Nov 4, 2010

November 2010 at Omari's Sister

Yikes!  This post is late!  It kept slipping my mind because I was so excited about "Junketsu + Kareshi" and "Magnolia."

October was quite a productive month!  Officially we got out 10 releases, but we did manage to get J+K out about an hour before the end of the month for a total of 11 releases!  I don't think we be able to be that productive again, especially as we head into the holiday season.  With the passing of October, we say goodbye to one of our cleaners Tedhi.  I'm sorry to see her go, but when real life calls, you gotta respond.  I thank her for her excellent work and I wish her luck in the future.

Onto November!  Things towards the end of the month will get slow with Thanksgiving and then I will be on a semi-vacation for the 3-weeks following Thanksgiving.  My hope is to be on actual vacation for one of those weeks.  Anyhow...We've already released "J+K" and Magnolia, so here's a list of what we have planned for the rest of the month.

  • Orange Chocolate Chapters 18 and 19 Double Release
  • Pika Ichi Chapter 4
  • One-shot:  Akuma Yashiki no Kyouikugakari ("The Devil Mansion's Instructor") -- Joint with Hyper Parfait!
  • Ouran extras for Lala Special
If we finish ahead of schedule, then there will be a special Fall one-shot.