Nov 30, 2009

Arakure Chp 56 (The Final Chapter) Translation

At last!  Here's the final chapter of Arakure!

Link to Arakure Chp 56

I enjoyed this series a lot and I'm sad to see it end.  I will definitely miss these characters. I hope you all enjoyed it too :).  Fujiwara has a new series out running in Betsuhana (it may be more "adult" than Arakure) and there's also a one-shot.  I'll look into to both of these.

Next up is Yoroshiku Master!

Nov 25, 2009

Manga Review: The Palette of 12 Secret Colors

The "Palette of 12 Secret Colors" by Nari Kusakawa is a wonderful low key manga series.  It's the story of Cello, a color magician, or "Palette, who bumbles through the years as a Palette student on a warm tropical island.  Cello is lousy as a standard Palette, but excels when she uses her powers in her own way.  As per many Shoujo manga series, there's a romance with an older male member of the faculty, in this case, the school doctor, Dr. Guell.  For the most part, the romance is dealt with in a manner that doesn't sugar coat the difficulties and at one point questions whether the relationship is proper.  However, at the same time, these difficulties aren't shoved down the reader's throat and, in this sense this sense, the romance is pleasant and ties in nicely with the story as Cello matures as a person and a Palette student.

There are some very cute and, at times, hilarious bird side-kicks.  The birds are the palette's companions and in a way serve as the "chorus."  They have their own role in the story, sometimes acting as obstacles the budding romance.  Ultimately, though, the birds love their companions and, in the end, cheer the couple on.

This series runs 27 chapters, compiled into 6 volumes.  There are also some one shots to pad each volume.  I really like that story was tightly limited, though, the end felt a little rushed.  I highly recommend this story for its imagination, likable low-key characters, adorable bird side-kicks, and it's general tropically laid-back feel.  5/5

Buy "The Palette of 12 Secret Colors" from Amazon

Nov 24, 2009

Ouran Chp 77 Previews

Here are the previews from Lala 1/2010 for Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 77.  Lala 2/2010 will be released in Japan on 12/24/2009.

Look forward to it!

Lala Jan 2010 Issue Calendar


One of the great things about getting Japanese manga magazine are the enclosed freebies.  In Lala 01/2010, the freebie was a beautiful set of 2010 calendar post cards.  I've turned them in 1920-pixel width wallpaper for your laptop or PC desktop.  

If you want your own set of cards, but live outside of Japan, you can buy the Jan 2010 issue of Lala online at Amazon Japan, Sanseido Books (inside of the Mitsuwa Marketplace), and Akadot (it should be available there in 2 - 4-weeks).

I don't why the Japanese publishers doesn't concurrently publish the magazines in English in paper or electronically.  They're leaving money on the table ...

    Arakure Chp 55 Translation

    It's the second to last chapter of Arakure.  At last it's revealed that Sachie is a Yakuza princess, and her best friend's mother can't handle it.  What's poor Sachie going to do?  This part of the story is pretty standard, dare I even say perfunctory -- well, let's just get it over with.  There's also some nice moments with Rakuto :)

    Link to Arakure Chp 55

    I probably won't be able to get to the last chapter of Arakure until after the long Thanksgiving holiday.  Sorry!  I promise, though, it will be worth the wait :).

    For those of you who want to buy the English translation of Arakure, it's published by Viz until the title "Wild Ones."

