Jan 22, 2010

Ouran 78 Coming Soon

I just want to give a word to the wary, chapter 78 is completely devoid of humor.  However, this time there is no cumbersome medical or business jargon to wade though.  The quick translation will be out some time tomorrow (Friday), barring any power outrages due to the crazy weather we are experiencing in Southern California.  Hopefully, over the weekend, the other translator and I can work on refining the translation for a final release early next week.

...sigh...someone needs to bit-- slap Tamaki's father.  And what's with Haruhi...she just seems to be along for the ride...ugh!!!  And somebody, please, hug Shizue!!! She's been through enough already!!!  The omake that's due out in February better be a knee-slapper to make up for emo-marathon!!!

Anyhow, I look forward to bringing back some humor to this blog with "Orange Chocolate"

But for now...here's sneak peek at a couple of pages from Ouran 78: