Nov 3, 2009

Help Me Choose my Next Project

Update (11/08/2009):  With 2-days left, it looks like "Ultimate Venus" is pulling ahead. However, after taking a second look at the series, I think the content may not be appropriate for a general audience, so I've decided that I cannot go forward with scanlating this series on this blog.  This leaves me with a the selections that are tied for 2nd and some suggestions from other folks.  In light of this, I will do a second round of polling and apologize to those folks who voted for "Ultimate Venus."

Update (11/05/2009):  It looks like there's a 3-way tie so far ... that's not very helpful.  I didn't expect any support for "Ultimate Venus."   I've taken a peek at Ultimate Venus up through Volume 8. Heheheh ... you won't be disappointed with that one ... but I was hoping something "sweeter" would emerge.  There are still 5 days to go, so hopefully a clear winning will reveal itself.

"Arakure" is rapidly coming to end and I need to decide what my next project will be.  Please use the poll on the top right corner of this blog to express your opinion.  I have made it such that you can choose more than one manga.  If you have another suggestion not on the list, please write it as a comment to this blog entry.