May 19, 2011

Placing May Order at Amazon JP, Taking Requests

Update:  Single magazine shipping cost to Canada is $11.95

Wow!  The little book selling venture I decided to try on a whim went extremely well last week!  I made enough money to nearly pay for all the magazines I pull materials from for our projects!  Let's see if we can keep up the momentum and expand things a little.  I would love it if our little community sustained this blog while at the same time did something to get money into our favorite mangakas' hands through book sales.

It seems that the biggest barriers keeping most of you from ordering from Amazon JP is the language barrier and that pesky initial shipping charge.  Well, I can help with that.  You can piggy back on my orders to get cheaper shipping from Amazon Japan.

I'm putting in my order next week for May's materials (June's projects).  Here's a list of the stuff I'm getting and the price I can offer to get it for you.  Shipping will vary based on what and how many items you get.  If you want magazines, it's best to get 2 or 3 so I can use a $10.95 flat rate priority mail shipper to get them to you.  Single books in the US are ~$2.50 for first Class Mail ($3.50 for Canada).

  • Lala Magazine $9
  • Betsuhana $10.50
  • Aria $12.00
  • Princess $10
  • Lala DX $12.50
  • Hana to Yume Comics -- $9/each
    • Ouran Volume 18
    • AnS Volume 1 - 5 (Volume 3 on backorder)
    • ZHD Volume 1 - 4
    • Orange Chocolate Volume 1 - 5
  • Aria Comics (larger format and better quality that Hana to Yume comics. Most have color pages)
    • J+K Vol 1 & 2 -- $11
    • Pika Ichi Vol 1 & 2 -- $11
    • Magnolia Vol 1 -- $12
I can also order other books and magazines for you as long as they are not adult.

All prices are the price in US dollars (Yen/US exchange rate is current ~81 Yen to $1US), plus $3 shipping from Japan to the US, plus ~$1 for Omari's Sister to fund material purchases.  Shipping within the US or Canada will be negotiated at the time of purchase.  If you aren't in the US or Canada, I can help you place your order, but I can't order for you, because I don't think I can save you any money.  If you are interested, please send me an e-mail via the contact link at the top of the blog.  Include in this e-mail:
  • What you want to order
  • How you want the items to be shipped to you
  • Whether the items will be shipped to an address within the US
  • The e-mail address to send you the invoice
All transactions will be handled through Paypal.  I will invoice you when I actually have the items in hand and they are ready to ship.  Once you pay the invoice, the items will be shipped you.

I also make trips at least twice a month to Mitsuwa and Book Off, so if you have used English or Japanese manga requests, I can do my best to fulfill those also.  I can also get new and popular Japanese language manga releases at Sanseido Books for a little cheaper.  Last time I was there they had Ouran volumes 17 and 18 and Orange Chocolate Volume 5.