Nov 24, 2010

One-Shot: "Furou Kyoudai" The Long Version

Phew! We managed to get this done before Thanksgiving madness goes full-swing!  Anyhow, here is the long version of Furou Kyoudai!  The story is the same as short version, however, there's more detail and character development.  I really enjoy this sibling pair and I hope Hakusensha allows Shiwasu-sensei to turn this into a series.

Links to the long version of "Furou Kyoudai": (Zip) (PDF)

There is a 40-page follow on "Furou Kyoudai" one-shot.  We will try to release it early in the new year.

Next up is J+K and Magnolia.   December will be nuts because of the holidays and vacation plans, so please don't expect to see J+K and Magnolia within a week after I receive Aria.  Please check the release schedule for the latest release dates.  We'll do our best, but at the same time, it's a special time of year to spend with our families and friends.  So enjoy the holiday season and we'll be back in full-swing January :).

Happy Thanksgiving to folks in the US!  And for heaven's sake, don't bring your manga to the dinner table...put it down and eat...