Sep 21, 2013

Welcome to Crimson Flower!

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I'm sorry for the abrupt change.  Omari's Sister has always been a joke between me and my brother.  The joke has run on for far too long and... apparently there's something going on with an Omari on some reality television show that's causing occasional namespace collisions.  Omari asked me to change the name, so in keeping with his wishes, we are now "Crimson Flower".  I was thinking "Crimson Lily" after Sakaya from "Ojousama no Untenshu" because I've always liked that image, but that sounds like a name for a yuri-manga group, so I generalized to "flower".  My husband hates the name, but I don't care because  Crimson Flowers are PRETTY!!!!!  Feel free to send banners to inaugurate the name change! (width: 1250-px)