    Nov 22, 2009

    Ouran Chp 76 Translation

    Update (11/29/2009):  Prompted by a comment on Mangafox, I took another look at the original Japanese on pg 27.   I originally translated Tamaki's intent as him wanting to understand his grandmother.  However, after consulting a grammar reference, I see it's the other way around.  He wants to be acknowledged by his grandmother so she can understand his point of view.  Consequently, I have re-translated page 27 and updated the file to version 1.  Sorry for the error, but I'm grateful to have had it pointed out :).  It helps a lot to improves my skills.
    I'm sorry to report the thunderstorm romance was not meant to be.  But it's all right because this chapter shows just how wonderful Haruhi is.  Anyhow, this was a very difficult chapter to translate, and I'm sure I got a thing or two wrong, but I hope I captured the spirit of events.  Here's version 0.  If the proofreaders find any errors, there will be a version 1 tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Link to Ouran High School Host Club Chp 76 (Retired)(11/29/2009: version 1 -- I re-translated pg 27.   No edits from Pyro.
    Update -12/25/2009: Corrected the spelling of one of the dogs Bunshichi --> Punshichi

    Enjoy! I will finish up Arakure Chp 55 hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Nov 18, 2009

    Arakure Chp 54 Translation

    Here's Arakure Chp 54.  This marks the beginning of the end of the series and contains the moment we've all been waiting for.  In the next chapter, Sachie is forced to come clean about her "family" which causes some difficulties with her best friend's mother.  The last chapter, nicely wraps things up with Sachie's graduation.  I'm very pleased with the thoughtful way this manga series ends.

    Link to Arakure Chp 54

    I should get chapter 55 done before Ouran 76 is released.  I doubt, though, that I will be able to squeeze out the last chapter before Ouran.  I have to jam on Ouran so I can get it done before "I'm whisked away" for a long Thanksgiving weekend -- I have to cook and be social ...heheheh...

    Nov 16, 2009

    Yoroshiku Master -- Chp 8 Special Translation

    Here's the special chapter of "Yoroshiku Master" that was published between chapter 7 and 9.  For some reason there is no chapter 8 ???  Anyhow, it's a very short, but cute chapter.

    Link to Yoroshiku Master Chp 8 Special

    And with this I kick off my holiday season :).  Happy winter holidays to all of you around the world :)

    Upcoming Translations Through February

    First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey and took the time to write very thoughtful suggestions to me.  It really helped.  Looking my "bandwidth," my interests, my library, and what you guys want, here's the plan for the next 3 - 4 months in no particular order:
    • "Arakure" Chp 54, 55, and 56 Done
    • "Yoroshiku Master" chp 9, 10, 11 & 12 (on hold) -- Completed by the Dragon Voice Scanlation Group!
    • "Hachimitsu no Hana" chp 13 - 15
    • "Small World"  Done
    • A surprise favor for Sapphire Pyro (my proof reader) -- Akagami Chp 14 Done
    • Ouran 77 Done
    • Ouran 78 
    • ZHD 14
    • Trial first chapters of new series:  
      • "I Can't be a Bride" (FAIL -- it's a "Kimi wa Petto" clone)
    • "Folktale Reindeer" (one shot) Dropped because of uber-weak female lead character
    After finishing these up and sharing some new series, I'll survey again to see what you all want. Hopefully, in this time some of the series that seem to be on hold by other scanlation groups will pick up, so I don't feel the need to do them.

    Nov 15, 2009

    New Manga Trial: Morie Satoshi's "Love Sick"

    Here's the first chapter of Morie Satoshi's "Love Sick."  This manga didn't hook me, but since I completely translated the chapter, I figured I should go ahead and scanlate it so you all can read it too and give some feedback.  Please, forgive me for any typos because I only did one quick proofread myself since this is just a trial.  I will not be scanlating this series because it's not very interesting to me.  However, if you are interested, perhaps having the first chapter already translated will help you petition another scanlation group.

    Link to Morie Satoshi's "Love Sick" Sick 1

    Anyhow, this reminds me of a twisted Ouran clone.

    Next up is the special chapter of "Yoroshiku Master" that seems to be in place of chapter 8.  I don't know why, but there appears to be no chapter 8 in that series.  After that, I will get back to Arakure and wrap up that series before continuing Yoroshiku Master and looking as some other manga series.

