Jan 7, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse Shoujo Oneshot: "Kuma-san to Issho" ("Together with Mr. Bear") by Yutaka Tachibana

I wanted this to be our final release of 2013, but I underestimated how challenging the redraws and the lettering for this oneshot would be. (Give a big thanks to Ichigo Stars for her amazing redrawing! This release looks fabulous!) Despite the setting of this manga being the hottest thing in current pop culture, this is the first time I've seen a shoujo manga set in a zombie apocalypse.  And no, there aren't any cute moe-girlfriend zombies in this oneshot. Nope, this is a straight-up horror, but at the same time it's fearless and sweet. This is one of my favorite oneshots from Lala Fantasy.  I hope to see more daring oneshots like this in shoujo this new year.

And now onto the release!

Links to "Kuma-san to Issho": (PDF) (Zip)

Look out for more from Lala Fantasy from us this year.  We are planning to release most of the oneshots from the special edition magazine.

Next up will be the final two chapters of "Magnolia".