work to listen to you. You aren't a paying customer, you aren't an investor, you aren't a patron, and you aren't a "shareholder." You have no stake in the work a scanlation group does. You have no right to say a thing to a scanlation group about what they aren't getting done. (If you have time and want releases to get out sooner, you no longer have the excuse that you don't have Photoshop. Photoshop CS2 is now free from Adobe. There are plenty of tutorials out there and I offer training. So if you really want releases sooner, go download Photoshop CS2 and start helping to complete your favorite series.)
  • Your whining doesn't help. In fact it's discouraging and causes the translator to hate the series. And when the translator hates the series, it doesn't get translated.
That said, I want to say a few things about the shortcomings of the scanlation community in general.
  • Fans and shoujo/josei scanlation groups need to stop getting angry about duplication. None of us are doing authorized translations, so the idea of "exclusivity" makes no sense.  As a fan, you can let duplications happen and choose your favorite group to read from. As for scanlation groups, do what you like. Your fans are your fans and they will read your work. Also, you should be working for yourself in the first place. Do a job you're proud of and don't worry about what other groups are doing. Of course, it would suck if multiple groups jumped on the same projects, but I think groups need to decide for themselves whether their duplicate effort is adding something new to the project. That is what Omari's Sister does. We try to avoid duplication, but if we feel we have something very different to offer in terms of translation and image editing, we will release our own version. I personally don't care if you don't read what we've because you've already read it from another group. Good on you. Go read something else. We've got plenty of other series and oneshots to offer.
  • If a project has not been updated for six months to a year and it's not due to the series being on hiatus on the mangaka side or due to the tankoubon release schedule, by default that group has abandoned the project. To this end, if a group recognizes that they can't keep up with a series, they should try their best to broker a transfer. If there isn't a group to transfer the project to, then they should officially drop the project so it's clear to everyone that you no longer take responsibility for updating the series. Of course if you find time or more resources, you can pick the series back up.
  • I know new shiny manga and oneshots are tempting.  I face new temptations everyday. But scanlation group leaders, should be good project managers and scope the work to the number of active volunteers they have available. Being behind schedule and having a bunch of unfinished series is very discouraging. It becomes a horrible burden that eventually sucks all the air out of the group as the work builds up and the angry comments and emails from fans come in.  This is something we at Omari's Sister are addressing now. It's tough, but groups owe it to themselves to finish what they've started and save themselves the stress of fan outrage.
We at Omari's Sister are not perfect. We acknowledge that we have series that we've effectively abandoned. We're trying to do something about it and I truly appreciate all the support the readers have given us so far as we clean up my mess. I ask that you similarly support other groups and I encourage other groups to clean up their messes before starting new projects.  To be honest, we were going to start a new project soon because there's a series I really want Omari's Sister to do. But after writing a diatribe like this, I should stick to my words and continue to lead my group to clean up the mess I created.  Yes, this is my mess since I'm the one who keeps adding new projects and making the schedule.

Jan 17, 2013

Detarame Mousouryoku Opera Chapters 1 - 3 (end)

Phew! I am so glad to have this series behind me now! Yeah, I bitched and moaned at every step, but it's a very good short series and I'm glad I went through the aggravation. Like "Seigi no Mikata," this feels like it was only the beginning of a longer story. I would like to see that longer story, but not if I have to translate it.  (It's my hope that Viz will continue to publish English versions of Bisco Hatori's works. Honestly, Hatori-sensei's works need to be professionally translated because her writing is a difficult read.) And with this, another series is complete!

Well, there's not much to say, so I'll just get on with the releases. I'm including ZIPs of the first two chapters also so you all can make fan art. Please do not upload these files to any of the manga aggregators.

Jan 15, 2013

Poll: Short Series Release Preference

Thanks to those of you who voted in the poll about short series release preference. I think for one volume series it's very reasonable to release the chapters back to back. As for longer series I think two chapters a month would be more appropriate.

Jan 8, 2013

"Pochamani" Chapter 1 - 3 (with Zip option)

Update 8/24/2013:  Magnificent Rangers changed to Gluttony Rangers in Chapter 2.

First of all, I am providing zips for your convenience so you can make fanart and what not. Please DO NOT upload the zips to manga aggregators. We don't approve of manga aggregators, and therefore do not want our work posted to them.

Second: we need winter banners! (Link to specs)

Okay, onto the release. I'm going to post the links first and then comment on chapter 2. I suggest you read my thoughts on chapter 2 after reading the chapter.

Jan 6, 2013

We need Winter Banners!

Send in your winter banners!  You can email to me at:  omarissister@gmail.com.

Width: 1250px
Height: 200 - 350px
File Format: PSD with separate image and text preferred, but JPEG and PNG are acceptable.

Jan 1, 2013

Looking Forward to 2013 at Omari's Sister

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season. I've been taking a short break from OS since finishing "Ojousama no Untenshu." I played and beat Torchlight II and watched some movies with hubby. I recommend "Cabin in the Woods." It was a very clever play on horror movie tropes. "Ted"...well...my husband liked it a lot more than I did. I felt that it was too much of a "man movie" for me. If you can marathon "Family Guy," then you'll love "Ted." Me...I'm sorta a "Family Guy" in the background kind of person. I also cut up a great deal of cardboard for recycling. We had way too much fun with Amazon lightening sales and I gifted myself a crap-ton of manga from Amazon JP, so naturally a bunch of cardboard built up.

Looking forward to 2013, personally, I'll be starting the job hunt again. hopefully this time I will find a job I like at the appropriate skill level. Haha! Being over-qualified is a horrible position to be in. I think I would rather be challenged than bored. When I do get a job, expect the pace of release to slow. I think we will be able to manage ~120-pages/month (Currently we average ~240-page/month).

Okay, now onto 2013 plans for Omari's Sister. The priorities for the first half the year are to finish all series than are done in Japan. We will not be starting any new series until we have completed unfinished series. We also will be doing very few oneshots until we finish these series. We will be working on these series according to the following schedule:

January: "Deterame Mousouryoku Opera"
February: "Fushigi no Maria-kun"
March: "Furou Kyoudai"
April - June: "Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama" & "Rex Fabula"
July - Sept: "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo"

On a ongoing basis we will release "Magnolia/Lily" and "Pochamani" monthly. After we finish our 7 unfinished series, we will resume regular releases of "The Ghost Apartment Manager."

We will have some themed oneshot parties:

February: Vampire Weddings
June: OS Anniversary oneshot blowout -- Nao Tsukiji, Mai Nishikata, Kaoru Ichinose, Hana Kimi Tributes, and more!
October: Spooky -- Aka Lala & Shiro Lala 2012
Other months will be TBD

I'm still evaluating new series to start in 2013. I'll announce the new series in June. If we finish up the unfinished series early, we will start new series then. For hints about what I'm looking at, please take a look at the Omari's Sister Tumblr page. I am looking strictly at short series.

As usual, thank to our readers for your continued support and thanks to all the Omari's Sister volunteers for your hardwork. Let's make 2013 another great year!