Jan 22, 2010

Ouran Chp 78 Translation

Thanks to Natirein, page 26 is fixed!!!  Drastic changes were made and hopefully, this part of the chapter makes a lot more sense.  Beyond the changes made to page 26, I don't expect there to be any more "drastic" changes to the current translation.  Regardless, we are currently checking the rest of the translation and, hopefully, we will release the final edit early next week.

Because this is not the final edit, I ask that you refrain from uploaded this file to any of the manga aggregator sites.  I will upload the file myself, when I think I'm ready too.  I expect the final version of this translation to be ready early next week.  But until then:

Link to Ouran Chp 78 Version 0.6 (updated 01/24/2009) -- minor edits...we're almost there, ETA Wednesday 01/27/2010)

We're still working out the new translation quality check process ;p.  Hopefully, next time it will go more smoothly :).

And, for those of you tired of the drama, I feel your pain...