    Nov 12, 2009

    Arakure Chp 53 Translation

    Here's Arakure Chp 53.  And with this chapter we come to the end of the very short Kyoto arc.  In this chapter Sachie shows her resolve.  I like this chapter a lot because it shows when two people are in love, they will do whatever it takes to be together.  Love doesn't always have to be a sacrifice or painful.

    Link to Chp 53 (11/13/2009 version 2)

    I'm going to take a little break to take a look at some of the options for my next project.  I figured the best thing to do is to translate and post the first few pages of each series so you guys and I can get a feel for the series.  After that, only 3 more chapters of Arakure remain.  The next chapter has the "pay-off."  It's very romantic scene, which makes me wonder whether I should really take a break ...

    Oh! and for those of you interested in some of the points of interests in the Kyoto arc, here are some links with information and lots of photos of the real thing!

    Yasui Konpira Temple
    [The rock plastered with paper slips - © Ad Blankestijn]

    The Kamogawa (River)
    Courtesy of  Wikipaedia

    The Kyomizu Temple

    Courtesy of Wikipaedia

    Nov 11, 2009

    New Project Survey Finished

    The new project survey ended early this morning.  "Ultimate Venus" won by a large margin at the last minute.  However, two or three days ago I wrote I would not be taking on that project in this blog because parts of it are not appropriate for a general audience. 

    I received some excellent suggestions in the comments and as a result, I will be translating "Yoroshiku Master" for the holiday season.  As for after that, "Toshokan Sensou" and "Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri" are the front runners.  However, given the excellent suggestions, I would like to take some time to research some of these other series before making a final decision.  The question is how to do it.  I did enjoy getting feedback and I found it very helpful.  I feel, though, before I choose a series I need get a sense of whether I like it.

    My plan is to start the new project in January, so in the meantime, if there are new or untranslated series you are interested in, let me know in the comments and will check the series out.  Here's a list of the magazine I get:

    Lala DX
    Bestuscomi Extra
    Hana to Yume
    Hana to Yume Extra

    Here are some of the series that are on my list to checkout:
    *Love Sick (Morie Satoshi) -- Done/meh...(still release chp 1 scanlation, ETA 11/16/2009)
    *Orange Chocolate
    *Hyakujuu Kingdom
    *Berry Berry - Banri Hidaka
    *Akatsuki no Yona - Mizuho Kusanagi

    Nov 10, 2009

    Arakure Volume 7 (Chp 34 - 38) -- Words Can't do Justice

    Words can't do Arakure volume 7 justice, so I'm not even going to try to write a summary in detail.  It really is a volume you should buy.

    Chapter 34

    Kazuya likes Miho and intends to confess to her, but Miho likes Rakuto.  Kazuya now hates Rakuto.  Meanwhile the teachers are pressuring Rakuto and Sachie to choose a career path. Back to Kazuya:  he decides to find Rakuto's weakness and expose it.  In passing, Rakuto congratulates Takaya (Sachie's class president and the son of the police detective) for winning the  election and becoming the next Student Body President.  Kazuya hears a rumor about Rakuto's past.  It is said that Rakuto was known as "Buddha Raku," the leader of a Kanto area street gang in junior high."  Instead of it being a bad thing, the girls think Rakuto's even cooler because of it.  The truth behind it is that Rakuto was in a street gang, he moved up quickly through the ranks to become the leader.  As the leader he told his members the gang life would lead them nowhere and told them to follow his example into the light and become good and responsible citizens. Consequently, he left the gang, thereby leaving a strong impression on the some of the gang members, one of them being Takaya.

    In the career center (or someplace akin to that), Sachie and Takaya are doing some research.  Sachie asks Takaya whether he's going to follow in his father's footsteps and become a cop.  Takaya says he went through a rebellious phase, but that neither that nor his father's legacy affect him.  He then throws the question back at Sachie, asking her whether she intends to take over her "family business."  Kazuya locks Sachie and Takaya in the career center, thinking that Rakuto's in there, so Rakuto can't go and recieve Miho's confession.  Rakuto meets up with Miho, but nothing happens because Rakuto recieves a text message from Sachie, telling him she's locked in the career center with Takaya.  Rakuto comes and grabs Sachie away.  Sachie tells him to let her go and that Takaya didn't lock them in.  Takaya notes Sachies stubborness and the fact that Rakuto caved in.  Takaya says Rakuto has changed and Rakuto replies that he and Sachie can't both be stubborn.  With great admiration, Takaya confesses to Rakuto and is met with swift rejection.

