Jul 26, 2013

"Hakamori Majo Bianca" Chapter 5

Here is the latest chapter of "Hakamori Majo Bianca". The story isn't done and it's not clear whether we will get more more chapters. Because the Japanese publishers don't make most series and none of their magazines available for us in English, we cannot vote with our dollars to get more of a series.  It's sad that we must rely on fan translation to have access to wonderful series like HMB. Regardless, Yamazaki-sensei knows that there is a foreign audience that loves Bianca, and that we fans are cheering her on. Hopefully Bianca has enough Japanese fans to get a chapter or two or more to finish up the story.

In this chapter things seem to winding up to an end... but it's not the end.  It's more like the beginning of the end. Ugh...!!! We better get more chapters!

And now onto the release!

Jul 25, 2013

Summer Oneshot: "Koi Koinegau" by Haruka Izumi

And now we have a downbeat oneshot for the summer.  It's a kinda sad, but in that good way of sadness we can all relate to :).  Again, this is another oneshot written from the guy's perspective (by now you've noticed the trend). I very much want to huggle him by the end of this oneshot.  I think the analogy used in this oneshot is quite effective. Kudos to Izumi-sensei for strongly conveying that drowning in the air feeling.

A big thanks to Icarus Bride for her lovely translation! And thanks again to Aricania for typesetting!

And now on to the release!

Jul 23, 2013

Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama Chapter 5

This has nothing to do with this manga or Omari's Sister, but go see "Pacific Rim". It's the funnest movie of the summer season IMHO. I've been spamming the heck out of everyone on Tumblr with it. Anyhow, go give it some money, because we need more movies like this and less "Transformers" and "Battleship" crap.

Okay, back to the manga at hand. I think the release pace of "Ore to Atashi" is going to continue on like this. We're working on chapter 6 now, but I can't say with confidence that we'll release it in August. There are simply too many complex time-consuming redraws.

Anyhow... this chapter we start getting into the nitty-gritty matters of being female and we start scratching the surface of Hayate's "siscon". I think in terms of the nitty-gritty matters, this is best gender-swap manga I've read so far (not that I've read a great many of them.). And poor Tsukiyono... his precious feelings...

Okay, now onto the release!

Jul 22, 2013

Oneshot: "Ongaku ga Mieru Otoko" ("The Man who Could See Music") by Tsukiji Nao

FINALLY!!! It's done! Tsukiji Nao oneshots are a pain in the butt to letter. This oneshot in particular had A LOT of text and sound effects.  A big thanks goes out Kaito and Aricania for lettering this project. Also, a HUGE thanks to Jade for translating all that text!  The English adaptation is GORGEOUS!  Hooray for Jade!!! I think she really nailed this one!

This comes from the "Haikyo Shoujo" collection too. As you'll notice all the oneshots from that collection are connected by junk piles/ruins and hallucinations. This oneshot, in particular, has a nice life lesson -- one I recently learned myself.  I hope you all take comfort from this oneshot like I did.

And now onto the release!

Jul 19, 2013

"Pochamani" Chapter 7

Thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for us to continue "Pochamani".  I wanted to do this chapter in particular in high quality, and I think it was well worth the wait. From now on to be in-synch with the tankoubon releases, we will release one chapter per month. We anticipate no multiple months long hiatuses in the near to mid-range future.

I've included the artwork from the volume 2 tankoubon, so if you are feeling inspired, I would love some Pochamani banners for the blog (width: 1250px, height: 250 - 350px, PSD with separate text layer preferred)

Oh! I almost forgot! A big thanks goes out to our newest member Aricania for typesetting this chapter. Great job!

This is the Christmas chapter. I suppose I should leave my thoughts after the links so I don't spoil things here, so on to the release!

Jul 18, 2013

Summer 2013 Anime Season First Impressions

I haven't done one of these kind of posts in years. I'm sorry for the neglect. I can't promise anything, but I'll make a more concerted effort to review anime and manga in the future.  I'll keep my thoughts short here.

