Oct 25, 2010

Favorite New Series Poll Results and "Pika Ichi"

Here are the results of the poll about what your favorite new series is:

Magnolia 28% (87 votes)
Pika Ichi 26% (80 votes)
Junketsu + Vampire 46% (145 votes)

I'm not surprised that "J+K" won by a wide margin. However, I am surprised at how closely "Magnolia" and "Pika Ichi" are.  The main reason I put out this poll was to gauge "Pika Ichi."  I felt the first two chapters were great, but I was greatly let down by the third chapter and I see a very mediocre and predicable path ahead for the series.  My mentality always seeks what's optimum, so if it's not working for me and the other group members, and, I see a better opportunity, I'm inclined to go for for new opportunity.  And so the question for me is whether to continue along with "Pika Ichi" or take a chance on another series?  I do have another series in mind and it's one with more action and intrigue.  At the same time, though, I hate to subject the readers of this blog to my whims.  The ideal solution would be for us to pass "Pika Ichi" off to another group who feels passionately about the series.  If you belong to or know of another group that would like take over "Pika Ichi" please contact me via the "Contact" link at the top of this blog.  In the mean time, we will continue "Pika Ichi," but the release schedule will not be as regular.