    As the chapter comes to a close, the teachers decide to do a home visit because Rakuto still hasn't filled in his career survey.

    Chapter 35

    The teachers decide Rakuto must go to a top university because he's too smart not to and they need a source of pride for the school.  Rakuto's teacher comes over to the Clan house for a home visit.  The Yakuza try their best to act like a normal responsible family.  The teacher thinks the household is too noisy and disorganized for Rakuto to concentrate on his studies.  However, the clan gets together to defend themselves and express their love for Rakuto.  The teacher relents.  After the teacher is gone, Sachie tells Rakuto that she's glad he wasn't taken away and she wants him to graduate safely and go to college.

    Chapter 36

    During her grocery shopping trip, Sachie wins a pair of tickets to a theme park.  Azuma and Rakuto both want to go with Sachie, so they take a compatibility test with Sachie to determine who will go.  Azuma gets 86% and Rakuto gets 3%.  Regardless of the test, Sachie buys an extra ticket so the three of them can go.  The guys vie to get paired with Sachie on the rides, however, Sachie chooses rides they can all go on together. During a break, Sachie goes to get drinks.  While alone together, Azuma makes a bargain with Rakuto.  Azuma wants to ride the Flower Gondola (there's a love superstition associated with the ride) and is willing to give up on the other rides for that one.  The two argue about the love compatibility scores and Sachie overhears.  She says she's going to double check, but when she returns she has checked Azuma and Rakuto's capatability, which happens to be 100%  While Sachie is doing this, Rakuto notices his name is spelled incorrectly on form displaying his compatibility with Sachie.  Sachie comes bounding back and Rakuto is completely frustrated.  He corners Sachie and asks her to consider why he and Azuma are in bad moods.  Clueless Sachie responds, "Because you both wanted to come here!" and then explains that she's been intentionally picking rides they can all do together.  Rakuto is saddened because he now thinks Sachie only sees him as a friend.  Sachie, further misinterpreting matters and sends Rakuto and Azuma onto the Flower Gondola together so they can improve their relationship.  There they complain that it is like they've been dating each other all day.  While they are on the ride, Sachie goes and gets another compatibility reading and this time it's for her and Rakuto.  It's 99%.  Sachie doesn't appear to be fully aware of why she's done this.

    Chapter 37 - 38

    This begins the awful and way too long Midori story arc.  Basically, Sachie interrupts Midori's act of bravery.  Midori challenges Sachie and the prize is Rakuto.  Midori also happens to be a Yakuza Princess.  Midori wins, so Rakuto has to be Midori's personal butler and Sachie has to be a chambermaid to replace Midori's caretaker, Kotarou, who is ill.  It ends with the elevator scene that is replayed in chp 39.

    ---- End Volume 7 ----

    Nov 9, 2009

    Arakure Volume 6 (Chp 30 - 33) Summaries

    Chapter 30 

    The chapter begins with Azuma complaining to himself about what Sachie told Rakuto ("I guess it's not so bad if it means you'll always be around") and thinks Sachie, in so many words, has confessed to Rakuto.  Meanwhile a pudgy guy name Tataki Yoichi and his son show up and ask the gang for money to help save their restaurant.  Apparently, in his younger years, the pudgy guy used to be a skinny and very skilled burglar.  He left the gang to buy a house and open a restaurant with his wife.  Anyhow, Tataki's wife died a few months earlier and since then, the food quality decreased, which in turn, led to a significant decrease in the number of customers patronizing his restaurant.

