Jun 30, 2014

"Hanaibara" Chapter 3 (End)

This is the final chapter of the "Hanaibara" main story. We'll release the short extra story tomorrow. I guess I really can't discuss the chapter without spoiling, so I'll write a comment in a day or so. Oh! There is also a oneshot called "Dirge" in the "Hanaibara" compilation. We'll present that during our "Halloween" oneshot party later in the year.

I hope you've enjoyed this series and please look forward to the extra short story tomorrow!

And now onto the release!

Jun 29, 2014

Hanaibara Chapter 2

Here's Hanaibara Chapter 2! Soyogo fans will enjoy this chapter and I'm sure the fujoshi will be seeing more than what actually what happens this chapter. Haha! Oh well, to each his or her own.

Onto the release!

Jun 28, 2014

Short Series: Hanaibara Chapter 1

This is a slice-of-life short story from Avarus magazine that we've been working on for quite a while. Thanks to Peonine for the lovely translation. "Hanaibara" is another series that involves an erotic fiction novelist. Are you spotting a trend? I'm glad I waited until the tankoubon released because it includes some gorgeous color illustrations.

Flowers are a motif throughout the story, so to give some context, Peonine provided some translation notes. They will be placed at the end of each chapter.

This series is 3 chapters long plus an epilogue. We will be releasing each chapter and epilogue nightly. Please enjoy as this heartfelt low-key story unfolds.

And now onto the release!

Jun 27, 2014

Ane Lala Oneshot: "Petite Peche" Story 2

Here's the second "Petite Peche" story.  This story explores Yori and Momo's budding friendship more. I wish there were more to this than two stories because I really want to learn more about each woman's individual personality. I guess I want some day-in-the-life type stories. If there were going to be a story 3, I would like to see Yori and Momo decide to check out The Peach, the gay bar Momo considers to be her competition. That could be a really fun story!

The food in this one made me cringe a little. The Neba-Neba Platter was packed with everything I'm allergic to, so when I was going over the translation, I was cringing as I read the contents. Ugh... I swooned at the thought of all that taro.

And now onto the release!

Jun 26, 2014

Let's Get this Party Started! Ane Lala Oneshot: "Petite Peche" Story 1 by Bisco Hatori

Let's get our 5th-year anniversary started with the mangaka that begin it all, Bisco Hatori! Yes, before we limited ourselves to unlicensed content, I started scanlating "Ouran High School Host Club". That seems so long ago!

Thanks to everyone for being patience while we completed projects and while I dealt with some tough real-life issues. Hopefully real life will stay stable for me so we can keep moving and introducing you all to some new artists and exposing you all to the cutting edge of shoujo and josei.

As with any anniversary post, I would like to thank all past and present Omari's Sister and Crimson Flower volunteers.  You all are more than I ever asked for or deserve. Seriously, the quality of work the volunteers output is amazing! I feel blessed to have such a talented team.

All right, now, let's get to the actual release. This oneshot is from Ane Lala, a magazine that is advertised as "shoujo for women". Like it promises, the works in this magazine straddle the line between shoujo and josei. Most of the works involve working young ladies making their way in the world, but there are also a few historical and high school girl stories.

Petite Peche is nothing like "Ouran High School Host Club", but it's still very Bisco Hatori. It follows the recent trend of food in shoujo and josei manga. I would LOVE for this oneshot to expand into a series, and given that there is a second story, which we will release tomorrow, I think there is a strong possibility. I welcome any new series that explores healthy friendships between women.

And now onto the release!

Jun 23, 2014

Viz Media has Licensed "Baraou no Souretsu"

Viz Media has licensed "Baraou no Souretsu".  The licensed announcement isn't official, but the first volume is listed for sale on Book Depository (LINK). This is most excellent news! And per our policy, we will stop working on the series and remove the downloads from our servers. The first volume is scheduled to release on March 10th 2015 (Haha! Omari's birthday! How fitting for Omari's Sister!). Let's all support this wonderful series and Aya Kanno by purchasing the licensed version!

Volume 1 is available in Japanese.

Purchase: Amazon JP / Yes Asia

The series runs in Princess Magazine if you want to follow the series in real time.

Jun 4, 2014

New Josei Series: "Bread & Butter" Chapter 1

Under normal circumstances, we would not touch any series from Shueisha because of over-representation in scanlation and licensed content.  I'm taking a gamble that this series will not be licensed because the main characters are in their mid and late 30s. This is from the same mangaka who brought us "Sunadokei" ("The Hour Glass" or "Sand Chronicle") and "Piece". Haha! Hopefully this won't go off the rails like "Sunadokei" did.

I picked this series because I like Hara,  the main male character, and because bread. Do I really need any other justification beyond "bread-baking megane"? Anyhow, I hope you all give this series a chance despite the older protagonists. And if you are older like me, I hope you enjoy reading a love story about a couple long past their high-school years.

Volume 1 is available for purchase!  Here's a link!

And now onto the release!
Link to "Bread & Butter" Chapter 1: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be "The Ghost Apartment Manager" Chapter 12!