Apr 26, 2010

Ouran High School Host Club Chp 80

Update 7/22/2010:  I just noticed a brain fart on page 18  -- it should be "living" instead of "leaving"...I updated the page and reposted the file under the same name.

Update 4/29/2010:  A few minor bug-a-boos have been cleaned up.  The file has the same name and should now be the latest.
All right!  It's finished!  This chapter of Ouran is action packed, humorous, and sweet.

Link to Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 80 -- RETIRED

And now the long wait until July to find out what happens next and maybe to find out how many chapters are left.

Next up is "Orange Chocolate" chapter 10.  It should be out in 4 to 5-days