Apr 9, 2010

Poll Results: Who Feet are Those at the End of Ouran Chp 79

Anne-Sophie and Tamaki: 13 votes (16%)
Shizue and Tamaki: 5 votes (6%)
Shizue and a cane: 7 votes (8%)
Ranka: 2 votes (2%)
Kousaka: 8 votes (10%)
The Devil in Disguise: 10 votes (12%)
I have no Clue: 25 votes (31%)
I Don't Care: 10 votes (12%)

Hahaha!  I'm surprised that so many people voted that they didn't have a clue and how many think it's the Devil.  I think a little Satanic intervention would be hilarious!  Anyhow...we'll all know in a couple of weeks who it is.