Feb 28, 2010

Coming Soon in March

Here's what's coming up in March:
  • Ouran High School Host Club chp 78 Omake (Currently editing, ETA  3/3) Done!
  • Hana Kimi Omakes
    • July 2008 --Done!
    • Sept 2008 -- Done!
    • May 2009 -- scanned
  • Orange Chocolate
    • chp 6 -- Done!
    • chp 7 -- Sent to proofreaders
  • Ouran High School Host Club Chp 79 -- waiting for Lala 05/2010 release for raw (raw on 3/24, release ETA 4/1)
    • "Kaichou-san no Neko" Chp 1 -- "The Class President's Cat" (looking into it) -- it's a very cute and short series with 3 chapters and a one-shot ("Gakuran Ouji").  I don't particularly like cats, but the cat in this short series is ADORABLE!!! -- Moved into April

      Orange Chocolate Chapter 5

      Here's "Orange Chocolate" chapter 5.

      Link to Orange Chocolate chapter 5 (update 3/1/2010 -- Version 1: Translation correction on page 45 and minor edits from Kuma-chan)

      Chiro moves forward towards understanding herself more.

      For those of you interested in the dance mentioned in this chapter here are some links to some videos!

      These are video of "Fuji Musume" or "The Wisteria Maiden" starring Tamasaburo.  I was really lucky to find this videos because they include EXCELLENT commentary in English about what's going on during the dance.  I wouldn't have been able to appreciate the dance at all without the commentary, so I HIGLY recommend viewing these to gain a greater appreciation of Nichibu Onnagata and of the events going on in "Orange Chocolate."

      Fuji Musume part 1

      Fuji Musume part 2

      Feb 26, 2010

      Wild Ones (Arakure) Volume 9 is out from Viz


      Wild Ones (Arakure) volume 9 is out from Viz.  My copy is on it's way from Amazon :).  As such, the volume 9 chapter will be unavailable until Volume 10 is released and the volume 8 chapters are now available again.  Oh, something I just noticed: The Viz version chapter numbers are different than those in Hana to Yume.  Viz's chapter 40 is Hana to Yume's chapter 39.  I have no idea why this is.

      Please support the author by purchasing the manga.  Here's a link.

      Feb 25, 2010

      Ouran Chp 79 Previews

      Here are the previews for "Ouran High School Host Club" chapter 79.  Chapter 79 will be released in Japan on March 24th.  The translation should be released within a week of that date.  Since it's rumored that there are less than a hand full of chapters left, I will continue translating Ouran to the end.  This means that I will eventually get around to to the Chp 78 omake.  I've translated it and I will release it 2 - 3-days after I finish "Orange Chocolate" Chp 5.  The first few pages of the omake were "meh" but it turned out to be quite fun by the end.  It seems that the twins have inherited more than their mischievous and spoiled attitude from their grandmother ;p.   Hahaha!  The twin's talent is revealed :)!  Anyhow, here are the Ouran 79 previews.  Enjoy!


      Feb 23, 2010

      Pardon My Dust...

      I'm doing some maintenance and updates on my blogs and websites.  So if things are going whack-o on you, it's just me playing around ;p.  Hopefully, I'll get this blog settled today.

      Feb 22, 2010

      Manga Review: Pandora Hearts, Volume 1

      "Pandora Hearts" by Jun Mochizuki is yet another variation on the "Alice in Wonderland" story.  This time "Alice" is teen boy named Oz who has just turned 15 (though, he's drawn to look all of 10).  Just before his birthday he stumbles down a hole and finds a pocket watch, which upon touching leads him into a dream about a giant Black Rabbit who is disguised as a very insane girl.  Later at his coming of age ceremony he is formally sucked into the surreal abyss where B-rabbit saves him from some twisted entities called "chains."   And then some stuff happens and the two of them end up at some mysterious mansion where they are invited to join a society called "Pandora."  Pandora happens to be an organization that researches "chains."  Does that sound familiar? Yep...blah, blah, blah ... meh.

      I suppose if I had not read other similar but much better manga series than this, I would have liked it more.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but this series seemed very flat to me.  The chains, though trying, didn't seem all that threatening, nor did they push the edge of looking twisted.  The main character, Oz, has no personality and B-Rabbit is just another crazy brassy girl whose true power can only be unlocked by the main adolescent boy character.  It's all very commonplace.

