Jun 21, 2011

Poll: The Future of "Pika Ichi"?

Update 6/22/2011:  Pika Ichi will continue at least through Chp 11.  We'll do another assessment at Chp 14.

Update:  We need a Translator/Typesetter to help keep Pika Ichi alive!  Until we find one, Pika Ichi will not be on a regular release schedule. If you are interested in helping with Pika Ichi, please contact me via the "Contact" link in the main menu at the top of this blog.

I could take or leave "Pika Ichi" so I want to know how you as the readers feel about the series.  Should we continue it or would you rather have us do as series or two from Comic Gene?  Take the survey at the top right corner of the blog.  You can also leave comments to this post if you want to discuss the matter.

We have a good amount of chapter 9 finished, so we will release that regardless, but I would like to know whether we should continue after chapter 9.