Jul 31, 2011

Kemono Kingdom: Zoo has Moved to Bakeneko's Lair

"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" has a new home!  It has been moved over to Bakeneko's Lair where, hopefully, there will be a more receptive audience.  I've decided to purify Omari's Sister "PG" and "PG-13" shoujo and to post everything else to Bakeneko's Lair.  I'd have to say that "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" is definitely not shoujo manga.  Hahaha!  If you've never read "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo", I encourage you to give the first 2 chapters a try.  It's one of my favorite series to translate and I'm so sad that it's readership is so pathetically low.  I realize "Zoo" isn't for everyone, and, I hope moving it out of a shoujo heavy blog will raise readership to the level the series deserves.

"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo"  Chapters 1 - 5 have been collected into one post on Bakeneko's Lair (Link)  Chapter 6 will release within the next two weeks there!  Please, look forward to it!