Apr 7, 2010

New Series: Kaicho-san no Koneko -- Coming Soon

Update 4/8/2010:  The mini-series includes three chapter of Kaicho-san no Koneko, one side story, a one-shot called "Gakuran Ouji" ("Gakuran Prince" -- a "gakuran" is a boy's school uniform that has a long jacket with a stand-up collar and loose pants), and a very short KNK extra story.  "Gakuran Ouji" has already been translated into English, so we will skip it, but will scanlate the rest.  I've translated about 60% of the first chapter and it's a good mix of humor and sweetness -- very much along the lines of "Orange Chocolate."

Cleaning this manga isn't a lot of work, so I think once it's translated, I can finish the editing in a day or two.  Because of this, I've decided to pull the first chapter up to April, with a new ETA of 4/12.  I will try to put out a short preview of the series tomorrow.

We're starting "Kaicho-san no Koneko" ("The Student Council President's Kitten") this month, though the release of the first chapter won't actually be until early May.  Anyhow, I thought I'd give you all a little taste of this very cute series.  It's only 3 chapters long, so it will go quickly!  Anyhow, here's the cover illustration:

Look forward to it!