      This series falls along the lines of "DN Angel" and "Jing, King of Bandits."  However, both of these series are far superior to "Pandora Hearts" and I highly recommend them -- although "Jing, King of Bandits" can be a bit esoteric at times.  In terms of "Alice and Wonderland" variations, there is a new series running now called "Are you Alice?" which is far more interesting.  I give "Pandora Hearts" volume 1 2/5 because I did get through 90% of the volume before giving up.

      My Thoughts about Orange Chocolate Chapter 4

      What I like about this chapter is the way, towards the end, Chiro starts to confront her own personality.  She wonders if she is as bubble-headed as Ritsu is playing her.  I wonder will Ritsu's behavior while he's in Chiro body affect the way Chiro's friends and colleagues perceive her.  Sure, Chiro has her impulsive moments, but she's not fiery like when Ritsu inside of her.  I wonder will Ritsu soon begin to confront his own personality.  I think he's definitely getting a different perspective on Chiro.  I get the feeling that he's taking her more seriously in terms of soft skills, but he still has a ways to go in terms of not thinking of her as a idiot child.  I wonder, though, does Chiro have to realize first that's she's not a idiot child before it can be perceived by Ritsu and the people around her.

      My feeling about the over arc of this story, is that the two won't stop switching until each feels comfortable in their own skin.  I could be wrong, though, because it is a Kitsune's curse.  Peeking ahead, though, I can see that there's a twist or two coming very soon.  Regardless, for now, I think I'll enjoy the very fierce Chiro-Ritsu as he continues to stick it to the Student Council President in the next chapter.  There are also some very sweet moments in the next chapter to look forward to.  Hopefully, I will be able to get chapter 5 out early next week.  I would do it sooner, but I need to do some website maintenance, housework, work on my online portfolio, find a job, and watch the Winter Olymipic ice skating events.

      Orange Chocolate Chapter 4

      Here's another very cute chapter of "Orange Chocolate."

      Link to Orange Chocolate Chp 4

      I'm debating whether to go on to Chp 5 or slaughter the Ouran omake.  Personally, I'm more interested in Orange Chocolate.

      Feb 20, 2010

      Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 15 Translation

      Here is "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" chp 15.  This chapter does not resolve the bad situation we were left with in the last chapter, but rather it does a flashback so we can understand Joshua more.  Poor Joshua needs a hug!  Anyhow, it looks like the wedding is just around the corner!  But will it go off peacefully?  And what exactly does Johanne want to do with Judecca?  What do you think?

      Link to "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" chp 15 (Update 02/21/2010 - Minor edits from Kuma-chan)

      Next up is "Orange Chocolate" Chp 4.  ETA: Tuesday at the soonest.

      Feb 18, 2010

      Fun Website to Learn some Common Phrases in Anime and Manga

      I got the link to this website from "hisako" on Twitter.

      Link 1: http://anime-manga.jp/index.html
      Link 2: http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20100218f2.html

      This is a website that helps English speakers learn some common expressions in Japanese that you would hear from different characters in anime and manga.  What I think is really neat about this website is that it demonstrates some of the different levels of Japanese speak according to different types.  For instance the butler using honorifics from the humble perspective.  The lessons are given with kanji, kana, or romanji (roman letters) and in spoken Japanese.

      The website is still under construction, but check out what they've got so far.  I'm pretty excited about this and I hope they expand it such that who ever wants to can easy learn basic Japanese in a fun way :).

      Feb 17, 2010

      Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 18 Translation

      I have good news and bad news.  First the good news!  Here's "Akagami no Shirayukihime" chapter 18.

      Link to Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 18
      Update 2/18/2010: Tiny edits from Kuma-chan.

      Please wait a week before uploading to aggregators because I haven't gotten in all the input from translation QC so there may be a tweak or two coming.

      Okay, now the bad news:  It ends with an evil cliff hanger and the next chapter will not be out until June.  Please be kind to me as I am only the messenger for this awful news.

      Pyro once again has written an excellent analysis and presented some Akagami love at Hyperparfait.  Check it out!

