Apr 29, 2010

May at Omari's Sister

First of all I would like to thank the Omari's Sister crew, including the new proofreaders, for a great April!  We finished all that was scheduled and even had time to throw in an extra chapter of "Orange Chocolate!"  Great job, everyone!

Now onto May!  Here's what I have planned:
  • Orange Chocolate Chp 11 and 12
  • The Hana Kimi May 2010 Omake -- Sano and Nakatsu's graduation!
  • Kaichou-san no Koneko" Chp 2 and an omake
Planning the months ahead, July has a couple of slots to fill (if I'm still unemployed...).  I'll be looking over past suggestions for one-shots and short series to fill in the holes.  The current front runners are to give "Love Sick" a second look and a very long one-shot that I've been staring at.  Tell me how you feel about "Love Sick" or feel free to make new make suggestions!

I know a bunch of you have requested chp 13 - 15 of "Hachimitsu no Hana."  I have decided not to take that on unless the mangaka resumes the series with the intention to actually finish it.  I've also heard requests for "Berry Berry."  To be honest, I'm afraid of getting roped into that series given that past series by that mangaka have been extremely long and I don't want to get roped in multiple series that last for years.  Honestly, I like short series like "Kaichou-san no Koneko."  So if any of you know of some short series, that would be great!

As always, to see what we're up to on a daily basis, check the release schedule page.  Link

Also, if you like to join the Omari's Sister team, send me a little e-mail.  I need another translator and I'm willing to train cleaners and image editors as long as you have some version of Photoshop :).