Jan 25, 2010

"Orange Chocolate" is a GO!!!

I thought from the first chapter that "Orange Chocolate" was going to be a well done, but cliched series, until I read ahead to chapters 2 and 3.  Well, folks, there's a BIG twist that comes at the beginning of the second chapter.  From what I've read so far of this series, it has a good mix of humor, drama, and heart -- lots of heart actually.  This is a genuine "feel good" series, with gorgeous drawings and I'm so happy to be able to bring it into English :).

I expect the first chapter be be released on Friday and I hope to get in chapter 2 before the "February Lala DX Bonanza."  The chapters in this series are LONG at ~50-pages each.  There are 13 chapters out now, so in true Kuroneko003 style, I intend to churn the chapters out as best I can until we're are all caught up.  This series, though, does take a while because the chapters are so long and the images require a lot of cleaning and repair.