    In a little side conversation, the other yakuza bring up the fact the position of "caretaker" doesn't change unless the caretaker dies.  Azuma thinks to himself, as things are now, Sachie and Rakuto will eventually end up with each other.

    Later, Sachie and the gang head over to Tataki's restaurant.  It's a shabby looking restaurant with roaches skittering about and bad food.  Sachie and the gang clean up the restaurant and Sachie cooks a bunch of food.  Tataki's son thinks Sachie's cooking tastes like his mother's and Yoichi says he was attracted to his wife because her cooking tasted like Yukie's (Sachie mother).  Tataki's son, Sokichi begs Sachie to teach him and his father to cook.  Raizo cautions them that Sachie is a good home cook, but not necessarily a restaurant cook.  Later Rakuto hints to Sachie that she should turn down the offer at the restaurant and Sachie considers it.  The next day they go to the restaurant and find it completely wrecked and some thugs from another gang are there roughing up Tataki.  Sachie asks what's going on and the Yakuza tells her this is what happens to people who don't pay back loans.  Sachie gets a self-righteous burr up her butt and says she'll take on the debt and signs a contract to do so with a bloody hand print.  The debt is stupidly high, but Sachie is determined.  Sokichi is dazzled by Sachie and asks her to be his girlfriend.  Azuma jumps in and says Sachie is his girlfriend and tells Sokichi to back off.  Rakuto is, of course, pissed.  Furthermore, Azuma decides to help out and tells Rakuto that he (Azuma) will confess to Sachie if they save the restaurant.

    Chapter 31

    Back at home, Sachie explains she signed a contract in blood for the restaurant debt totaling 20-Million Yen (about $200,000US).  Apparently, blood is legally binding which puts the Asagi group in a pinch. Later that night, Azuma tries to cheer up Sachie while rubbing in his "pretend boyfriend" status, urking Rakuto further.  The next day, the whole gang goes to the restaurant to repair the damage and get things back in working order.  Rakuto completely dominates Sachie, justifying his actions because he's her "caretaker."  When they open up the restaurant, female customers pack in, lured by the young and handsome waiters Azuma and Rakuto.  After the busy night, Azuma decides to further irritate Rakuto and asks Rakuto whether he is helping because he wants to cheer him (Azuma) on with regards to confessing to Sachie.  Rakuto says he's doing it because he is Sachie's caretaker.  Azuma, tired of Rakuto's nonchalance, grabs Rakuto by the collar and asks him what he really wants to do.

    The next day at school, Sachie happily tells Rakuto that they did 1-million Yen in business in a day.  She says she's going to see this effort through to the end and invites Rakuto to go back to help at the restaurant after school.  Rakuto says, with a very fake smile, he has a student council meeting and, therefore, can't help out.  Later at the restaurant, Rakuto over hears the rival thugs talking about how they want the land and not the money and that is why they asked for the ridiculous sum of 20-million Yen.  Rakuto confronts the bad guy and the bad guy seems to want to make a deal after realizing Rakuto seemingly has no interest in seeing the debt paid.  Later, the bad guy comes back to the restaurant and says the debt is due the next day.  That's when the Asagi and Tataki realize they've been "loan sharked."  The group decides to head out to "take care" of matters.  Rakuto calls the rival group and tells them that the Asagi Clan is on their way.  Is Rakuto a traitor?

    Chapter 32

    After the phone call, Rakuto ponders Azuma's question.  Of course, Rakuto knows what he wants to do. The Asagi group arrives to find the rival group packing up to leave.  Someone within the Asagi group is a snitch!  Azuma recalls seeing Rakuto in a car with the members from the rival group, thereby, accusing him of being the traitor.  Sachie vigorously defends Rakuto, saying there's no way he would betray the family.  And then they go through the motions of "is Rakuto a traitor or not" until the police show up, saying they've got some interesting evidence with regards to the rival group's loan sharking activities.  All of this, of course, was provided by Rakuto.  Later they are celebrating and Rakuto leaves to get some air.  Azuma follows to taunt Rakuto about his (Azuma's) confession, asking Rakuto if he wants to know Sachie's response.  Rakuto says he doesn't care because he just wants Sachie to be happy.  Azuma then asks if Rakuto intends to let things be like this forever.  Rakuto responds, "Well, I am the caretaker."  

