Nov 18, 2011

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "Dinner in My Coffin" by Nari Kusakawa

How could I resist a one-shot with a title page like this!?  It's soooo pretty!  This is actually a scan of the one of the post cards that comes with Shiro Lala.  The other post cards are a clean version of the Shiro Lala cover (Akiduki Sorata's drawing from her one-shot) and "Wild Wing".  But I digress...the idea of an all white vampire is cool.  I like the white bats too.  The concept is very nice and different.

I really liked this one-shot.  It felt very mature for what's usually in Lala, without being "adult".  I wish there were more one-shot like this. Ashleigh is definitely my new favorite vampire.

And now onto the links!

"Dinner in my Coffin" by Nari Kusakawa (Zip) (PDF)

Oh!  For a giggle, read this one-shot a second time, but pay close attention to the dog Pia.  The dog is priceless.

Next up is the return of "Seirei Produce" followed by our Thanksgiving one-shot and then some more Shiro Lala until I get Aria and Betsuhana magazines.