May 13, 2011

Buy My Used Manga!


I have set up Paypal you can buy the books as a set from me directly and save on shipping.  Please use the Amazon Store link to see what I've got in stock.  If you want to buy a set of books, please send me an e-mail l via the "contact" link at the top of the blog and we'll make an arrangement.  If you want to buy one or two volumes, then it's best to use Amazon. *Wow I was tired when I first wrote this update.  I'm sorry about the previous illiterate babble*
I'm cleaning my shelves again to make room for new manga!  I've put some of my manga selection up for sale on my Amazon Marketplace store, "Manga4Sale".  All the books are lightly used and most of them look brand new.  Here's what's for sale:
  • Ai Ore! Volume 1 (Just Added!) -- Sold!
  • Mistress Fortune
  • Mixed Vegetables Volumes 4 - 8 -- Sold!
  • Tail of the Moon Volumes 1 - 15 --Sold!
  • The Lizard Prince Volume 1 -- Sold!
I've done my best to price them decently and if you buy 3 or more, I can give you a discount on the shipping.  Just send me an e-mail to let me know about purchase so I know your a regular reader of this blog.

Here's a link to my store:  Link