Feb 25, 2010

Ouran Chp 79 Previews

Here are the previews for "Ouran High School Host Club" chapter 79.  Chapter 79 will be released in Japan on March 24th.  The translation should be released within a week of that date.  Since it's rumored that there are less than a hand full of chapters left, I will continue translating Ouran to the end.  This means that I will eventually get around to to the Chp 78 omake.  I've translated it and I will release it 2 - 3-days after I finish "Orange Chocolate" Chp 5.  The first few pages of the omake were "meh" but it turned out to be quite fun by the end.  It seems that the twins have inherited more than their mischievous and spoiled attitude from their grandmother ;p.   Hahaha!  The twin's talent is revealed :)!  Anyhow, here are the Ouran 79 previews.  Enjoy!