    Later Yoichi thanks the Asagi group for allowing him to leave the family so he could have an honest life.  This is a revelation to Rakuto!  Seeing that Rakuto has just understood the possibility of a future outside of "the family", Azuma says to Rakuto, "I'll tell you what Sachie said."  He leans in close, as if to whisper a secret, and then kisses Rakuto on the cheek.  

    The next day, Sachie is red and upset looking.  She tells Rakuto that Azuma confessed to her.  Azuma told her he can't eat raw foods and she feels bad because he's been eating all of her dishes regardless of whether they were raw or not.  Meanwhile, a pair of teachers are complaining to one another about how neither Sachie or Rakuto has filled out their career planning forms.  However, they still have time.

    Chapter 33

    This is a filler chapter with Jin and his cat Yuki.

    Jin picks up a stray cat and takes it to the Asagi clan house.  There, they are all celebrating Obon (something like "Day of the Dead" in Mexico).  They have decorated the house with little vegetables with toothpick legs so the veggies look like horses.  The dead are supposed to ride the "horses" to visit the living.  Sachie has made a cucumber horse for her deceased mother.  Jin asks Sachie if she wants to go with him to visit Yukie's grave.  On his way out the "Slick" (that's what I call him), the Yakuza with the pompadour, asks what the cat's name is and reminds Jin that pets are named after loved ones.  

    Flashback to when Jin was young and Yukie was still alive and living with the family:   Yukie is teasing Jin by asking him if he has someone he likes so she can name  his pet gerbil (maybe...though, it could be a ferret???).  He says he doesn't, so Yukie decides to name the gerbil "Yukie."  And then seriously she tells Jin, "until someone you love shows up, I'll be the one you love" (oh. way too cruel, Yukie!!!)

    At the grave yard, Jin sees a hallucination.  Yukie has come to "close up shop" and says she didn't expect to see him at her grave.  Meanwhile, Azuma is calling the stray cat "Sachi"  and teasing Rakuto about it too, saying that Rakuto is actually the one who wants to name the cat "Sachie."  Azuma pressures Rakuto to call the cat "Sachie", but Rakuto can't because he way too embarrassed.  To add to the fun, Sachie, pondering who she loves, mutters that she would name the cat "Ra--" and then stops herself mid name.  Azuma and Rakuto are stunned, but then promptly interrupted because the other Yazuka have lost the cat.  As they look for the cat, they call it by all sorts of names, presumably of people each one of them loves.  Back to Jin's hallucination ... he and Yukie are having a beer at a restaurant.  Meanwhile, back at home, Raizo notices that Yukie's spirit horse has fallen over with no wind around to push it.  Back to the hallucination ... Jin and Yukie shoot some pool, go bowling, and end up at night on a star lit hill.  Jin "pushes down" Yukie and says he's not a kid anymore.  Yukie, though, tells Jin that he is still that same kid who was too scared to reach out for anything.  Yukie asks Jin if he's going to visit his father's grave.  Apparently, Jin hates his Dad.  Regardless, Yukie tells Jin that the dead can't visit unless there is someone alive to welcome the dead person's spirit.  She then gets up to leave.  As she leaves, she encourages Jin to reach out to the people who are now in his life.  And then Jin's cell phone rings and it's Sachie informing him that the cat is missing.  Jin returns to find the cat hiding under the house.  He calls out "Yuki" to the cat and the cat comes to him.  And then a little later, Jin and the cat are off to go visit another grave, presumably his father's.

