Oct 17, 2010

Christmas/Winter Holiday One-Shot Suggestions Wanted!

The holidays are fast approaching and I would like to do some Christmas, Winter Holiday, or general Winter themed one-shots.  Please send in your suggestions.  Here's a listing of the magazines I have subscriptions to (most back to Sept 2007):

Lala DX
Hana to Yume
The Hana toYume
Bessatsu Hana to Yume
Betsucomi (stopped getting that January 2010)
Betsucomi Extra (stopped getting that January 2010)

I also have some of the furoku comics books that are holiday themed.

By the way, the Halloween special will be "Guardian Joker."  There may be something Halloween themed in this week's Hana to Yume.  If so, I may consider sneaking that in instead and moving GJ to November.  We'll see...