Apr 1, 2013

"Chibikko Furou Kyoudai" -- Furou Kyoudai Omake

This is the extra story from the "Furou Kyoudai" compilation. The other extra story is in "Unknown".  This one is a story from the twins' childhood.  Again, this shows the potential of expanding the story.  After the main story, there are some messages from the mangaka and a couple of one-page extra comics.  Hopefully we will be able to release the second extra story this week.  Anyhow, onto the release!
Links to "Chibikko Furou Kyoudai": (LQZip) (PDF)

Next up!  "Magnolia" Chapter 29 and "Pochamani" Chapter 6 are currently being worked on. They could both be release this week.