Sep 26, 2012

"Magnolia" Chp 25

First of all a bit of business.  The Omari's Sister end-of-summer sale is going on now.  There are still lots of great items and books left to buy.  Please check it out here (Link). A big thanks to those of you who have already made purchases. With the money raised this round, Omari's Sister is self sustaining for another 4 months!  Hooray!!!  Just as an interesting side note: this time around about 75% of the purchases were made by folks outside of the US. Hello, worldly people!  I'm glad to make your acquaintance! Yes, I do ship Internationally, and as long as you keep it under 4-lbs, the shipping costs are reasonable.
All righty! Now onto "Magnolia!" This is the first of two childhood flashback chapters (or so Naked Ape's Twitter feed says.)  I think the chibis are adorable, but the rest of the group says otherwise.  They really don't like the dramatic eyelashes.  Haha! On a more serious note, I'm really curious about Ayato's fear of becoming female. Are there gender inequality issues in Anestachia that haven't been brought to light yet?  Or is Ayato afraid of being objectified (which is what Hugo does to "her" half the time)? Or is it something else?  The question of femininity intriques me. Lots of people think of feminine attributes as weakness, but I think most people focus too much on brute strength and confuse stoicism for mental fortitude.  I believe there are many types of females and many types of males, and attributes run along a spectrum.  Everyone has strengths and weakness, but I think if a person puts in the effort, weaknesses should not be used as a means or an excuse to hold a person back.  It'll be interesting to see how Naked Ape explores this question.  Already we see a spectrum of masculinity amongst the male characters in the series.  As for femininity, not so much. The only female character that Naked Ape has spent a lot of time on is Lily, and she's super-girly in my opinion.

Enough of my rambling, an onto the release!

Yahoo Email Account Holders -- You've been Hacked!

All of you who have Yahoo e-mail accounts have been spamming the hell out of me.  Your e-mail accounts have been stolen and are now spouting random e-mails at everyone in your address books.  Please, either change your passwords or, EVEN BETTER, get rid of those accounts and get a gmail account.  AUGH!!!!

Sep 24, 2012

New Series Announcement for Fall 2012/Winter 2013!!!

Hooray! Now that we've gotten and are currently getting ourselves from underneath some series, we can start using our resources on some new series. Thank you all for taking the poll and helping me make this decision.  So, without further chit-chat, here's what's coming!

1. Megane no Icubus by Emiko Nakano
This series is only 3 chapters and we will start releasing it in November. I will announce a new short series after we release the last chapter.

2. Dolci by Soumei Hoshino -- This a series about a boy working at a pastry shop founded by ex-biker/delinquents.  It is 3 volumes (15 chapters).  See more previews on the Omari's Sister Tumblr (LINK)

3. Kurogane Girl by Kokoro Natsume -- This is a sci-fi/mecha play off of Romeo and Juliet :). It's two volumes (9 chapters).

4.  Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu by Suisu Kanashiki -- This is stooooooopid. It's 3 volumes ongoing (hopefully not for too much longer). See more of a preview on our Tumblr (LINK)

Again, "Megane no Icubus" will start releasing in November and the others will begin in January. We will start working on all the series immediately. 

Sep 23, 2012

New Series Poll Results

Here are the results from the new series poll I ran last week.  I will announce the new series tomorrow.  As a hint, because I cannot gain support from key members of the group, we will not be doing the historical gender-bender romance at this time.  We will, though do the Shoujo Sci-fi series, The Biker turned pastry chef series, the super natural high school romance (only 3 chapters), and the Gag Manga.  My thoughts in choosing these series were:
  1. Give the people what they want unless there's strong opposition from the group.
  2. When combined the second choice is something sci-fi
  3. Give key group members something they want
  4. Give me something I want.
Please look forward to the news tomorrow.

