May 30, 2011

Please Remember to be Respectful and Assume Good Intent

I just receives some very discouraging comments from some bitter and petty cowards too scared to comment under their own identity.  As a result, I will be turning off anonymous commenting for a few days to keep the trolls at bay. That said, fans really need to learn how to curb their enthusiasm and remember this is fun and that we all love manga.  The idea is to get as much manga out as possible.   I'm not competing with anyone or any other group and I do my best to show respect to other groups. So please keep your comments constructive and respectful and assume good intent when a duplication does happen.   Communication is poor between translation groups, so duplication is bound to happen.  Don't just assume that one group or another is stealing projects...ugh...and besides, I'm not opposed to duplication.  I like having multiple perspectives on a translation so duplication doesn't offend me.  But I understand that most groups don't share the same feeling and, honestly, it makes me sad.  This is why I try to avoid duplication as much as possible.  In other words, I do my best to avoid duplication out of respect for other groups who may not share my views on duplication.

Moving on...please, OS fans, always be respectful and considerate and understand even if there are duplications, both groups put in some very hard work on the project.  Cheer both groups on rather than tearing down one group or another.  And on that note: unless I know another groups future plans so I can avoid them, I'm gonna do what I see fit for this group and plow ahead despite duplication, unless there's a good reason not to.  Our release schedule and our future projects are clearly listed and that's all I can do.  I'm not a mind reader, so unless other groups list what they are working on, I can't know.  Also, haters, be damned.  Clearly you don't get it. Your comments will not be read beyond the first 5 words and they will be instantly trashed and forgotten.