Dec 1, 2010

December at Omari's Sister

November went better than expected :).  We managed to put out some great releases and spent a lot time spinning our wheels on Pika Ichi.

Onto December!  Our wonderful cleaner Silver Lunar is taking a break, so I decided to recruit some more people to fill in and to help out in the future.  I've decided to stretch my project management skills by taking on more people so we can get the work planned done.  We'll see how this goes...I pray my head doesn't explode.

There is too much good stuff out there and it frustrates me because we can't do it all.  Anyhow...I'm still grappling with the schedule, so bear with me.  Regardless, our priority this month is to release the Aria series ("J+K", "Magnolia", "Zoo" , and "Pika Ichi") and the second Christmas Themed one-shot, "Merry Unbalanced Christmas".  If there's time, we will also do "Orange Chocolate" chapter 20.   The hectic holidays will knock us off our pace, so we will be playing catch-up the first few months of 2011.

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter holidays!