Jan 31, 2011

Sweet Freebies in Asuka 3 2011

This is Asuka Issue 3 for 2011!  It comes with sweet freebies:

This two-sided plastic thing (table place mat maybe ???)  I don't know what you do with it, but it's nice. And there a FABULOUS color illustration book:
Here's a peek inside.  This is the last pages that shows a small sample of what's inside!
Do you want these sweet freebies? Here are some ordering links:
  • Amazon Japan
  • Akadot (link will be live when it comes in stock)

Jan 27, 2011

Ouran High School Host Club January 2011 Special Chapter

Update:  Files updated to correct the spelling of various locations and people talked about this chapter.  Big thanks for zronoa for the information.
First of all, I would like to thank the cleaners for helping me get this out so promptly.  You guys are wonderful and generous with your time and talent.

Now, just a warning: this special chapter does not move the story forward.  There are no big revelations or character developments.  Rather it's like an extra-long chapter of a normal Ouran story.  When I first saw that's what this was, I was rather disappointed because like so many of you, I wanted a graduation, a proposal, marriage, kids, or something along those lines.  Disappointment can happen when 3 months of anticipation goes unfulfilled.  Anyhow...I got over it after I finished the translation and started typesetting and the final image editing.  With respect to other Ouran chapters, this one is on par with what usually happens in an Ouran chapter -- the Host Club comes to the rescue of some special guest.

Jan 26, 2011

Ouran Special Spoiler

Here are my three favorite pages from the January 2011 Ouran special chapter.  The rest of the one-shot is mostly the story of "special guest star"  poor little rich girl Nanako sandwiched in a Barcelona travel brochure.  So, no, it's not really about Kyouya either.  It's more like a normal random chapter of Ouran in which the Host Club helps some person in distress.  Anyhow, please enjoy this preview.  We'll try to get the rest of the one-shot completed before the end of the month.

Jan 25, 2011

Lala 3 2011

Lala 3 comes with a Tamaki and Haruhi cellphone fob.  It's maybe a little over an inch tall (a lot smaller than I expected, but it is for a cellphone ;p).

We will only be translating the Ouran special chapter.

Links to order your own copy:
  • Amazon Japan
  • Akadot (I will add the link when it's available)

Jan 21, 2011

Explore More Works by Chika Shiomi

Did you like the first chapter of "Yukarism"?  Do you want to explore more series by Chicka Shiomi?  I can help!  I've set-up a special Chika Shiomi section of the Omari's Sister Amazon Store so you can easily access and purchase other works by Chika Shiomi.
Link to The Chika Shiomi Store!

For manga in Japanese:

New Series Trial: "Yukarism" Chapter 1

Here's the first chapter of one of the series we are trialing called "Yukarism" by Chika Shiomi .  "Yukarism" is the story of a young man named "Yukari" who is born with the memories of his past life and so at the tender age of 17,  he is an Edo period novelist.  Yukari "meets cute" with Mahoro on the first day of the new school term and Yukari has the sense that even though he's never met Mahoro, he's knows her...and from there our story of the past and the present begins!

Jan 19, 2011

Recruitment: "Pika Ichi" Translator Needed

I'm tired of translating "Pika Ichi", however, we do have volunteers that are dedicated to cleaning and doing the image editing for the series.  Basically, we could continue the series on a regular monthly basis if we get a good Japanese-to-English translator (and typesetter) to take it on.  If you are interested in translating (and typesetting) this series, please contact me via e-mail using the "Contact" link on the top menu.

If we don't get a "Pika Ichi" translator, then I will translate it when I get to it.  It will be a low priority project.

The Scarecrow of Oz is being Serialized

AUGH!!!  A pleasant hole has been blown into my plans :).  "The Scarecrow of Oz" has been picked up as a series in "Hana to Yume" magazine.  It will begin serialization in Hana to Yume issue 5, which releases in two weeks!  I LOVE the two one-shots, so we will be picking up this series.  Unfortunately, for you "Pika Ichi" fans, this is the last nail in the coffin for that series.  I'm currently actively looking for a good translator/typesetter to take it over. Until I do find someone, we will put out chapters when we have time.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for "Furou Kyoudai"!  I would love for that to become a series too.

