Apr 25, 2013

"Rex Fabula" Chapter 7

At last a new chapter of "Rex Fabula"! With this we start moving into the main story and most (not all) of the main characters are introduced. Chapter 8 and 9 are already translated and will be released within the next couple of weeks.

It hard to say anything about the chapter without spoiling it. I will say, after reading the this and the next two chapters I really like all but one of the characters.

Hmm... there is one thing I want to comment about that irritates me about manga sometimes.  That is the obsession with status. I really don't like the way this chapter spends time talking about how prestigious and rich each character's parents are and then having characters brag about their riches. That's really tacky. I think we understand that these are a bunch of rich kids by including that in the description of the school in general.  Why go through the additional trouble of establishing some pecking order amongst the characters?  In what's shaping up to be a "Battle Royale" scenario, does it really matter? Ugh... The 1% is the 1%. Don't rub it in.

Okay, now on to the release!

Apr 24, 2013

Taking Piggy Back Orders for Ane Lala and The Hana to Yume Relaunch Issue

If you would like to order a copy of Ane Lala and/or The Hana to Yume Relaunch (with artwork freebie), please send me an e-mail (omarissister@gmail.com) and I'll add you to my order so we can all split the flat rate shipping from Amazon JP.  Each will be $15 from me + $3.50 shipping to forward it you via media mail once it arrives in the US.  I cannot get a good International shipping rate.  Sorry...  If you want the Hana to Yume Relaunch issue, please let me know immediately, as it may sell out (Currently, I only have one extra ordered.)

"Rex Fabula" Chapters 1 - 6 (Chp 6 version 2)

After over a year of neglect, we are resuming "Rex Fabula".  I had hoped to accelerate the series so we could finish it by the end of May, but the series is proving more difficult that I anticipated. We are working very hard on it, but I think it's now reasonable to say we'll finish it sometime before the end the of year because I don't think we can release more than a chapter or two per month. Regardless, chapter 7 - 9 will be released over the next 2 - 3 weeks, with chapter 7 possibly coming out today or tomorrow.

To reintroduce the series so folks can refresh themselves and new readers can start, I'm re-releasing the first six chapters in ZIP and PDF formats.  Corrections have been made to chapter 6. The main change is that the accident happened in a chemistry lab and not a cultural studies classroom. I'm sorry about that. A chem lab accident actually sounds like something that could kill you.  Haha! I was too confident in my knowledge of kanji ... *palmface*... derp... Anyhow...

Apr 16, 2013

"Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama" Chapter 4

We are slowly working our way through this series. It's going slow because the redraws are insane. Hopefully we'll be able to finish this series over the summer when the redraw artists are on summer vacation.  Let's give a big thanks to Aoi Kuma for doing some of the tough redraws in this chapter. This is also her debut as a member of Omari's Sister.

In this chapter we begin to dive into Hayate's sister complex.  Actually, I think Hayate's feelings for Chouko are cute and completely normal and innocent for close twins. I wouldn't call it a sister complex (he's nothing like Sui from "Magnolia" -- now that's a SISTER COMPLEX!).  With each chapter I feel sorrier and sorrier for Tsukiyono. His heart is a goner... poor boy...

Okay, now onto the chapter 4 release!

Apr 15, 2013

Conflicted Rambling

Ugh... it seems that I have a Murphies affliction. As soon as I announce and ramp up to start new series and oneshots, past oneshots become series, past short series become indefinite, and series that were on hiatus resume. Of course these are occasions for celebration, but at the same time, my new series plans just went out the window. The other option is for us to go back to being one of those groups with too much on their plate to do timely regular releases. This is particularly frustrating because we're well into starting these series and oneshots and I don't want to abandon the work we've done. Here's the breakdown of what we've got going.

  • "Magnolia"
  • "Pochamani"
  • "Hakamori Majo Bianca"
  • "Yukarism"
Complete in Japan
  • "Rex Fabula"
  • "Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama"
  • "The Ghost Apartment Manager"
  • "Wild Wing"
New Series/Oneshots
  • Single Author oneshot collections
  • "LLLL"
  • "Megane no Incubus"
  • "Kurogane Girl" 
  • "Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotuku"
  • "Gensou Kajin" 
Sob...well... we'll take it one step at a time.  We need more staff :/... HALP!!!! J to E translators, HALP!!!!

Apr 12, 2013

"Pochamani" Chapter 6

AUGH!!! The release date for "Pochamani" Volume 2 has been updated to June 20th on AmazonJP. So no Chapter 7 until the end of June. Sorry everyone :/.
First I'd like to announce some good news! Even though it's not listed on Hakusensha's website, "Pochamani" Volume 2 is listed for release on May 20th on Amazon JP! This means chapter 7 will come out toward the end of May, and we will not have to find a substitute! I'm so relieved!  I know folks out there are impatient, but chapter 7 is very important, and it would have sucked to have it released with craptacular image quality.

Okay, onto talking about this chapter.  Last chapter we started to see the notion of reciprocation in terms of feelings and touching in Tsumugi and Tagami's relationship.  In this chapter things are more fully realized.  I like how someone finally decides to give Tagami lessons in privacy and how Tsumugi reinforces the importance and the increased pleasure in keeping some of their intimate actions private.  I like how real this chapter is. Most guys when they like someone are very physical. Guys I've spoken to say they have an easier time communicating how they feel through action rather than speaking words.  So ladies, if your guy doesn't say "I love you", but can't keep his damned hands off you, he's most likely nuts about you and that's his way of saying "I love you". Haha!  Try giving him a little love in man-speak back *wink*.

