Jul 18, 2013

Summer 2013 Anime Season First Impressions

I haven't done one of these kind of posts in years. I'm sorry for the neglect. I can't promise anything, but I'll make a more concerted effort to review anime and manga in the future.  I'll keep my thoughts short here.

Insta-hate within 10-mins:
  • Fantastic Doll: Clearly a show designed to get children to buy dolls and cards. The was a weird mix of Clamp-like shoujo, but poorly done. They even gave the main character Sakura's hair style -- CHEAP....
  • Kiniro Mosaic:  Japan, don't English... just don't... and I promise not to Japanese (I'll only translate). We watched for a very uncomfortable 10-mins before the pain became unbearable.
  • Gatchaman Crowds:  We actually got through the entire first episode out of disbelief that that annoying girl was the main character. Who would trust a ditz like her with a secret. I wanted to put my fist through the TV
  • Makai Oujo -- Devils and Realists: uh...no... just no... (It's too fabulous to live... >_>)
  • K-On clones (Kitakubu Katsudo Kiroku, Love Lab, Tamayura More Aggressive...etc...): I hate K-On. I don't understand K-On's appeal. Stop making K-On.
  • Dangaronpa The Animation: I've had enough of psychopath stuffed animals and extraordinary kids locked in a prison-school where exiting is contingent upon winning a life or death battle.
Didn't Hate but probably not gonna watch:
  • Blood Lad: I can tell that this is good and it's going to be popular, but I smell endless shounen on it (even though I've been informed it's seinen.) and I just don't care
  •  Rozen Maiden 2013: Meh... the first episode was a recap, so maybe to be fair I should watch the second episode. But still I'm tired of psychopath females preying on other females to be the fairest to gain some man's affection... >_>
  • Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji -- Way too much manliness
Gonna Give These a Few More Episodes:
  • Servant x Service -- I don't know if this show can keep up the gag momentum
  • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyobi -- The first episode piqued my interest. I wanna watch some more to see what this is about.
Hooked and Gonna Watch:
  • Free!: Hands down the best show of this season. It combines fanservice for females, wonderful characters, a nicely developing story, and every episode leaves me smiling broadly.
  • Gin no Saji: Haha! I learned eggs come from chicken butts, and I laughed heartily at the main character's frustration. It's a keeper.
  • Uchouten Kazoku -- Tanukis and the like in human society. This show is immensely entertaining even though it's not clear yet what the story is. 
  • Dog and Scissors -- Another immensely fun show. I sympathize deeply with the poor little dog who used to be human.
Continuing from Last Season:
  • Shingeko no Kyojin -- 'cuz now there's Levi... >_>
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Haven't Watched Yet, but on my list to try:
  • Watamote
  • Hyperdimensional Neptunia
  • Yami Shibai
  • Fate/Kakeid Liner Prisma Illya
 Haven't Watched and Avoiding Like the Plague:
  • Brother's Conflict -- Yeah... I have a habit of avoiding Otoge series.
  • General Moe Crap -- too many to name