Sep 21, 2012

"Ojousama no Untenshu" Chapter 6

First, a bit of business. Omari's Sister Magazine Goodies and Used Manga Sale is on!  Please check the post to see what goodies from your favorite series we have to offer. LINK Buy stuff! Be happy! Help us pay for the materials that turn into the translations you love :).
Only 3 more chapters to go!  I've decided to release Chapters 8, 9, and the omake at the same time, so there will only be 2 more releases before we're done with this series.  The next chapter is the one we're all waiting for. I will make an effort to get chapter 7 out in the next few days.  The last release will happen in November.

In this chapter we see more of Tachibana.  I don't want to spoil how this goes, so I won't say anymore. I'm just happy Ishihara-sensei did not choose to go the other way with his character.

Onto the release!

Sep 16, 2012

Aka Lala One-shot "S no Kaikoroku" by Akane Ogure is out on Bakeneko's Lair

The first of the Aka Lala one-shots, "S no Kaikoroku," is out on Bakeneko's Lair.  I felt that the subject of S & M was too intensely presented for Omari's Sister, so I released it on Bakeneko's Lair.  I was disturbed by this oneshot, and therefore don't recommend this for anyone under the age of 16 or for anyone who is uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Sep 15, 2012

2012 Schedule Announcements

First of all:  we are recruiting for all positions.  If you are interested in volunteering for Omari's Sister, please look at the recruitment tab on this blog and then contact me (Kuroneko003) via e-mail through the contact link at the top right hand corner of this blog.

I've finally worked through a schedule for the rest of 2012! Here are the plans:
  • October's One-shot theme -- Halloween! (of course)
  • November's One-shot them -- Fall Tragedies (2 one-shots from Aka Lala)
  • December's One-shot them -- Nao Tsukiji one-shots! (3 long and 1 short)
Series that will be completed --
  • Ojousama no Untenshu
  • Furou Kyoudai
  • Pochamani
  • Fushigi no Maria-kun
Ongoing Series --
  • Magnolia
  • Servamp
Resuming January 2013!!!!
  • Rex Fabula
  • Ore to Atashi no Kareshisama
  • Kemono Kingdom: Zoo (we will be accelerating this since the series is complete in Japan)
  • The Ghost Apartment Manager
  • Detarame no Mousouryoku Opera Chp 3 (end)
With the completion of 4 series by the end of 2012, we can start 2 new series in January 2013.  There are several on my wishlist and I will announce the new series before the end of the year. My feeling is that we will choose one historical romance (1 - 2 volumes) and a josei series for Bakeneko's Lair. We will evaluate the possibility of taking on more new series as 2013 unfolds.

Two chapters of "Ojousama no Untenshu" will be released next week!

Sep 6, 2012

Favorite Water Themed One-Shot Poll Results

Here are the results of the favorite August one-shot poll. I'm kinda surprised that "Over the Blue" was so popular.  I wasn't expecting such a big spread between the top 3 picks and I was expecting better performance for "Summer Blue" and "Kaizokuhime."  The bottom two, I'm not surprised about at all.  Anyhow, this is good data and gives me some clues about what kinds of manga readers like.  I think I have an idea of what readers aren't big fans of, but I also see in this particular poll, my favorite "Summer Blue" wasn't a top pick.  Hahaha!  It helps me stay grounded :).  But my instincts are correct that "typical shoujo" like "Shima x Dan" and "The Day I Kissed a Whale" aren't expected or preferred amongst our readers.  I think that's the case too amongst OS group members.  I can tell you, no "typical shoujo" is planned moving forward.  In fact we're expanding the types of shoujo we cover and we'll be taking some chances this fall and winter with some weird, horror-themed, ecchi, and josei manga.  The good thing is right now, many of the magazine I subscribe to are trying different things in a effort to find a hit, so I'm seeing a lot more experimental one-shots and short series.

Anyhow, if you would like to expand on your favorite or what you think was the worst from August, please feel free to go nuts in the comments section.  I would love to hear your opinion and I keep those opinions in the back of my mind as I select projects for the group.