Onto the release!

Apr 10, 2013

Banner Submissions -- Don't Steal other Artists' Artwok

I love receiving and using banners from fans. However, I was informed that one of the banners I was using used artwork from an artist who doesn't like her artwork used without her permission.  The person who sent the banner claimed it was their own work and removed the original artist watermark. So... just to be clear... if you are scouring Deviart Art or similar sites for artwork to use in a banner:

  1. Make sure to ask permission from the artist before using the image.
  2. Please make sure in you e-mail or communication that you tell the artist you are using the image to make a banner for Omari's Sister website.
  3. Do not remove any of the artist's watermarks.
  4. When you send banners to me, please tell me where the original artwork came from.  Please include a link or an e-mail address so I can verify the origin and clear permissions.
If you are confused about what is "your" artwork or creation, here are some questions to ask yourself.
  1. Did I draw or paint the base image myself? Yes -- It's yours, No -- It's not your, clear permissions and credit the artist.
  2. Did I find some artwork I like and then altered the image by cropping, applying filters, and adding other artistic elements? Yes -- the base image is not yours. Clear permissions and credit the artist.  
(Yes, I see the irony in all this... but just do it.)

Apr 5, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 29

This chapter is the prelude to the next arc in "Magnolia".  I think I now understand that this series is built on a string of social functions. In that way this series feels very Victorian. I'm actually a sucker for stories like this. I love party intrigue and "action" that takes place in the form of clever conversation.

I'm pretty excited about this arc because it looks like the Black Twins will be heavily involved. I really like them and it looks like Naked Ape is going to play with their gender confusion. It's delicious and dangerous. I'm really worried about Robert(a). He (she?) seems quite vulnerable. I can't wait for chapter 31. Yeeks...Robert... you're too innocent for this craziness. Protect your heart, precious (girl?).

Haha! Onto the release!

Apr 4, 2013

Another "Furou Kyoudai" Extra Story

This is the extra story that appeared in Hana to Yume magazine and in the "Unknown" series compilation. Again... the potential for expanding the series beyond 5 chapters is shown.  I really, really, wish this series were longer. Kyouko and Daisuke and their relationship is so interesting. *Sniffle*

And with this we wrap up the "Furou Kyoudai" project! Again, thanks to everyone who worked on the series.  Great job!

On to the release!

Apr 3, 2013

Statistics! March at Omari's Sister! and Announcements!

First of all, I want to thank all the Omari's Sister volunteers for a successful March. We finished "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" and the main story of "Furou Kyoudai", while managing to complete our usual monthly releases! It was an amazing month!

I'd like to welcome some new members to the Omari's Sister team:
Akire Shiro: Cleaner -- She's been working on a lot future releases, so her name will be popping up in the credit A LOT very soon.

Julia:  Cleaner/Redraw Artist -- She's been helping with the cleaning and the redrawing on the Vampire Wedding oneshot trio. She's quite skilled.

Dian and Krazy Kat: Redraw Artists -- They've been helping out here and there with various series.

Peonine: Translator -- She lives in France and has been translating short oneshots.

T, Dango-chan, A.Mere.Trifle: Proofreaders/QCers -- They were big helps on KKZoo and Furou Kyoudai

Hopefully, the new folks stick around for a spell.  If you would like to join the Omari's Sister team, we are currently actively recruiting all position. We are in urgent need of Japanese to English translators and redraw artists right now.  If you are interested, please see our recruitment webpage HERE.

Omari's Sister Store is ALWAYS OPEN now! I'll announce when I do a major stocking of new items, otherwise check back often so see what trickles in.  LINK  We need money to buy magazines and tankoubon, so buy some stuff to keep the manga flowing!

Okay, onto the stats!

Top 10 Visiting Countries:
  1. USA (CA, NY, MA, TX, PA) -- Hello PA!
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. Philippines
  7. UK -- you guys have been steadily moving up the ranks. Hello, hello, to you!
  8. Indonesia
  9. Italy
  10. Malaysia
Top 5 Releases:
  1. Pochamani Chp 5
  2. Furou Kyoudai Chp 3
  3. Kemono Kingdom Zoo Chp 1 - 8
  4. Furou Kyoudai Chp 2
  5. Furou Kyoudai Chp 4

W00t! W00t! I hope you readers enjoyed Kemono Kingdom and Furou Kyoudai.  If you have not read either, please take the time to check these series out.  Kemono Kingdom is very under appreciated, but I feel like it's one of our best series.  Please at least give the first 2 or 3 chapters a chance. The quirky humor will grow on you.

April we hope to take big bite out of "Rex Fabula". Our stretch goal is to finish the series, but... I imagine it'll take at least a couple of big pushes to finish the series.

Apr 1, 2013

"Chibikko Furou Kyoudai" -- Furou Kyoudai Omake

This is the extra story from the "Furou Kyoudai" compilation. The other extra story is in "Unknown".  This one is a story from the twins' childhood.  Again, this shows the potential of expanding the story.  After the main story, there are some messages from the mangaka and a couple of one-page extra comics.  Hopefully we will be able to release the second extra story this week.  Anyhow, onto the release!