Anyhow, I will try to do my best to get the second "Scarecrow of Oz" one-shot out in February along with the first chapter (it really all depends on how jury duty goes).

"Yukarism" Preview

Here is a preview of the one of our new series for 2011 called "Yukarism".  It's by Chika Shiomi the author of "Yurara" and "Rasetsu".  This is only a preview so it hasn't been QC'ed or proofread yet. Please forgive any typos or errors I haven't caught yet.  Hopefully, this little preview will give you some idea about the quality of the artwork (actually, I've saved the best parts because there are some stunningly gorgeous pages that I want to leave as a surprise) and a feel for the main characters.  I'm already very fond of the maid.

(Click on the images to see them full-size).

Jan 16, 2011

Winter One-Shot #2: "His and Her Sleepless Winter"

Here is the second of our winter one-shots, "Kare to Kanojo no Futomin" or "His and Her Sleepless Winter".  I really like this story and I wish I saved it for Valentine's Day, because I don't think the one-shot I've selected can compare in sweetness and romance.  I guess we'll have to wait and see :).  "Ginrou no Sakura" has a completely different set of "charm points" and will appeal for different reasons than this one-shot.  Getting out of the weeds and back to the story at hand:

Links to "His and Her Sleepless Winter":  (Zip -- High Quality) (PDF -- medium quality but convenient)

Our last winter one-shot, "World End Garden", will be released mid-March.

Next up are the debuts of our two new series "Yukarism" and "The Ghost Apartment Manager".  Please look forward to them!

Jan 12, 2011

"Kimi ni XOXO" Chapter 5

Well, here's the WTH non-ending end of "Kimi ni XOXO".  It's still a fun chapter, but it's sad to see yet another good series go unfinished.  If there is additional "Kimi ni XOXO" material released, I will translate it.

Links to "Kimi ni XOXO" Chapter 5: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up is the next installment in our series of winter one-shots,  "His and Her Futomin".  After that, "Yukarism" and "The Ghost Apartment Manager" will make their debuts :).

First Impressions of Winter 2011 Anime Series

First, the loving spoonful:
  • I will definitely watch:
    • "Yumekui Merry"
    • "Beelzebub"
    • "Kore wa Zombie desu ka"
    • "Level E"
  • I will give it another episode
    • "Gosick"
    • "Puelle Magi Madoka Magica"
    • "Infinite Stratos"
    • "Dragon Crisis"
    • Crap
      • "Freezing"
      • "Rio Rainbow Gate"
    More Details about the series:
    • "Gosick" ("Gothic") -- A really nice and normal Japanese boy transfers to a boarding school in a fictional European country in the Alps.

    Jan 11, 2011

    Orange Chocolate Chapter 21: Sports Festival Arc Pt. 1

    I am only the messenger, so please don't jump on me about this arc of the story because I already feel bad enough.  Yes, it's a dreaded three chapter story arc about a sports festival and it comes complete with a cavalry battle. Nevermind the the hints that Ritsu could hit "the wall" due to exhaustion.  Nevermind that Ritsu can't repeat Chiro's dance performance.  Nevermind Chiro's sudden fame...no, it's time for a sports festival!  Let's just get this over with:

    Links to Orange Chocolate chapter 21: (Zip) (PDF)

    Next up is the final chapter of "Kimi ni XOXO"!

    Jan 6, 2011

    "Lily" Chapter 1

    First of all!  Get the Lily themed desktop wallpaper set!  (Link -- the second button is the download button)

    And now, here's the first chapter of "Lily" the companion series to "Magnolia".  This is a wonderful addition to "Magnolia" and I'm glad naked ape recognized how wonderful Lily's character is.

    Links to Lily Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF)

    If you can, I encourage you purchase this volume of Itan to support "Lily" and naked ape.  Who knows, you might find something else inside the magazine that interests you (I have, but I don't have enough bandwidth to add anymore series).

