Nov 2, 2009

Arakure Chp 51 Translation

Here's Arakure Chapter 51.  This is a bittersweet chapter and Azuma fans should get out a couple of hankies.  I like manga like this in which the main character has two excellent choices for a mate.  It's always sad when the choice is finally made, but at the same time it's satisfying because we the reader know it's destiny.  I think this is the way life as humans.  Love is a train.  Whether the person knows or not, there are always more than one person in love with them and when that person settles on someone, the train of other folks is hurt.  And so it goes from person to person as unrequited love stays unrequited.  Sigh... Here's the link:

Link to Arakure Chp 51

And now there are 5 more chapters to go ... I'm so happy to have the stack of Hana to Yume's shrinking in my office as I re-shelve them in my "library" (which has run out of shelves and now is spilling onto the floor.  I should take donations for a bookcase.)