Jul 9, 2013

"Magnolia" Chapter 33

With this chapter, we are caught up again to the Japanese release of this series.  Just to set your expectations correctly, this is a monthly series that runs in Aria magazine. Aria releases every month on the 28th.

The story takes a big leap forward with this chapter.  Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of  beating around the bush.  Now that we've spent time exploring each possibility for Ayato and establishing that Ayato has no interest in girls, we can move onto the next arc.  What that will be about is tough to say because there are many possibilities.  Regardless, I'm eager for the story to keep moving. Such that I don't spoil things, I'll write my thoughts in the comments section later.

Onto the release!
 Links to "Magnolia" Chapter 33: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up! I don't know yet.  A bunch of stuff is almost done, so we'll wait and see what gets done first!