Aug 8, 2012

"Seigi no Mikata!" Chapter 4 (End)

It's time to say "goodbye" to our Cherry Blossom Hero.  Yep, this is the last chapter of "Seigi no Mikata!"  I wonder if we'll see more of Mikata and S in the future.  The ending felt more like the end of a pre-quel than the end of a series.  Oh well, still it was a fun series to translate.  I won't miss the typesetting though.

In this final chapter we are introduced to some of the other heroes in neighboring communities and a mysterious new "hero" shows up.  Heheh...ooh, yeah, it's beyond corny.  I so wanted Lily to be a woman.  That would have been too funny!

A few translation notes:
  • To make it easier, I translated the other heroes' wards to their base flower names in English. I thought it would cleaner than having a bunch of translation notes on the pages as they were introduced.
  • At the end, there's a bad pun because phonetically in Japanese the same sounding words can either mean getting hired onto a job or becoming a man's wife. We don't really have a single word like that in English, but I did my best to get that pun through in English without resorting to crudely saying, "from now on you're my bitch."
Okay, onto the release!
Link to "Seigi no Mikata!" chapter 4: (PDF)

Up next will be Magnolia chapter 24!