Dec 30, 2014

Winter Holiday Gift Ideas for the Shoujo Manga Lover in your Life

I forgot to do this last year, but this year, once again I have compiled a list of gift ideas for the shoujo lover in your life.  The complete list can be found at the Crimson Flower Amazon Store.

In general I recommend:
For folks who missed getting the Vampire Knight Volume 19 limited edition with the bundled illustration book, Amazon still has some! Here's a link!

Also, if the person wants to read electronic versions of their favorite manga, then I recommend getting the person a 32 GB iPad mini or the Kindle Paperwhite.

Manga volumes are also nice. Some of my favorites are:
If you are unsure, there are always gift cards! Consider giving an Amazon Gift card or a gift card from the person's favorite bookstore. Also for the Amazon shopper, consider gifting the person a year of Amazon Prime so they can buy tons for manga with free 2-day shipping.

Dec 15, 2014

Infrequent Series Announcement

With the ending of the Haruca anthology, the future of "A Pair of Blue Wings" is unknown. The series was already on a twice-per-year release schedule. Until the series is complete, we will put that project on hiatus. "Harapekona Majo" and "Tiny Mermaid Matters" are also infrequent series, so until those series have enough chapters built up to be coherent, we will put them on hiatus also. From now on, we will not take on any infrequent series until they are done because it's too frustrating to remember what happens from chapter to chapter while they are in serialization.

Dec 11, 2014

Kanojo ni Naru Hi -- Another Chp 7

First a few announcements:

  • This blog is now a scanlation only blog. Discussions, summaries, reviews, news, and haul posts are now posted on the Lovely Manga Blog ( I will write up my thoughts on CF releases on Lovely Manga so there will be no spoilers in the release posts or the comments.
  • Scanlation releases will be announced and posted here, the Crimson Flower ScansTumblr, and the @CrimsonFlowerRe Twitter. @KuronekoOO3 Twitter and the Kuroneko003 Tumblr will be tied to the Lovely Manga Blog.
  • The Crimson Flower Store is still open. New items will be added this week and next week as the December magazines come in.
Here is chapter 7! This chapter feels like a turning point in the story. I can't wait to read chapter 8, which just arrived about 20 minutes ago. I will write up a discussion post for this chapter on the Lovely Manga blog this afternoon.

The chapter discussion is here:

And now onto the release!

Dec 3, 2014

New Blog -- Kuroneko's Lovely Mangas

I've decided to make the Crimson Flowers blog a scanlation only blog. Therefore I pulled all the non-scanlation posts over to a new blog and started posting on that blog tonight. The blog is called "Kuroneko's Lovely Mangas". Here's the link. The main focus of this blog will be anime and manga reviews, series and oneshot summaries, and shoujo and josei manga news. The first new post has just been posted here. It covers highlights from Betsuhana issue 1/2015.