Insta-hate within 10-mins:
  • Fantastic Doll: Clearly a show designed to get children to buy dolls and cards. The was a weird mix of Clamp-like shoujo, but poorly done. They even gave the main character Sakura's hair style -- CHEAP....
  • Kiniro Mosaic:  Japan, don't English... just don't... and I promise not to Japanese (I'll only translate). We watched for a very uncomfortable 10-mins before the pain became unbearable.
  • Gatchaman Crowds:  We actually got through the entire first episode out of disbelief that that annoying girl was the main character. Who would trust a ditz like her with a secret. I wanted to put my fist through the TV
  • Makai Oujo -- Devils and Realists: uh...no... just no... (It's too fabulous to live... >_>)
  • K-On clones (Kitakubu Katsudo Kiroku, Love Lab, Tamayura More Aggressive...etc...): I hate K-On. I don't understand K-On's appeal. Stop making K-On.
  • Dangaronpa The Animation: I've had enough of psychopath stuffed animals and extraordinary kids locked in a prison-school where exiting is contingent upon winning a life or death battle.
Didn't Hate but probably not gonna watch:
  • Blood Lad: I can tell that this is good and it's going to be popular, but I smell endless shounen on it (even though I've been informed it's seinen.) and I just don't care
  •  Rozen Maiden 2013: Meh... the first episode was a recap, so maybe to be fair I should watch the second episode. But still I'm tired of psychopath females preying on other females to be the fairest to gain some man's affection... >_>
  • Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji -- Way too much manliness
Gonna Give These a Few More Episodes:
  • Servant x Service -- I don't know if this show can keep up the gag momentum
  • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyobi -- The first episode piqued my interest. I wanna watch some more to see what this is about.
Hooked and Gonna Watch:
  • Free!: Hands down the best show of this season. It combines fanservice for females, wonderful characters, a nicely developing story, and every episode leaves me smiling broadly.
  • Gin no Saji: Haha! I learned eggs come from chicken butts, and I laughed heartily at the main character's frustration. It's a keeper.
  • Uchouten Kazoku -- Tanukis and the like in human society. This show is immensely entertaining even though it's not clear yet what the story is. 
  • Dog and Scissors -- Another immensely fun show. I sympathize deeply with the poor little dog who used to be human.
Continuing from Last Season:
  • Shingeko no Kyojin -- 'cuz now there's Levi... >_>
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Haven't Watched Yet, but on my list to try:
  • Watamote
  • Hyperdimensional Neptunia
  • Yami Shibai
  • Fate/Kakeid Liner Prisma Illya
 Haven't Watched and Avoiding Like the Plague:
  • Brother's Conflict -- Yeah... I have a habit of avoiding Otoge series.
  • General Moe Crap -- too many to name

Projects Open to Spanish Retranslate

Pickings are getting slim in term of projects that do not have a Spanish language partner.  Here's a list of what's left (if you are a Spanish language group who has permission from us of any of these works, please contact me so I can update this list):

  • Assassin Red Riding
  • Bride on Loan
  • Kaichou-san no Koneko
  • Kanojo no Kare
  • Katakoi
  • Majo to Yajuu
  • Ojousama no Untenshu
  • Oz no Kakashi Tsukai
  • Please Leave, Hero
  • Red House
  • Sekai no Hate no Sougen
  • Summer Blue
  • The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress
  • The Most Beautiful Name
  • The Wizard and the Love Potion
  • World End Garden

Jul 14, 2013

"Hakamori Majo Bianca" Chapter 4

Bianca's back with two more chapters! Having read both of the new chapters, it seems that the story isn't over yet. Hopefully with encouragement from readers in Japan, we'll get a few more chapters to complete the story. (It seems to me that a chapter or two more ought to be enough content to publish in a tanakoubon.)

We pick up the story with Bianca more confused than ever and poor Nelo clumsily trying to play cupid.  I truly like Nelo.  She's a sweet girl. I'd like to see a spinoff where she finds magic success and a love of her own. More Nelo funky fashions would be nice too :3.  Maybe call it something like "Fortuneteller in-Training Nelo!" That would give us more Big Mama too!