      Next up is "Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen" Chp 15 followed by "Orange Chocolate" Chp 4.  ZHD should be released on Saturday or Sunday and Orange Chocolate around this time next week.  After that, I'll swing back around to do the Ouran Omake.

      Feb 10, 2010

      I've Got Lala DX 3

      I have Lala DX 3!  I took a cursory look at each series and we will be releasing the series in order of the survey.
      1. Akagami no Shirayukhime Chp 18
      2. Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen Chp 15
      3. Ouran High School Host Club Chp 78 Omake
      Update:  Actually, I've decided to release Orange Chocolate chp 4 before moving onto the Ouran omake.  Personally, I'm in no hurry for Ouran, but OC Chp 4 - 6 are really good. Orange Chocolate Chp 4 will be released soon after Ouran because I have completed about 40% of the editing.  After that I will continue onto Orange Chocolate Chp 5 and look into releasing some one-shots alternating between chapters.  Recall, the next issue of Lala DX will not be out until April 10th and Ouran 79 will not be out until March 24th, so I've got some time (unless I miraculously get a job).  Please send me your one-shot and short series requests.  As a reminder, here are the magazines I get:
      • Lala
      • Lala DX
      • Hana to Yume
      • Hana to Yume Extra
      • Asuka
      • Bessatsu Hana to Yume
      • Betsucomi (I quit getting Betsucomi after the Jan 2010 issue due to disinterest)

      Feb 8, 2010

      Lala DX 3 Cover Featuring Akagami no Shirayukihime


      Looks like Lala DX 3 is out!  I'll go and pick it up tomorrow.
      Update:  02/09/2010 -- It's not out here yet.  I will check tomorrow.

      Feb 7, 2010

      New Survey: Which OC Character is your Favorite so far?

      It's in the top right corner!  Have fun!  If you wish to elaborate on your choice leave a comment or use the chat box.

      Lala DX 3 Poll Results

      The Lala DX 3 Poll is over and the overwhelming winner in "Akagami no Shirayukihime" chapter 18.  I'm actually very surprised by the poll results.  I thought for sure Ouran would win since it's the most popular series on this blog.  However, the demand for Ouran came in last and so I'm happy to put that on the back burner because I'm feeling a little burnt out on Ouran.  Between ANS and ZHD, if ZHD continues from where it left off, I will translate that first.  If ZHD is a filler chapter, then ANS will be first.  As for the release schedule, don't expect any release from Lala DX 3 until after February 20th because next week I may be busy with family matters.

      Feb 6, 2010

      Orange Chocolate Chapter 3

      Here's "Orange Chocolate" Chapter 3.


      Here's some video and information for those of you who are curious about onnagata and some of the dance pieces referred to in this chapter.
      Videos and images
      Onnagata and Kabuki
      Also, if you like Orange Chocolate, you should give "Backstage Prince" by Sakurakouji Kanoko (also writes "Black Bird") a read.  It's a short but sweet 2 volume series about another young man who's a kabuki star.  The female main character, Akari,  in "Backstage Prince" seems to be the prototype for Black Bird's Misao.

      Feb 5, 2010

      Orange Chocolate Chapter 3 Preview

      "Orange Chocolate" Chp 3 is almost ready.  Here's a preview.  I'll try not to spoil the cliff hanger ;p.

      Feb 2, 2010

      Yay! There's Chat...

      Seeing as how this is an ongoing experiment with the Internet, I've installed a chat window in the side bar.  You have to register a username to use it.  Sorry about that, but there are some unfriendly people out there that like to abuse features like chat.  Anyhow, I'm online in some form most of the time while I'm awake, so give me holler :).  Or don't...whatever.  Perhaps there's no point to this, but I'll give it a try.

      Orange Chocolate Chapter 2

      Here is "Orange Chocolate" Chapter 2. 

      Link to Orange Chocolate Chp 2

      If you come across any typos, please let me know through a comment or a little e-mail message.

      Orange Chocolater Chp 2 Preview

      "Orange Chocolate" Chp 2 has been sent to the proofreaders.  Hopefully, I'll be able to release it later on today or tomorrow.  Until then, here's a preview:


      Feb 1, 2010

      Wallpaper: Hana to Yume 2009

      Here are some images from the 2009 Hana to Yume Calendar.  Right-click on the images to download them.  All images are 1600-by-1200 pixels.