Oct 19, 2010

New Comment Policy

Re-posted as a reminder to everyone so you understand why your comment was rejected.

If you want a manga raw, then buy the magazine or the tankoubon!  There is no magical raw manga website.


I understand that many of you are frustrated with changes at One Manga and the other manga aggregation websites.  There is a problem in the manga industry that needs to be worked out and the transition from paper to digital manga is in the works.  Please understand that I support the measures being taken against the manga aggregation websites.  I believe they need share any profits they make with the contributors, both the mangakas and the scanlators. I also believe aggregation websites should not post licensed series in their entirety.  As such, I will not upload or allow uploads of work from this group to the manga aggregation websites.  In light of this, here is a list of comments I will no longer publish on this blog:
  • Questions about where manga is posted online at manga aggregation sites or questions about where to download raws.  All manga available on this blog is and will continue to be obvious and I buy all the materials that this group works on. (There is no super-secret raw manga website.)
  • Requests to post or re-post licensed manga series
  • Any comments disparaging mangaka for wanting to get paid for their labor
I don't like making rules like these, but I've just received one too many comments of this nature.  If you are really in a bind, please send an e-mail instead so I can address your matter one-to-one.

Again, I want to stress that I understand your frustration.  I am frustrated too.  I think we all need to be patient and productive and understand on a fundamental level that "free" is not a viable business model.  If you really feel passionate about matters, write the publishers and let them know your thoughts and give them some productive suggestions.  Let's all work towards a solution in which everyone can get the manga they want in an affordable manner that adequately compensates all involved in the creative process.