And now onto the release!

Jul 13, 2013

New Series: "many" Chapter 1 by Kakeru Tsutsumi

Tonight we are debuting a new short series "many". It's only three chapters long, and we anticipate releasing the next two chapters within this month (though I'm not promising that).

Thanks to Peonine for a lovely translation, Suzume and Yoriko for cleaning and redrawing, and lastly to Holanio for typesetting.

Retranslation Partners:
La Noche de los Caidos -- Spanish

On to the release!

Jul 11, 2013

Oneshot: "Lip Smoke" by Mai Nishikata

I've been trying to find time all day to release this, but I had a rare busy day that didn't involve OS. I'm happy to say, with my Dad's help, I fixed two of our toilets today. Now that they're fixed, I hope to never have to put my hands in a toilet tank again. I also had a nice night out with hubby and visited Omari for a little while. I feel quite accomplished, and overall, today was a good day. (I'll take small victories when I can get them.) And now, before I head to bed, I finally have the chance to release this oneshot.

A big thanks go out to Kumiko for doing the redraws and to the translation crew for helping correct and smooth out the translation.

Retranslation Partners:
La Noche de los Caidos -- Spanish
Manga Unlimited -- German
Shiro to Kuro -- French
Dimichan Scans -- Portuguese

My thoughts on this: At so many points this oneshot could have gone wrong, but it takes a route similar to "Piano Lessons for an Adult", which pretty much takes care of the issues I have with age gap stories. And with that, on to the release!

Jul 9, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 33

With this chapter, we are caught up again to the Japanese release of this series.  Just to set your expectations correctly, this is a monthly series that runs in Aria magazine. Aria releases every month on the 28th.

The story takes a big leap forward with this chapter.  Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of  beating around the bush.  Now that we've spent time exploring each possibility for Ayato and establishing that Ayato has no interest in girls, we can move onto the next arc.  What that will be about is tough to say because there are many possibilities.  Regardless, I'm eager for the story to keep moving. Such that I don't spoil things, I'll write my thoughts in the comments section later.

Onto the release!

Jul 2, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 32

I am crazy sleepy, so everything I write after this point might be gibberish. I'm sorry.  Anyhow... we're starting to get somewhere with this chapter of "Magnolia".  I totally ship Alexandra x Ayato...but well... that wouldn't make things interesting. Still I like Alexandra and Robert and I hope they still have a role in the story moving forward, or maybe they'll get a little spinoff like "Lily". I would really like that. 

Hugo, Hugo... what will we do with you? Damn men like him. He so infuriating, but at the same time overwhelmingly sexy. But we'll get to more about him during the chapter 33 release.

Oh Volume 6 is available for purchase!

Amazon JP via Naked Ape (LINK)
YesAsia (LINK)

Go buy it. Alexandra's on the cover. It's pretty!

And now onto the release!

Jul 1, 2013

New Series: "Kanojo ni Naru Hi" ("Becoming a Girl Day") by Akane Ogura

At last we are introducing a new series! It's not the series I expected to debut first, though. Rather, this series came out of the blue, and I liked it so much that I jumped on it immediately. (Akane Ogura gender-bender -- how could I resist?)

I don't want to say much about the story, because I believe it's best to go into this knowing nothing.  So instead I will talk about how Hakusensha is distributing the series. The first chapter ran in Lala DX and the rest of the series is being released as a tankoubon rather than continuing in Lala DX.  I don't know why this was done, but considering this title page image and the cover image, I wonder if it's a little racier than what appears in Lala DX. Personally I welcome that, but I'm not getting my hopes up. The tankoubon will be released on July 5th. I have it on pre-order, so when it arrives on the 8th we can just pound through and finish the series in the background.

A big thanks goes out to Peonine for helping me smooth out some of the finer points of the translation.  And also thanks to Ichi for speedy redraws.

Retranslation Notice: 
  • La Noche de Los Caidos -- Spanish
  • Shiro to Kuro -- French 
  • Dimichan -- Portuguese
  • Sunshine Group -- Vietnamese

And now onto the release!