Nov 3, 2010

Winter One-shots!

Here's a list on the Winter-themed one-shots planned for December and January

  • "Folklore no Tonakai" -- "Folklore Reindeer" by Mizuno Tohko ("Kimi ni XOXO") -- A young lady has to choose a husband by Christmas, but due to a momentary lapse in sanity the men around her have frightening animal heads!?

  • "Marii to Santa" -- "Marie and Santa" by Nigushi Keiko -- Santa crashes into a tree and spends an evening with a practical but sweet little girl.  It's short and super cute!

  • "World End Garden" -- "The Garden at the End of the World" by Shiina Dai -- Girl gets lost in the snow and is captured by a yeti-like creature who plans to eat her.  But that's only the beginning ;p.  It goes from "WTH" to "Dawwww" in 40-pages.
  • "Kare to Kanojo no Futoumin" -- "His and Her Sleepless Winter" (un-hibernation) by Nari Kusakawa -- Unrequited love and serious winter loveliness!  I'm so excited!

Look forward to them!