Sep 4, 2012

"Ojousama no Untenshu" Chapter 5

Events are progressing in "Ojousama no Untenshu" and soon Sayaka will have to make a choice. I'm actually about to burst out of my skin because I want to get to chapter 7 and chapter 8 already. But we still have to get through chapter 6.  Anyhow, this is a cute chapter, though the path to cuteness requires a stop over with a character I want to slap the crap out of.  Heheh, but it wouldn't be any good if I didn't want to slap this dude. I think, though this chapter begins setting up for the final resolution of the story which most of you won't see coming.  Haha! Yes, there are a couple of twists, but if you consider Sayaka's personality, the ending is obvious.

Also, check out the many beautiful drawings of Narutaki.  Amrai, the translator, likes page 36. I like the drawing at the bottom of page 23 (going by the page number of the PDF). Page 26 is also adorable.

Enough of my rambling before I spoil the entire series.  On to the release!

Sep 2, 2012

Akagami no Shirayukihime has been Transferred to Fallen Syndicate

Well, that was quick! Yes, we are transferring "Akagami no Shirayukihime" to our friends at Fallen Syndicate.  The transfer is immediate, meaning they will handle the release of chapters 35 - 37 using our translations and high quality raws.  After that, we will have no further involvement in the series. As for Akidzuki Sorata's future one-shots, they will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We do know there are other groups who like Sorata-sensei's stories more than we do, so I think we would wait and see if those group translate the one-shots before taking any one of them on.

We realize we are moving on from our most popular series, but popularity and hits were never our goal, and honestly AnS popularity had become a burden. We felt we couldn't drop the series earlier because we feared the wrath of fandom.  Unfortunately, this led to resentment and hate towards a series.  As a scanlator doing this as a hobby for free using the money out of my own pocket, it's very stressful to dread working on a series.  This is supposed to be fun, and working on AnS hasn't been fun for me since the pirate arc ended. 

I want to thank everyone who's supported the series so far. I was hoping we'd get to the finish the series, but my hopes were dashed after AnS was transferred to Lala.  This is a double edged sword.  It's great that AnS can go on indefinitely, but at the same time it's horrible AnS can go on indefinitely. Unfortunately, for us in the US, the longer a series runs, the more unlikely it is the series will be licensed.  Also, series that run on indefinitely usually fizzle out rather than ending in a satisfying matter.  I hope AnS ends on a strong note.

Now that the transfer is set, please support Fallen Syndicate's efforts.  If you only visited Omari's Sister for AnS, we encourage you to try some of our other series, though I admit since AnS was never really our style, our other series and one-shots are nothing like it.  Haha!  Everyone else, please stick around for the future.  We have some great new series and one-shots waiting in the wings and we will be resuming some neglected series very soon ("The Ghost Apartment Manager" and "Zoo"!!!)

August 2012 Statistics, September Plans and AnS

August was our themed one-shot month.  I think it went pretty well, though in the future after Halloween and Christmas, we are probably going to limit it to 3 or 4 one-shots instead of 6.  I wanted to do a more stark alternation between series and one-shots, but from now and into 2013, we have too many on-going series that we need to moving.

In September, we plan to make some progress on our series, though I admit at this moment I don't have a firm release schedule.  As of now "Ojousama no Untenshu, " "Fushigi no Maria-kun," "Furou Kyoudai," and "Servamp" are being worked on. We are also working on one-shots for our Halloween/October one-shot party.  The plan for this month is to go with the flow and see what gets done.  We have one planned one-shot from Tsukiji Nao and Aka Lala is coming in on the 11th or 12th, but until I see the magazine, I don't know how much of it we'll cover and what the schedule will look like.  I do know though with respect to Aka Lala, we will not be paying any attention to what other groups are doing.  We may duplicate efforts, but we are not going to rush.  Rather we will work at our own pace and deliver our best effort.

Okay, now on to a detailed look at August's activities.

Top 10 Visiting Countries
  1. US (CA, NY, TX, MA, FL)
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Philippines (Hey! Hey! You guys made a big move up the rank!)
  5. Indonesia
  6. Australia
  7. Germany
  8. Malaysia
  9. Singapore
  10. United Kingdom