Mar 10, 2011

Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 23

The long wait is over!  This was a tougher chapter than usual in terms of translation, cleaning, and redrawing than usual.  I think most of our active cleaners helped out on this chapter.  I think we are all glad to have this chapter over with!  Phew!

Well, the chapter didn't go as I expected, but my random wish for pirates in the story did come true!  Hooray for pirates!

Updated 03/11/2011 (incorporated multiple minor edits from Holanio)
Updated 03/10/2011 (error on page 25 fixed)
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Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Ahead!
My thoughts on the chapter:

I'm so happy about the introduction of pirates into the story.  Perhaps now there will be more action and some real danger in the story.  With this, though, comes the risk that Shirayuki will become the helpless "damsel in distress".  We've seen no evidence in the past that Shirayuki can fight or that she has any fighting spirit.  Plus, in this chapter she seems dazed and confused.  I was hoping that she didn't swallow the sleeping pills and instead was pretending.  Meh... And then her last thought about Zen was rather disappointing.  I would have rather seen an angry and determined look on face and her thinking, "I've got to get out of here!" and then saying, "Kadzuki, you got any weapons on you?"  Even peace loving Yuda in ZHD was packing heat and learning to fight before the end of the story.  Maybe Shirayuki will use her chemistry skills to do something clever with Kadzuki's sleeping pills.

Shirayuki and the mountain what's up with these mountain folk?  I hope they are bandits and that Shirayuki is their princess.  I imagine the pirates want to use Shirayuki as a bargaining tool with the mountain folk.

Kadzuki -- meh...he's now one of the many guys trying to save Shirayuki.  Perhaps since he was once in the pirate gang, he'll know something about how to escape from them.

Obi -- I love seeing Obi angry!  At this point he and Zen seem to be overlapping.  Is Zen going to try to catch up with Obi, or is he doing a separate effort to find Shirayuki?  Maybe Obi and Zen will meet up at the mountain and launch their effort from there.  I kinda wish the story would let Obi do his violent ninja thing to get Shirayuki back.  Maybe Zen can hang out with the mountain folk while Obi and the rest take down the pirates.  What good is having a personal assassin if you don't let him loose on your enemies once in a while?

Chapter 24 comes out on April 9th in Japan.  If the chapter is as complicated as this one, it may take us 3 to 4 weeks again to put out translation.

Next up are chapter 6 and 7 of "Pika Ichi"!