Apr 5, 2010

Orange Chocolate Chapter 8 Preview

We are working hard to get Orange Chocolate chapter 8 out by Thursday (33% edited, 60% cleaned).  A few happy "distractions" have come up for me on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so I'm not sure whether release on the 8th is possible. But I'm not going to update the schedule until I know for sure.  As usual, cleaning Orange Chocolate is challenge, so it's taking a while.  Anyhow, here's a little preview wet your appetite:

What happens before this and after is quite funny because Chiro's reaction is completely unexpected, but in hindsight, very Chiro.  Ritsu, usual, is a calm counter to Chiro's impulsiveness.  This interplay is nicely mirrored in the pair of kitsune.  Needless to say, never make a wish to kitsune ... these two are going to cause Chiro and Ritsu a lot of trouble ... ;p.