Dec 11, 2010

New Manga: "Makami-sama no Iu Toori"

I've read the first two chapters of "Makami-sama no Iu Toori!" ("Accord to Makami-sama!" -- Makami = true + God) by Takako Shigematsu and it's good for a Shigematsu series.  The story begins when Tamao at the age of two is abandoned in the forest by her mother.  A male God takes her in and raises her in the forest until the age of 8.  At age 8, the god, who Tamao refers to as her master, leaves her in the care of the Asuka family who happen to have a son, Kengo, who is the same age as Tamao.  Kengo is kind boy and tries to get the shy Tamao to open up and participate in school.  But Tamao is obsessed with the promised return of her master and is reclusive for the most part.  She only lights up when talking about her master, which Kengo thinks is cute and he gets obsessed with getting Tamao to feel the same way about him.  Fast forward 8 years and Tamao is now a 16-year girl with raging hormones who fantasizes continuously about her master and these fantasies end with her erupting into explosive nose bleeds.  Kengo is super-attached to Tamao and accuses her of having a "father complex"...but...the added wrinkle is that Kengo is a now a super-handsome teen fashion model and girls practically hurt themselves to get near him.  They go into jealous and violent rages toward Tamao because she is Kengo's singular focus.

One day, conveniently, Kengo's mom decides to join her husband on an extended business trip leaving Kengo and Tamao in the house alone.  Kengo is overjoyed...but...Tamao "doesn't see him" and is now talking about her master's imminent return.  Her master does return and she runs outside to meet him.  To Kengo's surprise her "father" is a gorgeous man who casts the shadow of a beast.  Kengo measures himself against Tamao's master but thinks he's no match physically. And then Tamao lays a bombshell on poor fragile Kengo -- her master is not blood related.  What's poor Kengo to do...?  Of course, ask Tamao's master live with them until he figures out a plan...and so the "fun" begins...

Like I said in the beginning, "Makami-sama no Iu Toori" it's good for a Shigematsu series, but it's not OS material.  The main male character, Kengo, is interesting, but as typical of  Shigematsu's other female lead characters, Tamao is incredibly weak and obsessed with an older man.  And as typical of Shigematsu's old male targets of obsession, Tamao's master is a manipulative bastard.  There is no actual sexual content.  Tamao's fantasies are interrupted before they go anywhere near being "dangerous".  But still, the series reeks too much of a middle school girl's father figure fantasy and in that sense the series is a little "eww..." Maybe another group that specializes in that kind of "eww" will take it on.  As for me, this series is officially off my radar.  Will I continue reading it in Japanese?  Probably not.  It's not the story itself, but rather I feel it's a matter of me being in the wrong demographic to enjoy this story.