    Links to Purchase Itan 3:  (Amazon Japan) (Yes Asia)

    Also! naked ape has a store!  Link to naked ape's store  You can buy naked ape merchandise through their Amazon storefront and they have a private online store with special books and items.  Hopefully, they'll make some "Magnolia" stuff soon.  I need a poster or a lovely calender!

    Next up is "Orange Chocolate" chapter 21!

    Jan 4, 2011

    Japanese Woodblock Prints at the San Diego Museum of Art

    Today I went to the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa Park with Omari to see the "Dreams and Diversions" exhibit.  This exhibit features Japanese woodblock prints from 250-years ago to the present.  A majority of the prints were from two artists named Hakusai (1760 - 1849) and Hiroshige (1797-1858).  The prints featured were the first examples of mass produced postcards.  These postcards were sold at key points along the road from Kyoto to Edo (now Tokyo) as a way to remember the trip.

    I bought a couple of postcard books from the gift shop as souvenirs of the visit.

    For information about the exhibit and an online gallery showing the images Omari and I saw today, follow this link.

    Jan 3, 2011

    Magnolia Chapter 6

    It's another cruel chapter of "Magnolia"...this one is only 28 pages and as one of my proofreaders pointed out, the second page is a repeat. Boo! But it's a really good chapter and sets up for what I hope to be a thrilling volume 2.

    Links to Magnolia Chapter 6:  (Zip)(PDF)

    Spoilers Ahead --

    My thoughts on the chapter:
    Poor, poor, Nagi.  Nothing good can come of this for him.  Ayato is nutz, Yugo is relentless, and poor Nagi has his own heart to worry about.  But I think that's what makes this situation delicious.  What is poor Nagi going to do?  Ayato alone is more than a handful.  Oh, and then there's our other little flower, Lily.  I think after reading the companion Lily one-shot for the first volume of Magnolia, you all will understand why Lily is so down.  Lily...T_T...stay strong, girl!

    Oh, a note about Saiga Orway -- "Orway" is my best guess on the spelling of his last name.  Other possibilities are Olway, Alway, Aulway...sigh...I hate Katakana...

    I expect the first volumes of Aria series to release soon.  I will post links to purchase the books when they become available.

    Next up is the first of the "Lily" themed extra stories!

    Jan 2, 2011

    Manga Purchase: December 7th - 31st

    • Dengeki Daisy Volume 3 -- Kurosaki Delight!  Love him!!!  5/5
    • Kamisama Kiss Volume 1 -- The first chapter is pretty weak, but it gets better. 3/5
    • Arisa Volume 1 -- This starts off pretty innocently as a story of twin sisters separated by divorce.  Then one day the rebellious sister goes to visit the good sister and spends a day at school in her shoes.  Things go off the tracks from there beginning with the good sister's attempted suicide.  This got surprising intriguing towards the end of the first volume.  4/5.  Note of caution:  The English licensing isn't stable and as if now only volume 2 out of a 6 total available volumes out now are scheduled to release in 2011. 
    • Eensy Weensy Monster Volume 1 -- See my earlier review of this charming series. 5/5
    • Gakuen Alice Volume 14
    • VB Rose Volume 11 -- Flashbacks to when Yukari and Mitsuya first met that tease the edges of BL.  Part of me wishes it was something a little complicated like that...but...that's not the story.  Still, it feels a little like a cop out.  It looks like the translator and English adaptation writer were trying to use "hipper" language.  I think it was overall successful, though, a few phrases read a little weird.  4/5
    • Skyblue Shore Volume 1 -- See my earlier review of this boring first volume. FAIL. (No link to purchase.  Save your money for something better.) I hope this series doesn't influence whether the author's other series "Orange Chocolate" gets licensed.
    • Ghost Hunt Volume 11
    If you are interested in owning any of these series, please consider purchasing from Omari's Sister's Amazon store.  Thanks to the people who last month made purchases from the Ouran section I created.  I hope you are enjoying your merch :).