    -----End of Volume 6----

    For the Holiday Season -- "Yoroshiku Master" is a Go!

    It's the holiday season and what better way to spend it than with Christmas themed manga! "Yoroshiku Master" only has 5 chapters and a short special left (Chp 8 - 12 -- Volume 3?) so I will go ahead and complete the series starting this month through January. 

    After that, I will begin a new series.  "V.B. Rose" is temporarily out because it's lowest ranked on the survey and it looks like volume 7 is coming out the first week of January.  This leaves "Toshokan Sensou" and "Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri"  From the survey it looks like either is acceptable.  I was thinking of doing both in an chapter by chapter alternate fashion.  I don't know if I can pull that off though ...

    Arakure Chp 52 Translation

    Here is Arakure chapter 52, the beginning of the short Kyoto field trip story arc.  Sachie and Rakuto test the waters of a long distance relationship.

    Please DO NOT upload this file to any manga aggregator websites.  I will upload the file when I'm ready, so be please be patient.

    Link to Arakure Chp 52

    4 more chapters to go ...

    Nov 3, 2009

    Help Me Choose my Next Project

    Update (11/08/2009):  With 2-days left, it looks like "Ultimate Venus" is pulling ahead. However, after taking a second look at the series, I think the content may not be appropriate for a general audience, so I've decided that I cannot go forward with scanlating this series on this blog.  This leaves me with a the selections that are tied for 2nd and some suggestions from other folks.  In light of this, I will do a second round of polling and apologize to those folks who voted for "Ultimate Venus."

    Update (11/05/2009):  It looks like there's a 3-way tie so far ... that's not very helpful.  I didn't expect any support for "Ultimate Venus."   I've taken a peek at Ultimate Venus up through Volume 8. Heheheh ... you won't be disappointed with that one ... but I was hoping something "sweeter" would emerge.  There are still 5 days to go, so hopefully a clear winning will reveal itself.

    "Arakure" is rapidly coming to end and I need to decide what my next project will be.  Please use the poll on the top right corner of this blog to express your opinion.  I have made it such that you can choose more than one manga.  If you have another suggestion not on the list, please write it as a comment to this blog entry.

    Nov 2, 2009

    Arakure Chp 51 Translation

    Here's Arakure Chapter 51.  This is a bittersweet chapter and Azuma fans should get out a couple of hankies.  I like manga like this in which the main character has two excellent choices for a mate.  It's always sad when the choice is finally made, but at the same time it's satisfying because we the reader know it's destiny.  I think this is the way life as humans.  Love is a train.  Whether the person knows or not, there are always more than one person in love with them and when that person settles on someone, the train of other folks is hurt.  And so it goes from person to person as unrequited love stays unrequited.  Sigh... Here's the link:

    Link to Arakure Chp 51

    And now there are 5 more chapters to go ... I'm so happy to have the stack of Hana to Yume's shrinking in my office as I re-shelve them in my "library" (which has run out of shelves and now is spilling onto the floor.  I should take donations for a bookcase.)

    Nov 1, 2009

    Anime I'm Currently Watching -- Fall 2009

    Here's what I'm watching currently:

    • Darker than Black Season 2
    • The Sacred Blacksmith
    • Nyan Koi
    • Kimi ni Todoke (ow, my rotten teeth ... I don't know if I can get through this one completely)
    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni
    • Inuyasha
    • Hanasakeru Seishonen
    • Yumeiro Patissiere (too adorable to resist!)
    • Guin Saga (1 more episode to go!) Done!  Great series!
    In Purgatory:
    • Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)
    Gave up on:
    • A Certain Scientific Railgun -- all fan service, no storyline, and no relation to the original series
    • 11Eyes -- boring and the lead female character is too helpless
    • Fairytale -- ??? looks like a "One Piece" clone and I'm the wrong demographic. 
    • Armed Librarians -- hubby and I didn't get it :(.
    • Tegami Bachi (Letter Bees) -- huh?