Jan 18, 2010

Passing on "Yashiio to Mikumo"

I translated the first 10-pages of "Yashio to Mikumo" and honestly, I don't know what's going on and I'm not sure I care.  The premise is that there is a cat society next to human society and within this cat society there are cat's with nine lives.  The cat's names are based on the number of lives they've use.  Yashio (8-lives) raids Mikumo's (3-lives) house looking for Gogou (5-lives) because he wants Gogou to sign a ledger.  The word that is used translates into a "collection agency", but I don't understand what it is the agency collects and for some reason  the cats must report to the collection agency when they lose a life to register their name change.  Mikumo seems to be one of those cute and shysty types, and Yashio is violent and =_=.  The manga is written in some very busted Japanese with very little grammar cues and bunch of slang I can't find definitions for or figure out.  In light of this, I don't think I could provide a good translation of this series, nor do I think this series will be something something I will like (Oh, not to mention, the image quality is crap!).  Hopefully somebody else will give this series a try.

Here's the first page:

Well ... onto the next trial series...looking at "Film Girl" -- first impression = meh...pretty boy model likes shy megane and encourages her to model with him...I think I've had enough of awkward girls becoming models.

It looks like the latest version of "Library Wars" is licensed by Viz and the first volume will be released in English in June.  I would rather not take on another licensed work.

Now checking out "Orange Chocolate."