Jan 6, 2011

"Lily" Chapter 1

First of all!  Get the Lily themed desktop wallpaper set!  (Link -- the second button is the download button)

And now, here's the first chapter of "Lily" the companion series to "Magnolia".  This is a wonderful addition to "Magnolia" and I'm glad naked ape recognized how wonderful Lily's character is.

Links to Lily Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF)

If you can, I encourage you purchase this volume of Itan to support "Lily" and naked ape.  Who knows, you might find something else inside the magazine that interests you (I have, but I don't have enough bandwidth to add anymore series).

Links to Purchase Itan 3:  (Amazon Japan) (Yes Asia)

Also! naked ape has a store!  Link to naked ape's store  You can buy naked ape merchandise through their Amazon storefront and they have a private online store with special books and items.  Hopefully, they'll make some "Magnolia" stuff soon.  I need a poster or a lovely calender!

Next up is "Orange Chocolate" chapter 21!