Dec 21, 2012

Looking for a Group to Transfer "Servamp" to

As I wrote in a previous post, I am considering dropping "Servamp" so another group that's more enthusiastic about the series can take it on. I've come to my decision. Given my personal lack of enthusiasm and the fact that at 17 chapters, there's no end in sight, as the primary image editor, I would like to use my time and the group resources to work on projects we are more enthusiastic about.

We will complete and release chapter 4 and then after that, we are done with the series.  If you are a scanlation group that would like take on the series, please email me, Kuroneko003 ( about taking on the series.  I can provide you with the raws for the Volume 1 omake, chapter 5, and chapter 6. I have no other scanned raw beyond that and I have no intention of providing raws for further chapters because I HATE scanning.

We will not be taking on any new series to replace "Servamp." Rather for the next few months we will continue to concentrate on finishing the short series we've begun.  No other series will be dropped nor am I considering dropping any other series.